Best Hotels in Downtown Core Singapore (with affordable & luxury choices)

Written by Katherine

June 22, 2022
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Are you local looking for a staycation? Or are you a foreigner visiting Singapore and trying to find out the best hotels to stay in Singapore? Well, you have come to the right place! Hubs and I have stayed in a total of NINE hotels in Singapore during the pandemic. And I am ready to share with you the best hotels you can find in Downtown Core Singapore! Continue reading to find out more~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Where is Downtown Core Singapore?

I kept mentioning downtown Singapore and you might wonder where is it located. Well, downtown Core Singapore is simply our Central Business District (CBD). A lot of historical buildings, monuments as well as malls are in this area hence you would also find a lot of hotels in this area.

Best Affordable Hotels in Downtown Singapore

Hotel prices are the most expensive in downtown Singapore, especially near the Marina Bay area. However, there are still quite a number of affordable hotel choices, as long as you steer away from the big brand names. (´ ∀ ` *)

Carlton Hotel Singapore, Right Smacked in the Heart of City Hall

Located just beside the City Hall MRT station, Carlton Hotel Singapore is a real gem to stay in. Since hubs used to work here, we decided to book a stay to try it out~!

For a 4-star hotel, I was actually quite impressed with its interior design. The hotel refreshed its rooms’ look and feel in 2015 and gave them a modern look. I have to say, I love what they have done to the interior design. Best of all is that the room came with a bathtub! It is kinda tough to find a hotel with a bathtub in Singapore since bathtubs usually come with expensive rooms. For the price we paid, I think the room was worth it.

I enjoyed watching the world go by while seated by the window. I especially love to do that around midnight or so, when activity dies down outside and cars are just trying to get home. Not sure what the room looked like in the past but this seating area was my favourite in the room. (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

So if you want an affordable hotel just right next to the City Hall MRT station, I would say Carlton Hotel Singapore is a good choice for its affordability and convenience~! ( ´ ω ` )


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Oasia Hotel Downtown, Mingling with the Working Crowd

Oasia Hotel Downtown is beautiful and is located in the heart of the CBD in Tanjong Pagar. With its red exterior and lush greenery, Oasia Hotel Downtown stands out from the grey concrete buildings around it.

We stayed with Oasia Hotel Novena many years back and the room we stayed in was one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever been to in Singapore. Attracted by its red exterior and our history with Oasia, we decided to give Oasia Hotel Downtown a try and we were not disappointed. (´ ∀ ` *) We opted for the Club Room and the room was beyond beautiful with its wooden interior! Besides the beautiful interior, the room also came with a beautiful bathtub so double yay for that!

Since we were staying in Tanjong Pagar, the land of K-restaurants, we decided to try out one of the most popular and highly recommended Korean restaurants there. I also have a separate post of some food gems in Tanjong Pagar so if you want some other options besides K-BBQ, head over there to find out more! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

As Tanjong Pagar is in the CBD area, if you are staying during the weekdays and want to hang out in the area, do take note of the busy lunch crowd! If you want to be surrounded by restaurants but still not too far from downtown Singapore, choose this hotel! Oh, and do try out The Marmalade Pantry, the hotel’s restaurant ‘cos the food is yum-yum~! (´ ∀ ` *)


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Best Themed Hotels in Downtown Singapore

Tired of staying in the usual boring-looking business hotel? Well, there are some hotels with unique themes so let’s look at some of the ones that are found in downtown Singapore! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Intercontinental Singapore, A Touch of Peranakan

Intercontinental Singapore is conveniently located just beside the Bugis MRT station. It has a side entrance by the mall, which means that rain or shine, you would be able to get to your hotel feeling dry~! (o˘◡˘o) Entering the hotel by the side entrance, you would be greeted by a lovely Trishaw exhibit. If you enter the hotel lobby via the main entrance, you will be greeted by the beautiful exterior and lovely-looking tiles in the lobby. (♡-_-♡)

We stayed in the Classic Room which includes elements from Singapore’s Peranakan culture. For a more authentic Peranakan experience, the hotel has recommended staying in the rooms at the Heritage Wing. Intercontinental Singapore is located near historical sites such as Arab Street and Kampong Glam, making it ideal for anyone who is interested in exploring these areas. For the bookworms, there is also the National Library which is located just beside the hotel. If you are someone who loves convenience and having a hotel just right beside a mall, this hotel is definitely for you~! ♡(。- ω -)

📌 If you are interested in our staycation, go check out our full experience at Intercontinental Singapore! („• ᴗ •„)


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6338 7600
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The Clan Hotel, A Chinese Cultural Experience

The Clan Hotel is located in Telok Ayer, a place where many Chinese architectures are found. Branding itself as a luxury hotel, The Clan Hotel draws its inspiration from the Chinese associations around the area and includes some cultural elements in its overall design. The way that the hotel doorman welcomed us with a gong in the lift lobby area made me look forward to seeing our room. And boy, the room was amazing. It was huge and you could find little surprises everywhere in the room.

