A Cultural Luxury Staycation with The Clan Hotel

Written by Katherine

September 8, 2021
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

The Clan Hotel is a newly opened hotel that has a mix of modern luxury and cultural elements combined into one. At the time of posting, the pandemic is still ongoing so hubs and I decided to continue exploring the local luxury hotels. We decided to book another hotel staycation as Singapore entered into the next phase, whereby fully vaccinated guests can now dine in at restaurants.

Why The Clan Hotel?

Having too many staycations in the City Hall area, we decided to look for other hotels outside of this zone. Also, I wanted to try out new camera equipment so we had to stay in an area where there are possible photo opportunities. With the above in mind, we looked for some good deals online before deciding to go with The Clan Hotel.

The Clan Hotel, Culture Meets Modern Luxury

Though located in the CBD area, the Telok Ayer neighbourhood provided a lot of photo opportunities where many Chinese architectures are found. The Clan Hotel draws its inspiration from the associations that are situated around this area. Adding to its touch of modern luxury, the hotel is created with a mix of cultures that meet modern.

The hotel doorman greeted us after we arrived at the hotel drop-off point. He checked for our reservation before leading us to the lift lobby. Upon entering the lift area, the doorman hit the gong to welcome us to the hotel. We felt that this was a special touch to welcome the guests.

Here is a quick mention of what our Weekday Staycation package includes:

  • 1-night accommodation in the Deluxe Room for Two
  • Breakfast for Two
  • Complimentary in-room refreshments
  • Complimentary late checkout at 4 pm for stays on weekdays (excludes PH and eve of PH)

Since it was a weekday staycation, we managed to secure an early check-in at 11 am as well. With a guaranteed check-out of 4 pm the next day, we essentially had almost two full days for this staycation. o(≧▽≦)o

We had a fuss-free check-in done at Level 2. Our stay comes with a welcome tea ceremony with the hotel’s tea master, part of The Clan Experience. However, we missed out on this part of the experience. Ha. Ha. I have no words about us, especially me. o(TヘTo)

Deluxe Room

A sticker was put across our room door, to indicate that the room had been disinfected for our stay. During such a period, I think it is a good initiative so that guests will feel safe during their staycation. We were given a corner room, and with windows on both sides of the room, it looked HUGE! I don’t know if is it an illusion or if the corner rooms are bigger but it does look very spacious.

Little Surprises Sprinkled Everywhere – The Clan Experience

Premium Drinking Water

Upon entering the bathroom, we noticed something interesting, and this was the first time we saw this. There is a special tap that provides premium drinking water. This is in replacement of providing bottled water, as the hotel worked towards reducing our environmental footprint. Singapore’s tap water is potable so the hotel has taken it up a notch by providing premium water, in case some guests prefer this option to the taste of the tap water.

Many times when we went for overseas resort stays, a lot of them also promoted sustainable living and they provided water in a glass bottle instead. We have never experienced this with other hotels so this is commendable. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Masks and Sanitisers

Also due to the pandemic, it has become a norm for hotels to provide masks and sanitisers for the guests’ staycation. Such items are usually placed on the work table in the hotels we have stayed at. However here at The Clan Hotel, they have done it differently. Probably other hotels have done it though we have yet to see it, but The Clan Hotel provides all these items in a reusable bag, bringing their Clan Experience to another level of luxury.

Curated In-Room Tea

The stay package includes complimentary in-room refreshments. Complimentary in-room refreshments are definitely good as some guests will prefer to stay in their room for their whole staycation. There is a Nespresso machine and the fridge is filled up with some drinks for your enjoyment. There are also simple snacks for you to munch away. These are the usual items that you will most probably see in a luxury hotel. To stay true to its branding, The Clan Hotel has focused on its tea presentation.

Placed just beside their teacups, are two small metal containers with The Clan Hotel’s signage. The sign explains what type of tea is found inside each container and as expected, one is named the British Breakfast while another is called The Ritual, both of which are specially curated by Pryce Tea for the hotel. We tried The Ritual and the tea smelled and tasted great. It has a sweet aroma with a light flora taste, something light and easy to enjoy.

Welcome Package

This last item is the most special item for the staycation. Placed on the work table, seems to be a box that is specially wrapped in The Clan Hotel’s logo-branded fabric. It is wrapped in such a way that it looks like a lunch pack from the good old days. Upon opening, we found a themed welcome letter from the hotel manager with two items – the Bak Kut Teh Cookies as well as the Nanyang Ritual, both specially curated by Pryce Tea for the hotel.

