It was time to say goodbye to the beautiful Hoi An Ancient Town and onwards to explore Da Nang! Having stayed in Hoi An for several days, I looked forward to a more modern setting. That is exactly what we had at our accommodation in Da Nang, where we are staying in an apartment! Even better, we will have an amazing view of My Khe Beach! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝ But what we didn’t know was the nighttime surprise that came with staying in this area. If you are looking for accommodation in Da Nang near My Khe Beach, continue reading to learn about the pros and cons of staying here! (´• ω •`)ノ

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Why We Chose A Da Nang Accommodation near My Khe Beach

Hubs and I always love having a view of the beach. So, the thought of staying in an apartment near My Khe Beach in Da Nang excited us when planning our trip. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

A quick look on Airbnb returned many listings of apartments near My Khe Beach in Da Nang. There were so many hubs and I had a tough time deciding which one to go for. After going back and forth between a few apartments, we decided to choose one on the 38th floor of the building with a stunning view of My Khe Beach. Sun, sand and the sea, here we come~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Journey to Our Accommodation in Da Nang

After checking out and saying goodbye to our fantastic host at the Lion King Hotel in Hoi An, we got a car to head to our apartment in Da Nang. Da Nang is pretty near Hoi An, and within 30 minutes, we reached the Muong Thanh Apartment, where we would be staying for the next few days in Da Nang.

The exterior of the building doesn’t look impressive. Heck, even the lobby looked old. But unlike the many Airbnbs we have been to, this apartment building was bustling with people. During the period that we were in the lobby, we saw many people going in and out of the building. There just seemed to be a neverending amount of activities going on here. Is that good or bad? I shall let you know later! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

A Little Episode Before Our Check-in

Our check-in was from 2 PM onwards, and our host instructed us to get our keys from the security at the lobby. The good thing about staying at Muong Thanh Apartment is that random people cannot use the lift as access is by using the key fob in the lift. When we got to the lobby, we approached the security guard and asked about our keys based on our unit number. He was slightly confused and mentioned that he didn’t have them.

A view of Muong Thanh Apartment and the key and key fob for our accommodation in Da Nang

Not knowing how to navigate this, we decided to check with our host, who mentioned that the cleaning lady was still cleaning our apartment. And as such, the key was still with her. (´• ω •`) It was no biggie for us since the lobby was quite big and slightly airy. So we waited there for her to come and bring us up to the apartment.

Welcome to Our Accommodation at Muong Thanh Apartment in Da Nang!

Once we entered the apartment, we were greeted by the sunlight pouring through the balcony into our living area. I absolutely love it when there is so much sunlight, making the whole place lovely and bright. Hubs and I have always loved the combination of white and light wood, which we also have in our house. And that was one of the reasons why we chose this apartment out of the many we have shortlisted. It is nice and simple with some blue decorations and greens to give this place some lively colours. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

The living area and some fake sunflowers in our apartment

Simple Kitchen with a Small Dining Area

The kitchen is on the right side of the main door. The area might look small, but it has everything we need: a microwave, an induction stove, and a huge fridge. And there is even a rice cooker here for people who intend to stay longer! I have never seen a rice cooker in any of our Airbnbs, so this was quite a surprise for us but good for people who need it.

The dining table and kitchen area of our accommodation in Da Nang

The dining table is next to the kitchen and in front of the main door. Since the apartment has two bedrooms, it can fit up to 4 pax. I think the table size is okay for four people, but it might be a bit squeezy if too much food is on the table. But for both of us, the table size was just right. Hubs and I also used this space as our work table. There is nothing better than working and having a good amount of sunlight coming in! ( ´ ω ` )

Bedrooms with a Unique Layout

As mentioned earlier, this apartment has two bedrooms, both of which have a rather unique layout. I think the owner devised this layout to use every inch of the room space. Both beds were placed flush to the wall. At the end of the bed, where our legs are facing, we have the wardrobe and dressing table.

Hubs and I were used to living out of our luggage, and most times, I didn’t need the dressing table, so it wasn’t an issue for us. But it might be a bit troublesome if you are used to using the wardrobe and dressing table during your vacation. Imagine climbing on the bed to get to the dressing table or kneeling on the bed to open the wardrobe. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The main bedroom and the dressing table of our apartment

Since the beds are placed flush to the wall, going up and down the bed can only be done from one side. So, for anyone who has a habit of visiting the bathroom at night, you might want to sleep on the outer side for easier access. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

From my description, it might sound like a squeeze to you, but it isn’t. Thanks to the owner’s unique layout, there is sufficient space to walk around the room. Specifically for the main bedroom, we could have both our luggage wide open on the floor and still have enough room to walk around. The other bedroom might not be as spacious, but it isn’t that bad either.

