Our initial plan was to visit a restaurant on this side of the Chao Praya River and catch a view of Wat Arun during sunset. I came by so many amazing photos taken of Wat Arun during sunset that I thought I wanted to capture this magical moment as well. But since we ended our visit early at Wat Pho, the place that we wanted to visit was not open yet. As such, hubs and I started looking for an alternative place to hang out. And that was when we came by a restaurant called Chom Arun. ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

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Chom Arun, A Restaurant with Rooftop Dining

When we arrived, it was around 4 PM, and the staff at Chom Arun was preparing for the dinner crowd. We were told that we would have to leave by the time the dinner crowd arrived since they were fully booked for dinner. That was okay with us since we did not intend to stay too long. After making our order, the staff told us that we could visit the rooftop while our food was being prepared.

We had initially just to find a place to cool us down after a hot day out exploring the temples. But we didn’t expect Chom Arun to have a rooftop. Not expecting much, we went up the stairs to the top level and right there in front of us was Wat Arun in its grandeur! Sadly, we didn’t have any blue skies that day, but it still felt amazing to be able to see the whole Wat Arun from across the river.

When we were in Wat Arun, we were captivated by the beauty of the prangs. But seeing it from afar makes me wonder how something so grand existed for so many years before technology was a thing. It was just amazing. Since it was before dinner time, we were the only ones on the rooftop! So we took our time finding different angles to take our photos and enjoy the view. ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝

Simple Yet Satisfying Dishes at Chom Arun

Hubs and I ordered some iced drinks to cool ourselves down. I had the Arun Sawad, and hubs had the Iced Latte. Both were really good after a hot day out. I love my Arun Sawad because what’s there not to like about passion fruit AND lemonade? A sour mix that is just right for my palette. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

For our food, we got Shrimp Pad Thai and Som Tam Thai. The Pad Thai was really gooey, unlike some places where it can be quite dry. It was good, and so was the Som Tam Thai, although a tad bit too spicy. Haha! Hubs and I love our food spicy, and if we said that it is spicy, you kind of have to be careful then. Probably good to let the staff know that you can’t take it too spicy and to take it down a notch. Overall, it was a simple yet satisfying meal. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Seeing that it was cloudy, hubs and I decided to skip the sunset view of Wat Arun. I really wanted that photo, but I was just too tired after all the walking, so we decided to move on after eating at Chom Arun. Since we were already in the area, we decided to check out ICONSIAM. According to Google Maps, the fastest way to get to ICONSIAM is by taking the Chao Praya Express boat.

Our First Experience with the Chao Praya Express Boat

QUICK UPDATE (2024): For those who want to get to the nearest ferry terminal from Chom Arun, the Rajinee Pier has completed its renovation and has been open since late 2022. Alternatively, you can consider walking to Tha Tian Pier, which will reopen from 5 April 2024 onwards.

The nearest pier to us was the Rajinee Pier, so we decided to walk there to catch a boat. But when we got there, we were stumped. The pier was nowhere to be found?! (・・;)ゞ Anyway, it seems like we were at the right spot, but just that the pier was undergoing renovation during then. It would have been better if this had been indicated on Google Maps or some official notice somewhere onsite. (´-ω-`)

With Rajinee Pier nowhere in sight, we ended up walking to the Memorial Bridge Pier, which was crowded with locals! Also, we finally took the Chao Praya Express Boat (Orange Line)! Haha! As expected, the boat was super crowded when we boarded it. There was hardly any space, so we had to stand in the middle near the boat entrance/exit. It also felt kind of stuffy.

The ticket payment was also rather interesting. A lady would walk down the boat while tinkling a bell. You then have to catch her attention and pass her the fare in exchange for the boat ticket. Just like that. And it makes me wonder how she knows if someone has already paid for the tickets among the crowd. (´• ω •`)

Our Quick Stop at ICONSIAM

Anyway, it was a quick stop at ICONSIAM as hubs, and I felt that it was just another shopping mall. There were a lot of food stalls in the basement, but both of us were so full, so we didn’t try anything. It might be worth considering visiting it again in future, but the thought of taking a boat to visit a mall again just doesn’t sound appealing. Haha!

Overall Experience at Chom Arun

If you are on the opposite side of the Chao Praya River from Wat Arun and are considering catching a glimpse of the whole temple, I highly recommend Chom Arun! Not only is the view from the rooftop amazing, but its food was also quite good.

A lot of people would visit the restaurant during sunset, so it is highly recommended to make a reservation before coming. I personally love that the restaurant was quite peaceful during the off-peak hours. So if you don’t care about the sunset over Wat Arun, it is still recommended to come here! ⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝

Information about Chom Arun


⏰ Opening Hours: 11 AM – 9.30 PM
☎️ Phone Number: +66 95 446 4199

You can find out more about Chom Arun here:
🔎 Facebook | Instagram

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