Having been to Thailand a few times, it was finally time for us to explore Chiang Mai! Since it was our first time there, we did not know where would be a good place to stay. We did some Googling and found that The Inside House in Chiang Mai had a lot of rave reviews. We thought why not and booked a night’s stay with them. So join me as I share with you our experience staying at this charming hotel in Chiang Mai! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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Why We Chose The Inside House

Since we had never been to Chiang Mai before, we were clueless about where to stay. After a bit of research, we found out that the Old City is the go-to spot for first-timers. The Old City is centrally located and has plenty to see, do and eat all within walking distance. Plus, all the must-visit temples and sights are in this area. So we decided to find accommodation in the Old City and that was how we came by The Inside House. ( ´ ω ` )

We came across a lot of YouTube videos sharing their experience staying at The Inside House while in Chiang Mai. And they were all raving about it. The selling point for us was the private pool found in the Pool Suites category. If you read my blog, you would know that hubs and I love having private pools whenever we go to Bali. So being able to have it in Chiang Mai was a plus for us. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Anyway, the suites were all so beautiful and we were in a dilemma about which one to book. But after watching a review from 2passports1dream, one of our favourite YouTubers, we decided to book the same room as them. And it does not disappoint! (´ ω `♡)

Cost of Staying at The Inside House Pool Suite

Adriana and Dylan were staying at the Bodhi Pool Suite so that was what we booked. We only booked for one night as it was quite expensive for a night’s stay. Haha! Our stay cost us SGD 384.60. Breakfast is included in the cost. We saw Adriana and Dylan having their afternoon tea at The Inside House and did not realise that it was included in our package as well. So it was a nice surprise for us when we checked in, I guess? (*/ω\)

Journey from Chiang Mai Airport to The Inside House

We took a direct flight from Singapore to Chiang Mai via Scoot and it was straight to The Inside House once we arrived. Unlike Bangkok, the traffic was lovely in Chiang Mai. Within about 10 minutes or so, we have already reached The Inside House. \(★ω★)/

In case you are wondering, we used the Grab app to book our car. Since we used the app in Singapore, it was really convenient for us. We were also able to get a car quite easily. Since Grab is popular in Southeast Asia (SEA), I would recommend downloading this app to use it whenever you are in SEA. We used it a lot for rides and food while in Chiang Mai. (´ ∀ ` *)

Arrival at The Inside House & Having Lunch

Once we reached The Inside House, we were awed by the lovely exterior. The lobby is an open space and we grabbed a seat at one corner of the lobby while waiting for someone to check in with us. We were served our welcome drink while one of the staff did the check-in with hubs. Since it was still early (check-in to our room was at 4 PM), we left our luggage with them and headed out to explore a bit of the Old City.

Having a Mini Incident for Lunch

Since it was way past lunchtime, we thought of having Khao Soi for lunch. When in Chiang Mai, have to have Khao Soi! So we decided that our first meal would have to be from the popular Khao Soi Khun Yai! While I was excitedly taking a photo of the sign, hubs exclaimed. I thought he was just exclaiming ‘cos it was crowded inside but it was actually something worse. The restaurant was CLOSED!

For some very odd reason, a lot of the restaurants we wanted to visit were closed. It was honestly quite sad to see Khao Soi Khun Yai closed as I have been looking forward to a meal there. To add salt to our wounds, the restaurant is opening back for business on the day we fly to Bangkok. (ノД`) I guess that gave us a reason to visit Chiang Mai again just to have a meal there!

We ended up eating at a cafe called My Secret Cafe, which I will share with you my experience in another post. After visiting a temple and some more chilling around, we headed back to The Inside House to check in to our Bodhi Pool Suite~! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Welcome to Our Bodhi Pool Suite

Our Bodhi Pool Suite is located on the 4th floor of The Inside House and has room number 404. If you are a geek like me, you would know 404 is a page error code. Just thought I wanted to mention this random tidbit here. Haha! (*ノωノ)

When we came back to The Inside House to check in, the staff told us that the high tea would be served in our room and asked us to choose our drink. As I mentioned earlier, I did not know that the high tea was included in our package so I was a bit surprised. Hehe. Anyway, once we chose our drinks, one of the staff guided us to our room with our luggage and did a room tour for us.

I was honestly very snap-happy in our suite. The only thing not making me happy was the cold sweat I was having after walking around Chiang Mai in the heat. Both hubs and I had just recovered from our COVID-19 infection so we were both not in our best condition. I just did not expect the heat from Chiang Mai would get to me. I was breaking out in cold sweat after some walking and was definitely not feeling up to it. But photos had to be taken and work had to be done so I had to push through it. (x_x)

Beautiful Bedroom & Bathroom

The room was absolutely stunning. The wall carvings were so intricate, the lamps were so unique, and the wood colour and decor were on point. The moment I step foot into the room, I can’t help but fall head over heels in love with the place! It was definitely a wise choice to book this Bodhi Pool Suite. (❤ω❤)

The shower and toilet are in two separate spaces. And my favourite has got to be the clawfoot bathtub. For some reason, I just really love clawfoot bathtubs because they look so elegant. For couples staying here, you will be glad to know that the bathtub can fit two adults comfortably. Unless you are VERY TALL. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) The hotel was also very lovely to provide a bottle of bath foam/liquid that you could add to your bathtub for soaking. We ended up adding a bit too much though. There was so much foam that both hubs and I were “drowning” in them. Haha! So pour with care and adjust accordingly so the foaming won’t get out of hand! (¬‿¬ )

The Inside House has also got to be the first hotel that provides a facial mask and hair straightening as part of their bathroom amenities. The number of things that they provided in their room is above and beyond what we have seen in hotels/resorts we have stayed at before.