The wardrobe and a view of how we have our two big luggage on the floor of the main bedroom in our accommodation in Da Nang

Reasonably-sized Bathroom with Standing Shower

We always ensure every bedroom has a bathroom when looking for an apartment. I can never understand how people can have multiple rooms and only ONE bathroom. Like, don’t you find it bothersome? What if everyone has a sh*t situation?! Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Hmmm. (・・;)ゞ Anyway, the bedroom-to-bathroom ratio is less of a problem when there are only two of us. But having two bathrooms is always much appreciated, as we don’t have to fight for the bathroom during times of “emergency.” (*/ω\)

Since the apartment can accommodate up to four people, the host provided four towels, two for each bedroom. And in each bathroom, there is a big bottle of shampoo and showering gel. If I never remember wrongly, basic amenities such as toothbrushes are not provided. We usually bring our own, so this doesn’t bother us. There are some things that we always have on our Airbnb packing list. I should probably share this list with you so you can stay fuss-free wherever you go. Hehe.

The bathroom amenities and a view of the main bathroom

Standing showers are in both bathrooms. I don’t remember if the shared bathroom has it, but the main bathroom has a rain shower, and the water pressure is also quite good. And most importantly, the bathrooms don’t have any sewage smell! I realised that sewage smells are common in some condominiums. So it’s nice that we don’t have to deal with this issue in this apartment. ( ´ ▽ ` )

Our Must-Have in Airbnb: Washing Machine and Drying Rack!

Having a washer and/or dryer in our apartment has become a necessity for us whenever we travel overseas. And if the apartment doesn’t have them, we can only hope the building has a laundry room. In the worst-case scenario, we will look for a laundromat to do our laundry in the area. But here in this apartment, we don’t have to worry about such things as we have a washer and a drying rack on the balcony. ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

If you are wondering why we want to do our laundry overseas, let me share my knowledge with you~! Being able to do our laundry helped us reduce the amount of clothes we had to pack in our luggage. We do this even for some short trips now, so we don’t need to stuff our backpacks. Usually, the clothes dry overnight, and we have them fresh the next day. How convenient is that!

Drying our clothes on the drying rack and the washer in the balcony of our accommodation in Da Nang

We never understand why people need to do their laundry overseas. But since learning this life-changing trick, we can pack fewer clothes and bring home more goodies in our luggage! You know what’s even better? We washed everything overseas and returned with clean clothes, so we no longer have to do laundry at home. Ha! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Hello, My Khe Beach!

Finally, the view from our apartment’s balcony! It was gloomy for most of our days in Da Nang, so we could only see the gloomy-looking sea and sky. But luckily, on our second last day, the sun was out to greet us, and we could see the clear blue sky and emerald seas of My Khe Beach.

The view of the sea and buildings from our balcony

We were actually thankful for the slightly cloudy days. Vietnam was so darn hot when we visited during the hottest period of the year. Remember when I said we couldn’t wait to stay in a place near the beach? We even bought a picnic mat, thinking we could spend our time there. But the weather was so hot that we dreaded going out—not to mention visiting the beach where the sand was burning at the slightest touch! ٩(× ×)۶

We managed to go to the beach once in the afternoon and had to retreat as the sand was so hot! My feet were burning when hubs was helping me to take a photo. (×_×) We then understood why people were visiting early in the morning, as the temperature was the best to check out the beach and play in the water. Our lazy asses weren’t going to get up so early, so we decided to go to the beach again in the evening, which was SO MUCH BETTER. If you are lazy like us, go in the evening! It’s good! (>ᴗ•)

My husband and I at My Khe Beach

Things Worth Mentioning about Our Da Nang Accommodation

Waiting or Using the Lifts can be a Torture

As I mentioned earlier in the post, this building seemed to be bustling with people. At every hour, minute, or even second, there just always seemed to be people using the lift. No matter what time we leave our apartment, we always need to wait for the lift. I know you’re going to say that’s because we are staying on the 38th floor. The lift does take longer to reach us, but not without making stops at different floors before coming to us. (・_・;)

Even if the lift came without much waiting, we still ended up taking a long time to reach the lobby as it stopped at different floors, with people boarding and disembarking. We saw someone taking the lift on one floor and exiting it on another. Hubs mentioned that he observed that many times during our stay. It seems like families are staying in this building but on different floors.

Having stayed at several Airbnbs overseas, this is probably one of the busiest buildings we have ever been in. Even our apartment building is not that busy in Singapore! So, we don’t really understand what’s going on. Haha! ┐(‘~`;)┌

Collection of Delivery Items at the Lobby

Remember I mentioned that access to the lift is through the key fob? That means that if you order anything online, be it food, groceries or shopping, you must come to the lobby to collect them. While waiting for the cleaning lady to pick us up from the lobby, we saw a delivery guy with a whole load of items. Suddenly, people were swarming down from the building to pick up their items. It is a bit troublesome, but I guess it is what it is, with safety as a consideration.

