Monsieur Spoon has to be one of the most underrated cafes for breakfast in Seminyak Bali. When you are looking for cafes to visit in Seminyak, Monsieur Spoon is hardly mentioned. Since we had a longer stay in Seminyak, we were able to go to Monsieur Spoon for one of our breakfasts. People always say you never know until you try. Read on to find out about our dining experience at Monsieur Spoon in Seminyak Bali! ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ

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Monsieur Spoon, An Underrated French Bakery Cafe in Bali

If you have been to Sisterfields, you would have noticed that Monsieur Spoon is just two shop spaces from it. I will be honest and admit that I have never noticed Monsieur Spoon until this trip. (*/ω\)

I was looking for more breakfast options since we were staying in Seminyak for a longer period. I didn’t want a cafe that was too far away, and Monsieur Spoon came up in my search. Reviews seem to be generally positive, so hubs and I decided to try it out since our private villa is only a short walk away. (´• ω •`)

Always Sit Indoors for Fewer Surprises!

We reached Monsieur Spoon at 8.15 AM, and there was one group of people who looked like locals, already having their breakfast in the cafe. We decided to sit outdoors since it was one of those post-rain gloomy days.

A quick recap, we travelled to Bali in July as it was supposed to be the dry season. But for whatever reason, it was more of a rainy season instead. We would have rain for a short duration, and it would be cloudy all day. No harsh sun, no nothing. Not the kind of weather we wanted but we just winged it, I guess. (´-ω-`) We are usually not the outdoors-dining kind of person in Southeast Asia since we know how harsh the weather can be during the dry season. As the weather was kind of cooling, we did not mind sitting outdoors. Seems like a good decision, right? Nooooooooooooooooooooo. (×_×)⌒☆

The exterior of Monsieur Spoon at Seminyak Bali

Unless you are not bothered by smokers or are a dog lover, it is better to sit indoors. We were so “lucky” to have a smoker as well as a couple with their lovely dog visiting the cafe. Since we already ordered our food, there was no turning back, so I asked hubs to keep an eye on the dog in case it made a move. I know dogs are generally nice and all, but I just have not overcome the hurdle yet. Give me time. (-ω-、)

Monsieur Spoon is a Croissant Paradise~!

Monsieur Spoon’s menu is quite different from Sisterfields and Revolver Espresso. Since it is a bakery, it has its baked goods out on display as you enter the cafe. It seems like it is well-known for its croissant so hubs ordered The Monsieur Spoon Croissant while I went for the more unique Croissandwich. We also ordered a Flat White for sharing.

The food we had at Monsieur Spoon, Seminyak Bali

The Flat White was normal, nothing to shout about after you have tried Revolver Espresso‘s coffee. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) But the croissants, the croissants, were all SO DAMN NICE! I ordered the Truffle Scambled Egg & Mushroom Croissandwich and didn’t have many expectations of it. But OMG, it was SO GOOD. You can smell the truffle oil right when it was served and the combination of everything with the croissant was so heavenly. Hubs ordered just a simple croissant, and it was served with a jam. The croissant was so flaky and tasted so buttery. w(°o°)w

You Should DEFINITELY COME to Monsieur Spoon!

I wished we had come to Monsieur Spoon earlier while we were staying in our private villa in Seminyak Bali. After this meal, we were impressed by the food quality and the taste. Not only was the food fantastic, but the price was also cheaper in comparison to Sisterfields and Revolver Espresso. (´• ω •`) ♡

If you got tired of the usual breakfast menu items, I highly recommend visiting Monsieur Spoon for its baked goods and cooked food. Even though I said the cafe is underrated, it seemed to be a popular choice among foreigners as well. The cafe was filling up fast after we arrived, to the point that it was almost full! The cafe space, both indoors and outdoors, is quite small so do drop by early if you want to get yourself a seat.

The interior of Monsieur Spoon, Seminyak Bali

There are so many things I wanted to try on the menu but didn’t have a chance to. I guess we are gonna leave that for our next visit to Bali! And this time, I am gonna sit indoors. |・ω・)

Information about Monsieur Spoon Seminyak


⏰ Opening Hours: 7 AM – 7 PM
☎️ Phone Number: +62 878-5096-7795
📒 Menu

You can find out more about Monsieur Spoon Seminyak here:
🔎 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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