The Bak Kut Teh cookie is interesting. There is a slight hint of Bak Kut Teh as you taste the slight peppery taste and it tastes savoury. Definitely a good match with the Nanyang Ritual tea.

The Clan Hotel is bringing its Clan Experience to a whole new level with the little surprises they have placed around the room for the guests’ staycation.

Exploring Other Hotel Amenities

We decided to do something out of the ordinary, by visiting both the swimming pool as well as the gym! We have rarely visited the public pool in all our staycation, hence the reason why we always look for pool villas overseas. Not sure what got into us but yes, we decided to do so!

Sky Gym

The Sky Gym is not huge but it looks BEAUTIFUL. Full-length windows on all sides, and you’re even able to see the swimming pool area. While using the treadmill, you can look out to the Chinatown area. Sadly, the weather has been too “kind” by blessing us with rain for our two-day stay. So a rather gloomy scene while we worked out for 15 – 20 minutes.

Everything in the gym looks brand new. It has a boxing corner and interestingly, there is even an on-demand virtual classes screen. For those who have no idea what to train when at the gym, this is one good platform to find something to work out. I love this idea a lot and wish it was found at all hotel gyms.

And once again, to stay true to its branding, we spotted the Wooden Dummy! You can do it here if you want to be Ip-Man and try out your Wing Chun! There are two in the hotel, one inside the gym and one just beside the washroom outside the gym. Wing Chun away yo~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

And yes, in case you brought anything to the gym and need a locker space, THEY HAVE LOCKERS just beside the washroom. Very thoughtful of them, as I locked my camera bag away before heading into the gym and enjoying the rainy view on the treadmill.

Sky Pool

Since you have to book your slot before using the swimming pool, and considering it’s a weekday, there was only another couple there when we reached the pool. It’s drizzling but we had fun trying to set up my phone to snap our signature photo in the pool! Silly me forgot to bring my tripod so we had to use all ways and means to make sure this worked. 10 seconds of timer and babe has to walk in the water to my position. Great fun. ε=ε=┌( >_<)┘

Though it was drizzling, the water was not as cold as expected so we still got to enjoy a pool all by ourselves once the other couple had left. Peace while we enjoy the view right in front of us. ( ´ ω ` )

Breakfast at Qin Restaurant and Bar

Breakfast is being served at the only restaurant in the hotel, the Qin Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant is opened by the TungLok Group and I always believe that anything by TungLok is always a quality assurance.

Breakfast was chosen from a list of selections, and there is even a chef’s special option not on the menu, as the restaurant manager explained this option to us. We kind of liked the selection given, unlike the ala-carte buffet menu, that many hotels are giving, and decided to go with the Western option – American breakfast. So here’s showing you what we have. Looking at the photos makes me hungry as I think back to how delicious the whole meal was.

The food at Qin is of top-notch quality, just going by the breakfast that we had. We will recommend coming here to try out the lunch or dinner. I mean if their breakfast is good, their lunch or dinner has to be better right? (๑˘︶˘๑)

Overall Experience

Overall, I think we enjoyed our staycation here at The Clan Hotel. Since it is a rather new hotel, with it having opened in March 2021, everything in the hotel is still brand new for us to experience. Also since we stayed there during the weekday, it is less crowded, giving us a better experience as we avoid the possible crowd at the pool, gym and restaurant during the weekend/holidays.

Probably due to the low occupancy, we are assuming all the guests we saw during our stay were given corner rooms at random levels (if they chose the Deluxe Room), which in a way also gave all of us a better experience to share with our friends and family.

The Clan Hotel is great and if there is one thing I want to pick on, it will be the location of the nearness of the pool to the automated door. We were moving around while taking our photos and every time we walked past the door, it opened and the aircon was OH-SO-COLD. Might be better to have a button for the guests to press to open the automated door but honestly, I am just nitpicking because this hotel is superb.

Our stay was fantastic and we will recommend it to everyone. Currently, it’s ranked second in our hearts, with Andaz Singapore being the first. Do head over there now If you have yet to read about our stay at Andaz!

Information about The Clan Hotel


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6228 6388
📧 Email: info.tch@fareast.com.sg

You can find out more about The Clan Hotel here:
🔎 Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

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