If I am not wrong, there is a table where the food delivery guys can drop off their orders. Most times, hubs was in charge of collecting our orders. So he would try to be in the lobby before the delivery guy arrived. But remember I mention the long wait for the lift? As such, hubs usually leave our apartment early to have enough time to reach the lobby. So, make sure to do the same if you are staying here! ( ´ ω ` )

No Peephole on Our Main Door

I don’t know if this is common here in Vietnam, but there is no peephole on our main door. I find this a bit odd, as isn’t this a security concern? Even though there is a metal gate and access to the lift is by the key fob, I wouldn’t want to open my main door without first checking who is at the door! Even though we haven’t had anyone knocking on our doors so far when we were overseas, I still thought I should mention it in case this concerns anyone who wants to stay here. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The shoe rack and main door of our accommodation in Da Nang

A Great Bedroom and a Maybe-Meh Bedroom

If you sleep in the main bedroom, you have all the good things: an ensuite bathroom and a sea view from your window. But if you use the other bedroom, you might have to deal with some inconveniences. Firstly, it doesn’t have an ensuite bathroom, which is expected as only the main bedroom has one. Luckily, the shared bathroom is beside it, so you don’t need to walk too far for a toilet break. The more negative part is that this bedroom is by the corridor.

The second bedroom and the fake flowers, iron steamer and hair dryer in our accommodation in Da Nang

Similar to some of our flats in Singapore, which have units along the corridor, a window opens up to the corridor. This means that you would be susceptible to noise coming from the neighbours when they are in the corridor. Since we never use the bedroom, I don’t know how bad it is. But when we were in the living area, on and off, we could hear some noise coming from outside. So, if anyone is using this room, bring along some earplugs!

An Ant Situation in Our Apartment

One of my biggest no-nos in an accommodation is ants. And obviously, all other insects and bugs that exist in this world. (″ロ゛) Our apartment was generally in good condition. But for some weird reason, tiny ants just seemed to be everywhere. The weirdest place I spotted them was on our main bedroom’s window ledge. Imagine waking up to enjoy the sea view, and ants were there to say hello. (ノД`) We can do nothing to avoid this issue, but we just have to remind ourselves to keep any food away to ensure they don’t get swarmed by them.

Nighttime Surprise that Takes the Win!

The view from our balcony was amazing. The apartment was lovely and comfortable. Putting aside the tiny ants situation, hubs and I were generally quite satisfied with the apartment. That is until nighttime came, and we had a surprise.

There was a night market on the street right in front of where we could see from our balcony. We thought having a night market there was nice, bringing some liveliness to this area at night. That was until we heard people singing. Out of curiosity, we decided to check out the night market to see what was going on.

The night view from our balcony, with the bright area being the night market and where the karaoke was

Apparently, the organiser had set up a stage for karaoke right in the middle of the street. I thought this was going to be a one-time thing, but uh-uh. The night market opens every night. And every night, there would be people singing on stage. It was so loud, and it lasted until 10 PM every night. The whole situation reminded me of the getai during the lunar seventh month in Singapore. Imagine that, but with people who can’t sing well shouting into oblivion. ٩(× ×)۶ Luckily, the soundproofing on our balcony doors was reasonably good, so the singing wasn’t as loud, but it was still noticeable. The singing stopped at 10 PM. So, if you sleep early, make sure to have your earplugs ready.

Oh, and a quick mention of the night market. It was as disappointing as the one at Hoi An. Food stalls were limited and repeated every 3 to 4 stalls. It really seems like operating a night market is not a strong suit for the Vietnamese. I would NOT recommend coming here for the night market. I would rather you visit nearby restaurants for a good meal instead.

Food and Convenience Around Our Apartment

Even though the night market was a disappointment, luckily, there was no lack of food choices in this area of Da Nang. One look on Google Maps, and you will spot many places to enjoy a meal here. Since Da Nang seems to be a popular destination for Koreans, for those who crave Korean food, you wouldn’t have a lack of choices here as there are so many in this area!

For convenience, we also have many mini-marts near us. As such, we never have to worry about getting our basic necessities when we stay here in Da Nang. And if we needed more options for food and groceries, there was always Grab for us to order anything we wanted. So, it’s pretty much a lot of convenience staying here. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Overall Experience Staying in an Accommodation near My Khe Beach in Da Nang

Like I said, hubs and I generally like this apartment in Da Nang. But the biggest put-off has to be the daily karaoke session from the street. When we came back home, it felt so weird. It was as if something was off. And then I realised why. There was hardly any noise coming from the streets. There was no honking of vehicles going on ever so often or people singing on the street. It was so peaceful. And I was thankful for this peacefulness at home.

The sofa and the TV setup in the living area, and our soft toys posing in the balcony in our accommodation in Da Nang

If you are like me and prefer peaceful times in your apartment, this apartment might not be for you. And even if you don’t intend to stay here but somewhere near 17-55 Tran Bach Dang, I recommend you check with your host or hotel on this karaoke situation and the soundproofing of your accommodation.

If we ever come back to Da Nang and choose to stay in this building, we might consider having a room that faces the Dragon Bridge instead. But if you don’t mind the noise, I think this apartment is not bad in terms of cleanliness, accessibility and view. Airbnb reviews don’t mention the noise, so, who knows, maybe it doesn’t exist anymore. My advice is to check with the host beforehand before making a decision! ( ´ ω ` )

Information about our Da Nang Accommodation

Our apartment is located in the Muong Thanh Apartment. You can find out more about the apartment on the Airbnb listing!

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