An Amazing 24 Hours with Shangri-La’s Valley Wing Deluxe Room

Written by Katherine

April 20, 2022
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

I have done several events at Shangri-La Singapore and it has never crossed my mind that a stay at the hotel would be worth it. Mostly because of the location, since the hotel is located some distance away from the main Orchard area. That is until hubs got a good offer to stay at Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing and I am going to tell you how wonderful these 24 hours with them are. Due to the sheer amount of things I have to say about our stay, this review would be split into two posts so this would be part one of my review! └(^^)┐

What is the Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing?

When hubs mentioned a good offer for Shangri-La Singapore, I was like… Nah, not interested in staying there leh. Then he mentioned it was a deal for Valley Wing, I’m like what is that? Well, when he shared with me what we would get from staying at the Valley Wing, I was like, OKAY! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

We stayed at the Valley Wing on a weekday at SGD 290 Nett, a superbly great offer as compared to the usual SGD 930 for a one-night stay. (⊙_⊙) Here is a look at what our stay package includes:

  • One night stay in the Valley Wing Deluxe Room (57sqm)
  • Breakfast in Summit Room / The Line
  • Daily afternoon tea at The Valley Wing Lobby Lounge
  • Daily evening canapes, and cocktails at the Champagne Bar

I have never heard of the Valley Wing at Shangri-La Singapore AT ALL. To be honest, I was amazed at what the hotel was offering at the price that we are paying. Hubs was also telling me that a lot of people stay there and enjoy their almost-full day (available from 12 pm – 10.30 pm) of champagne, just to get back their money’s worth for their stay. I am not a drinker and I wasn’t exactly excited by the thought of drinking champagne. But after this stay? Your girl here has been converted to a champagne drinker. To be exact, a MIMOSA drinker. Σ>―(〃°ω°〃)♡→

A preview of the heavenly drink. Well, at least to me it is. (´꒳`)♡

BUT before we talked about Valley Wing’s interesting offer of Food & Beverages, let’s talk a bit about the room that we are staying in as well as the hotel’s facilities. This is probably not as exciting as the F&B but we will get there in next week’s post. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Check-In and Journey to the Deluxe Room~

Valley Wing has its check-in area so if you’re taking a private car, do take note to have the drop off at the Valley Wing. Alternatively, you can always walk over from the main lobby of Shangri-La Singapore, which is a slight distance away. Upon entering the lobby, we were greeted by the friendly staff as well as a classy lobby with a high ceiling. Talk about a first impression eh? (´ ∀ ` *)

We called earlier to ask if we could do early check-in and arrived at around noon. The check-in was pretty smooth and fast since there wasn’t anyone checking in on a weekday. ( ´ ▽ ` ) Once everything is done, it’s time to check out our Deluxe Room~!

Along the corridors, you can find this superbly cool looking VIRUSKILLER Air Purifier and also we noticed another small one right outside our room. Shangri-La Singapore has to be the first hotel that we have been to that has these air purifiers out on display. I guess it also helps to maybe put people’s minds at ease that the air is cleaner? (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Interesting Floor Layout that comes with a Problem?

The floor layout is also rather interesting. Usually, you would see room doors in a row. But here at the Valley Wing, two doors/rooms would be side by side and there is an extra door outside these two doors! Not sure why it’s designed this way but I guess it would be good for couples or families, each having their room but yet still sharing the same entrance. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Usually, we wouldn’t care much about where our room is located but this time, I guess the distance between the doors is just too small. Or the fact that both doors are enclosed within a small area and we could hear the noise from our neighbour whenever they are back at their room. Even more obvious when they have kids. (#><) But anyway, putting aside the noise, soundproofing seems to be generally okay once our neighbours are back in their rooms. PHEW. (¯▿¯)

Valley Wing Deluxe Room, might as well be a suite?

