Convenience with Bangkok Airport Rail & Fantastic Stay at GLOW Pratunam

Written by Katherine

March 15, 2014
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Bangkok here we go!!! For many, Bangkok might be a very common destination for them to visit many times a year. But for us, Bangkok is usually just our place of transit before we take a car transfer to our resort. I actually travelled to Bangkok with my family before but for hubs, it was kind of his first time to actually step foot in Bangkok to eat and shop! Be AMAZED! 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 Here’s us waiting excitedly to board the plane to fly to our shopping heaven!! Oh man, am missing this old hairstyle now…

Experiencing the Bangkok Airport Rail Link

So knowing that Bangkok always has JAM as portrayed in a lot of movies, many bloggers’ experiences and my personal experience, we decided to try taking the Airport Rail Link to get us from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City since we arrived in Bangkok at well, the peak hour. (´。・-・。`)

After alighting from our flight in Bangkok, we headed to the 2nd floor to get our tourist-friendly SIM card from DTAC before heading down to the Airport Rail Link! At the start, it was a bit confusing on which line to take and where to get the tickets but didn’t take us too long to figure everything out and we got our train tokens! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Hubs is always my hand model ‘cos he has PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL hands to model anything! Hehe. (*˙︶˘*)♥

Here’s the train station at the Bangkok Airport Rail and weirdly not a lot of people are taking the trains. Our cabin was pretty empty as well. Hmmm.

The interior of the train with a section that allows you to put your luggage. Lucky us that it was not crowded as well so we can occupy all that space by ourselves. Haha! Well, you didn’t see them but we went on this trip with our best University buddies! So one of the luggage is theirs. Hehe. It has been a long time since we last went on a trip together! Should probably plan for another short trip together again before more commitment sets in future!!

Confusing Journey to GLOW Pratunam

The whole journey from the airport to Bangkok City was pretty fast. We got off at Phaya Thai to subsequently change to the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS). There were a lot of people with luggage trying to buy the train tickets at the counter and eventually we got ours as well. The BTS train ticket is just like Singapore’s old train ticket, the magnetic train ticket! Even the ticket machine looks similar to ours so it was not too tough for us to use it. ❁٩(„❛ ֊ ❛„)❁

Seeing our confused looks, the train station master guided us in the direction of the gantry that we should enter from, though I don’t really see much difference getting in from either side. Hmmm. But anyway, it was a bitch trying to carry the luggage up and down the stairs!!! Luckily Feng was there for me else I can’t imagine having to carry all that myself. ˚‧º·(´ฅДฅ`)‧º·˚

And it was a bitch trying to get on the train with our luggage since it was a tad bit crowded on the train and with our luggage, there goes our space! But I guess the Thais are used to this scene since it seems like a lot of people are getting on the train here with their luggage. Honestly, I think it was a challenge to get from the Ratchathewi train station to our hotel. It was an unexpectedly long walk to the hotel. It’s okay if it was a long walk but not when the pavement was so badly cracked up and all, which poses many obstacles when we were dragging our luggage. Up those stairs. Down those stairs. Walk that bit more. And FINALLY! Reached the lift lobby and was time to head up to the hotel!

Experience at GLOW Pratunam

Glow Pratunam Hotel! Yep, that’s where we stayed ‘cos of the many positive feedback we read online before deciding on the hotel. And not forgetting the other plus point is that it is just opposite the Platinum Mall! So after a long walk, it was great to have a welcome drink from the hotel while waiting for them to check us in. Apparently one of us will get a free upgrade. The front desk gave us the room numbers to choose from and Feng actually picked the bigger room! ♡♡(❁′ᗨ‵❁)♡♡

The extra room space that we had to put our shopping bags and what-nots! We hardly use this space since there is a TV in the bedroom as well. This space is just for packing our luggage and the sofa was used mainly to put our shopping bags. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) The work table in the bedroom is not really big but sufficient. And amazingly hotels are still providing iPod/iPhone docks when there are so many people who are using Android phones nowadays. Probably it’s time to change to something more useful like a USB multi-plug charger. (´ ∀ ` *)

And am loving the architecture of the room with the lovely wood interior design. But the chair… A bit extra lah. Hahaha!

Introducing our FREAKING BIG bathroom! The bathtub is located in a really weird position ‘cos you can actually push open those wooden panels and watch the TV at the same time, so that also means that while you are using the bathtub, you might splash water into the bedroom! And do note this VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! For singles who are too shy to expose to their mates, I definitely wouldn’t recommend this room ‘cos the shower room and the toilet doors are clear glass. Yes. CLEAR GLASS. So shy! (ฅ•﹏•ฅ ̀๑)

Glow Pratunam Hotel provides all the basic amenities that you need as well! And all in really pretty colours!

Overall Experience at GLOW Pratunam

I definitely recommend everyone who wants a nice and clean place to stay at Glow Pratunam Hotel! Another good thing about staying at the Glow Pratunam Hotel is the McDonald’s that is just at level one though DO NOT expect the McDonald’s service to be on par with our Singapore one. Thailand’s one took so long to give us our order and the counter staff was confused most of the time. (ㆀ˘・з・˘)ωҺat?

For us, the distance to the BTS station might be something to think about ‘cos every time we go somewhere and wants to get back to a hotel, it is so tiring to walk that far. Even though the Platinum Mall is just across from the hotel, I will consider staying at the Novotel Hotel next time ‘cos it is just above the Platinum Mall! So just shop, shop, shop and go straight up to your hotel room to unload everything before continuing! Just some little things to think about though I have nothing much to pick on for Glow Pratunam. Probably should also think about taking an airport transfer from the airport to the hotel next time as well. The terrible luggage trawling. One time is enough! (╭☞•́•̀)╭☞ ✧✧✧

And to end off, here’s the view from our hotel room! ♡~(≧∇≦)~♡

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