A Staycation that Could Have Been Better – JW Marriott South Beach

Written by Katherine

October 6, 2021
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach is a hotel that I have always wanted to visit. But a hotel that kind of disappoints during our staycation. (#><) Note that at the time of posting, the pandemic is still ongoing hence what has been mentioned here is pertaining more to our experience during this period.

Why JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach?

As mentioned at the start of the post, I have always wanted to stay at this hotel for the longest time. The reason is because of this:

Image credit: JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach website

Yes, this is the beautiful main ballroom of JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. When I was an events manager, I had always wanted to organise a client’s event at this beautiful venue. The iconic Forest of Lights installation as seen in the photo was the main attraction of this venue.

With such a beautiful-looking ballroom, the hotel room and experience have to be good as well right? Since babe’s birthday was coming, we decided to give JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach a try with a staycation! But we didn’t expect it to disappoint us. (; ̄Д ̄)

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, a Contemporary Luxury Hotel in the City Center

Location and Accessibility

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach was previously known as The South Beach, before being rebranded after Marriott International took over the management of the hotel. The hotel is located in City Hall, the city centre of Singapore. There is a sheltered underground way from City Hall, through Raffles City, and all the way to the hotel. This has made it very convenient for travellers on those rainy days.

When we booked our staycation, we didn’t know that it was the second day of reopening for JW Marriott. We were quite shocked by what we saw when we reached the hotel. There was this long queue in the hotel lobby and a lot of people were sitting around in the lobby, waiting for their family members to do the check-in. I wouldn’t say it’s a mess but it sure wasn’t a very pleasant experience.

Check-in Process

The hotel lobby isn’t big so there was not a lot of space for people to sit/wait, especially with social distancing, a seat for four became two. (–_–) A lot of hotel staff had to come out to help manage the crowd, directing guests to wait in waiting rooms nearby as well as offering bottled drinks to everyone.

We probably waited for about 45 minutes to 1 hour before Babe managed to check us in and that was when I realised it was the hotel’s second day of reopening after the counter staff told him about it. I guess they didn’t expect the crowd. Though with an online booking system, I am very sure they could have managed the whole situation better. There were articles back then about hotel check-ins taking as long as seven hours since everyone was going for a staycation during the school holidays. Terrible. (」><)」So I would say we are lucky to have to wait only one hour? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

A photo of the lobby was taken during the off-peak hour

And finally, we got to go to our room! After such a long wait, I was looking forward to our staycation since it was one month after my ptosis correction surgery and I wanted to enjoy some time out, in celebration of babe’s birthday with our stay at JW Marriott. With great expectation, comes great disappointment. (╯︵╰,)

Deluxe King Room at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

JW Marriott IS a contemporary hotel, with a lot of contemporary designs all around the hotel space. However, the room’s interior design is definitely not what I would expect. Having stayed at Andaz Singapore, I was expecting something of a similar standard but sad to say, I think JW Marriott pales in comparison.

Reflections Everywhere I Go~

Firstly, the hotel room has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many mirrors. LIKE IT’S EVERYWHERE. In the bathroom, you had the mirror just beside the bathtub, I have no idea why I need that. In the bedroom, the wardrobe and all the doors on that side are reflective or simply said, all mirrors. There’s a mirror behind the bed. And you know what so many mirrors in a room remind me of? Motels in Taiwan because Taiwan motels are always known for a short stay of sex escapades. And that is what JW Marriott’s room reminds me of and I am not impressed. (¬_¬;)

Oh, How You Have Aged…

Secondly, the furnishings are starting to show their age and definitely need some refreshing. Small parts of the carpeted area are coming off, some chipping off at the corner of the toilet wall tile, etc. For the price paid (almost 400 SGD after taxes), I would rather stay at Andaz Singapore ANY TIME.

View Anybody?

And lastly, the view. I mean it might be because of the room type that we chose but from their hotel website, the view definitely doesn’t look like what we have. As with all hotel rooms, you either have a view or you don’t have a view. We have a view but due to JW Marriott’s exterior structure, our view of Raffles Hotel was blocked. Besides that, we saw this garden area below us. Not sure if it’s accessible but if so, anyone who walks past there will definitely be able to see our room if we don’t close the curtain. (」><)」

Breakfast at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Breakfast was served at Beach Road Kitchen, which is a restaurant you can only access after exiting the main entrance of the main hotel building. Dine-in was not restricted back in Dec 2020 but guests would have to book their timeslot for breakfast for crowd control purposes with social distancing.

There was a queue when we arrived at our breakfast time but it didn’t take too long before we were brought to our seats. Due to the pandemic, there was no buffet and everything will be served by the staff to our table. There is an ala carte menu for your main breakfast item and both babe and I chose the American breakfast, with our own choice of egg. Well… I would say the food was okay. Nothing to shout about. Staff were really busy walking back and forth, from the kitchen to picking up the food to serving the guests, hence everything seemed a bit messy.

Overall Experience

Given that when we had our staycation at JW Marriott, it was their second day of reopening and it was the school holidays, I would expect the service to be better during the good times. Putting aside those negative experiences due to this reason, the hotel room itself just does not entice me for the price we paid.

JW Marriott probably wins by its excellent location but for the same price point, it’s Andaz Singapore for me any time for a staycation. If you are looking for a great staycation, try either Andaz Singapore or The Clan Hotel. Both are superb by our standards and you would probably love them too! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Information about JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6818 1888
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