For people who have been to the Valley Wing multiple times, the room might be nothing to them. But for first-timers like us, there is only one word to describe the room. WOW. Σ(°ロ°)

Beautiful Room with Beautiful Decorations

The Deluxe Room is HUGE, with a king-size bed, sofa seating area near the huge window, writing table as well as a make-up table. I have never seen a room that has so many cute areas. And yet still has so much space to walk. I would say you can even put on a yoga mat and do some yoga in this room. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Some might say that the room looks very old-school, but I think it’s this old-school elegance that makes the Deluxe Room in Valley Wing so beautiful. ☆⌒(≧▽​° )

Thinking back to our stay with Intercontinental Singapore, I kept thinking to myself something was missing from their room. Now I know what it is. Decorations. This Deluxe Room has a lot of decorations and themed furniture that makes the room less bland while bringing out its elegance. And EXCUSE ME, chandelier in the room?! Come on already! How extravagantly elegant is that!? ♡(。- ω -)

Interesting Items All Around the Room~

Once we entered the room, there is a separate space for a wardrobe and a seating area so that you can sit down comfortably to change your shoes. There is a box labelled SHOE BOX that has these tools inside in case you need something to wear or enlarge your shoes. There is also this pants hanger I think? LIKE WHAT?! Never seen them before and am pretty amazed. ∑d(°∀°d)

There are basic complimentary coffee and tea in the Deluxe Room and you can enjoy tea with the classy Wedgwood tea set in the room~! Sadly, the minibar items are not complimentary, unlike some 5-star hotels. Though fret not, what the Valley Wing provides in their F&B offering is more than enough. ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

There is a Nespresso machine in the room, not just these Nescafe coffee sticks. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

A Bathroom of Simple Elegance

The bathroom is huge, with a huge bathtub that can fit two adults comfortably. There are also his and her sinks, something that I didn’t expect. Though the bathroom design has the same old-school feels to it, i.e. using the good old marble for most things, little decorative items here and there make the bathroom feel quite lovely. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

The shower and toilet are in their separate cubicles. There is however something interesting in the already squeezy toilet cubicle, a bidet toilet. I have not seen one before and was wondering what it was. (*/ω\) Not sure where is there a need for this, maybe someone can enlighten me. Haha!

As usual, we brought along our bath bomb for our stay since there is a bathtub. But fret not if you don’t have a bath bomb for your tub. Shangri-La Singapore has kindly provided individually packed bath salt! How nice is that? (*^^*)♡

Other Things Worth Mentioning

An old-school room comes with its old-school practices. There are no USB ports beside the bed, which means you would have to charge your phone at the work table. And walk over to it when the phone alarm rings in the morning. 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。 I only spotted two UBS ports at the work table so if you need more, better to bring along a USB multi-port charger!

As with most hotels, besides Intercontinental Singapore, Shangri-La Singapore provides a care pack for its guests. The disposable masks, alcohol wipes and sanitiser are interestingly packed in a sealed envelope. But until today, nothing beats the most unique packaging from The Clan Hotel, yet another hotel that I highly recommend a stay there for some cultural experience.

And the last thing worth mentioning is well… A rather random thing that I didn’t realise until we were about to check out of the hotel. You see, we hardly use in-room slippers since rooms are usually laid with carpet. So I was just bored and wanted to see how good the slippers might be before I go. AND OH MY GOODNESS. They are so comfortable!? So much so that I decided to bring them home and have been wearing them around the house since then. Haha! (✯◡✯)

So erm… If you’re there, wear them and see if it fits your style of comfort. Funny story, my ex-manager used to wear the in-room slippers he got from Capella Singapore, if I never remember wrongly, around the office. So odd but what can I say, he is the manager. ┐(‘~` )┌ But I would love to have someone give me a pair of in-room slippers from Capella so I can see how good they are. Haha!

Overall Experience

I enjoyed staying in the Deluxe Room at the Valley Wing. The only thing that was bothering me was the noise coming from the corridor whenever our neighbours were coming back to their rooms. Luckily the room soundproofing was good it would have been torture to sleep at night. (-_-) zzZ

For such an old-school hotel room, many might think it would be good to have it upgraded to match up to the more modern hotels that are popping up everywhere around the country. But I say, the Deluxe Room in the Valley Wing is good to stay in. Probably good to include those USB ports beside the bed but other than that, I have nothing to pick on.

We didn’t have to interact much with the housekeeping staff but whenever we walked past this housekeeping lady on our floor, she was always very nice and friendly. Everything was being kept nice and tidy, especially in current times when cleanliness is very much important for many. I also applauded the hotel’s effort to have air purifiers outside the corridor to try to keep the air clean. (*¯︶¯*)

There is just so much to share about our stay at the Valley Wing that I, unfortunately, need another post to share about our dining experience with the hotel. Head over to this post to find out why you should stay with the Valley Wing. (>ω^)

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