52Frames Weekly Photo Challenge Journey

Hey there, fellow photography enthusiasts! Welcome to my 52Frames Weekly Photo Challenge page! I decided to use this page to document the photo(s) I have taken for the weekly challenge on 52Frames and maybe inspire you to join us as well! This is in no way a sponsored post or anything. I just thought of using my blog to document my journey with 52Frames. I mean, since I have the photos so why not share them on my platform? (´ ω `♡)

Why Did I Join 52Frames?

I was coming back to the blogosphere as a travel/lifestyle blogger and wanted a platform that would continue to push myself in my photography. I realised I tend to only pick up my camera when I am overseas. And even if I do pick it up at home, I would just be taking the usual boring stuff. So I decided to seek out a platform with a weekly photo challenge to allow myself to think out of the box as well as get inspired by fellow photographers. And that is how I came by 52Frames. (´• ω •`)

The thing I love most about 52Frames is that they would constantly remind you that you don’t need to submit the best photo. You, simply, just need to submit one photo that fits the theme every week. That’s it. Don’t overthink things and just do it. I tend to overthink, and even more so when we compare our photos with other people on the platform. But they encourage you to submit every week to build up consistency. And with consistency, comes improvement. ( ´ ω ` )

Two photos taken during two of the weekly photo challenge on 52Frames but that were not submitted

So with a jittery heart, I submitted my first photo to the platform. And when the album for the week is out, there were a lot of people commenting on my photos, welcoming me to the platform. Everyone is so supportive and friendly that I can’t help submitting a photo every week and has been doing it for 36 weeks (as of 9 June 2023). ~ヾ(・ω・)

My Weekly Photo Challenge Journey

I have a separate blog post for each week’s photo challenge, telling you about the week’s theme, maybe talking a bit about the behind-the-scenes and what inspired me to take the photo. Since we are given one week to take our photos, I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase photos I have taken during that week that did not manage to share on my profile on 52Frames. Click on each image to bring you to the week’s photo challenge! ( ´ ▽ ` )

Year: 2022 (Oct-Dec)

Photo taken for the theme of Rule of Odds of the 52Frames Photo Challenge
Photo taken for the theme of Shoot Through Something of the 52Frames Photo Challenge
Photo taken for the theme of Black & White Minimalism of the 52Frames Photo Challenge
Photo taken for the theme of Details of the 52Frames Photo Challenge

Year: 2023 (Jan-Now)

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As someone who rather stays at home than go out, sometimes it was not easy to tackle the weekly photo challenges. Honestly, I am glad that I started on this journey as I not only pushed myself to think out of the box, but sometimes I also push myself to get out of the comfort of my home to tackle the week’s challenge.

If you are a photographer and are looking for a platform to hold yourself accountable, do consider joining me on 52Frames! Joining the platform is totally free and you can also meet a lot of like-minded people there. I have connected with some fellow 52Framers on Instagram as well. My submitted photos might not always be the best but I think the challenges are really helpful to make me think beyond my usual scope. I hope you will get inspired here and I will see you there! (´• ω •`) ♡

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