To be in line with The Clan Experience, the hotel even has its signature tea as well as a welcome package waiting for us in the room. For a newly-opened hotel, we were truly impressed. Just right opposite The Clan Hotel is Amoy Street, where you will find A LOT of Korean restaurants so don’t miss out on visiting one of them while you are staying here! (´• ω •`) ♡

📌 If you are interested in our staycation, go check out our full experience at The Clan Hotel! („• ᴗ •„)


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6228 6388
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JW Marriott South Beach, Mirror Mirror on the Wall

JW Marriott South Beach has a very beautiful exterior. I used to be in the events industry so I have seen a lot of ballrooms and this hotel has one of the nicest ones I have ever seen. And that makes it one of the main reasons why we chose this hotel for a staycation. So imagine my surprise when we walked into the room and saw the many many mirrors there were plastered around the room and bathroom. (・・ ) ? Why do I say that the hotel room looks like a motel? Well, if you have ever been to a love hotel or motel in Taiwan, you would know that usually, such places have a lot of mirrors for viewing pleasure. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Putting aside the odd decision to have so many mirrors around the room, the hotel is actually located in quite a premier location with a direct underpass connection to the City Hall MRT station. Besides that, it is also just opposite the Suntec City Mall. So if you would like to be the Evil Queen in Snow White or want to experience mirrors all around you wherever you go, definitely give JW Marriott South Beach a try! Or simply just stay here ’cause it is right smacked in the middle of town. (´ ε ` )

📌 If you are interested in our staycation, go check out our full experience at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach! („• ᴗ •„)


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Best Luxury Hotels in Downtown Singapore

There are countless luxury hotels in Singapore and a lot of them are located in downtown Singapore. With only so much time and money, we stayed at a select few to find out if they were truly luxurious.

Andaz Singapore, Resort Luxury in the Heart of the City

Andaz Singapore is located near the Bugis MRT station. The hotel might look normal when you first stepped foot into the lobby but the amazing thing happens when you stepped into their room, which is oh-so beautiful~! (´ ω `♡) The room is decorated with wood-brass furniture, giving it a very resort-y feel once you step into it. Hubs and I really love the look and feel of the room.

Besides the beautiful and spacious bedroom, the bathroom was also quite exceptional. Needless to say, service was top-notch in this hotel. We stayed here on my birthday, unannounced, and the staff did something for me which truthfully, is something that is worthy of being called a luxury hotel by going above and beyond. I almost didn’t want to leave the room when it was time to check out ’cause I was really enjoying it like a resort! (つω`。)

If you are staying here at Andaz Singapore, do not miss out on visiting the many restaurants in the hotel. Also, do yourself a favour and try to make a reservation for the ATLAS bar, which is just a 2-minute walk away, and has one of the most beautiful decorations ever for a bar!

📌 If you are interested in our staycation, go check out our full experience at Andaz Singapore! („• ᴗ •„)


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6408 1234
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The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, Luxury in a Restored Building

Once known as the Capitol Building and Stamford House, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel opened in late 2018 after years of restoration work and updates. I used to work at Capitol Singapore hence I was familiar with the room in The Capitol Kempinski Hotel when it opened. As you would expect, the room is one of elegance and heritage and was bigger than I had imagined. It has a huge bathtub and best of all, a TV just right in front of the tub!

Connected to The Capitol Kempinski Hotel is The Capitol Theatre, a widely-loved theatre of the older generation. A visit to the theatre is a must if you are staying at the hotel~! ( ´ ▽ ` ) You might also want to take the opportunity to visit CHIJMES, one of Singapore’s national monuments and a 5 minutes walk from the hotel. This former chapel is now being used as a function hall venue and was even featured in Crazy Rich Asians so a lot of tourists would drop by for some photos. (´ ω `♡)

📌 If you are interested in our staycation, go check out our full experience at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel! („• ᴗ •„)


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6368 8888
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The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, A Luxurious Heritage Hotel with Singapore’s History

We had the opportunity to stay at one of the most beautiful and iconic hotels in Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, at a good rate and we were not about to miss the chance! One lovely thing about this hotel is that part of its lobby is used to showcase historical photos as well as some lovely artefacts from the past. So the hotel became an iconic place of interest even for those not staying at this hotel! (≧◡≦) 

We stayed at the Marina Bay View Room and if you have the chance, do stay at least ONE NIGHT in this super beautiful room. Not only is the room HUGE, but it also has one of the most fantastic bay views that I have ever seen. I could literally hang out on the balcony for the whole day watching the world go by~! (´ ∀ ` *) Service at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is also top-notch. We stayed with them during hubs’ birthday, unannounced, and the gestures that we received from all the service staff were fantastic.

📌 If you are interested in our staycation, go check out our full experience at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore! („• ᴗ •„)


☎️ Phone Number: +65 6533 8388
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Final Thoughts about Hotels in Downtown Core Singapore

I did not have separate blog posts for both Carlton Hotel Singapore and Oasia Hotel Downtown as it has been quite a while since we stayed with them. I have shared some photos taken at these hotels in the Photo Gallery below so feel free to check them out.

Even though this is a blog post to introduce you to some of the best hotels in downtown Singapore, I would like to make a special mention of Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing. It has one of the best services and food among all the hotels that we have visited. And not forgetting, an almost full day of champagne! Hope you had a great takeaway from this post in deciding which Singapore hotel you would be staying at for your next holiday! (´• ω •`) ♡

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