An Inclusive Mini Bar

During the room tour, the staff mentioned that everything in the mini bar is inclusive and it is replenished every day! So you could drink and eat to your heart’s content if you have not eaten enough food from the night markets and restaurants in the Old City. (´ ∀ ` *)

The Highlight of the Pool Suite – A Private Pool!

Now it’s time to show you the lovely private pool in our Bodhi Pool Suite! It does not have an amazing view but we thought that it was cool that we could have a peek out to the street in front of the hotel. We also had a direct view of the main pool so we could peek at guests suntanning at the sun loungers. (´• ω •`)

The pool is quite shallow such that when I stand up, it only reaches my hips (I am 1.66m tall!). So it was nice to be able to sit in the pool and enjoy the “scenery” in front of us. Hubs and I definitely had fun hanging out in the pool. And since we only had one night at The Inside House, we tried to enjoy the room and pool as much as possible before we checked out.

From my photo, it might look like the sun does not reach the pool. But that is because we took the photos in the late afternoon. We had a dip in the pool in the morning after our breakfast and the sun was SO STRONG we had to hide in a corner of the pool. Haha! ٩(× ×)۶

Awkwardly taking our signature pose. (*°▽°*)

Public Facilities in The Inside House

Since The Inside House is a boutique hotel, public facilities are limited to just the public pool and restaurant. There is no gym in the hotel but there is a room which I think is used for yoga and/or meditation. The public pool is not too big and does not have a view. But it is good for those who just want to chill by the pool. We saw some guests shifting the sun lounger out to try to get some sun for tanning.

Video Tour of the Hotel & Bodhi Pool Suite

Hubs was the one in charge of taking the videos for me so I decided to put them to good use! I put together a video of the hotel compound as well as our pool suite. Enjoy~! (´ ω `♡)

Dining at The Inside House

Complimentary High Tea for Our Stay

As mentioned, high tea was included in our package and it was served in our room when we checked in. Just a quick mention that I did not eat a lot of food from the high tea as I was feeling under the weather after exploring a bit of Chiang Mai in the heat. The cold sweat was getting to me and I was not in much of a mood to enjoy the food, as much as I wanted to. So my review of the high tea might not be as trustworthy. Haha! (´-ω-`)

Personally, I think the food was okay. My favourite was the mango sticky rice. Hubs and I both think that the sandwiches felt a bit tough. Not sure if the bread used is different from what we were used to but it was a bit tough for our liking. Unfortunately, both of us were not in the best condition so we did not finish everything. So I cannot give much thought to other food in the high tea. SORRY! (x_x)

Amazing Breakfast at Ghin

Breakfast is included at Ghin, the only restaurant at The Inside House. The interior of the restaurant was BEAUTIFUL, with the same look and feel as our room. The food served at Ghin was also AMAZING. I had the Lanna Breakfast while hubs had Khao Soi.

I love my Lanna Breakfast which comes with a small portion of everything. My favourite was the Hang Lay Curry with Pork and Sticky Rice. I am a sucker for sticky rice and it goes so well with the curry! Hubs’ Khao Soi came out totally different from what we expected. Ghin’s rendition of the dish made it look more like a pasta dish and it tasted great as well. But I still love my Lanna Breakfast and I recommend you have it as well! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

If I never remember wrongly, we could order more items from the menu. But since both of us were not in the best condition, we only had an additional basket of bread and pastries. Honestly, I hate how we could not enjoy to our fullest for this trip. (つω`。)

One Thing Worth Mentioning

It seems like everything was amazing with our stay at The Inside House. But there is one thing that is worth mentioning if you are staying at the Bodhi Pool Suite. The right side of the bed is really shaky when walked on and I have no idea how it could be possible.

I was happily walking towards my side of the bed and the whole area beside the bed was trembling. It was so bad that I had to tread lightly since it was causing the table by the wall to shake as well. I DID NOT want things to start falling onto the floor man. (″ロ゛) But besides this issue, everything about our stay at the Bodhi Pool Suite was amazing. So I do hope that somehow the floor will be fixed.

Overall Experience with The Inside House

There are many little gestures that The Inside House did that make it amazing. A card was placed on the table when we checked into our room. Upon opening it up, it was actually a handwritten note from The Inside House. When we came back from our night exploration of Chiang Mai’s night market, there was a small container of dessert placed on the table.

The hotel also placed earplugs by the side of the bed, in case someone needed it. We did not use it as it was rather peaceful for us as we fell asleep on the comfortable bed. As if those little gestures were not enough, the staff gave us a paper bag with a box of sandwiches inside when we checked out of the hotel.

Honestly, these little gestures are probably what set The Inside House apart from a lot of hotels in Chiang Mai. For The Inside House to be rated so high in Chiang Mai, there must be a reason why. After staying just one night with The Inside House, I understand why it has been raved about by many. So if you are coming to Chiang Mai, I highly recommend staying at least one night with The Inside House to experience the amazing service, room and food. (´• ω •`) ♡

Information About The Inside House


☎️ Phone Number: +66 (0)53 904 699
📧 Email: info@the-insidehouse.com

You can find out more about The Inside House here:
🔎 Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

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