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This post was written based on Dream Cruises during the pandemic when it was doing Cruise to Nowhere in Singapore. Dream Cruises has since been rebranded to Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream. For a more updated version of my experience on board the rebranded Genting Dream, head over to my Resorts World Cruises page!

Hello, back to the last part of my sharing about our Cruise to Nowhere experience with Dream Cruises’ World Dream in Singapore! In this part of the sharing, I am finally going to be sharing about the entertainment and activities you can do on board the Dream Cruises.

Why Dream Cruises?

If you have just been here and have yet to read about why we have chosen Dream Cruises, do head over here to read about it! You can also take a look at this post, where I talked about our dining experience on Dream Cruises’ food options. (´。• ω •。`)

Dream Cruises World Dream Entertainment and Activities

There are a lot of options when it comes to entertainment and activities on board the Dream Cruises to cater to both adults and children. You can refer to the full list of entertainment here and the list of sports & recreation here.

Both hubs and I are those who prefer to chill and relax, so we only chose a very minimal number of activities. Our experience will only be pertaining to those that we have done. The remaining will be for you to find out (or maybe just read more blog reviews (*/_\)). I will share some photos of those activities here if I have them!

Download the Dream Cruise App – A MUST!

Prior to boarding the Dream Cruises, we downloaded the Dream Cruises Onboard app. You will NEED this app to reserve seats for shows, so make sure you have it before you get on board! Note that you will not be able to use this application until you are on board and using the cruises’ network.

Wi-Fi Package for Dream Cruises World Dream

While waiting at the reception counter due to our selected room (refer to Part 1 of the blog), the very nice service staff there guided us on how to use the app using the cruise network while we waited for our turn. We used the opportunity to purchase our onboard Wi-Fi package through the app.

We usually steer clear of having Wi-Fi on board to avoid getting contacted for work and enjoy the holiday. But since it’s a Cruise to Nowhere, there really isn’t much that we want to do except eat and watch some shows, so having some connectivity helps to keep us occupied during the downtime.

We bought the Standard package for two devices, and it cost us SGD32 for two nights. I have included the package price for World Dream below, as extracted from Dream Cruises’ website (accurate as of Nov 2021):

Reservations are a MUST for Shows!

Deja vu, if you have read part 2 of our experience. Similar to the reservations for restaurants, it’s a must to reserve seats for the shows you want to watch. Heads up, shows are so popular that they ran out of seats REALLY FAST!

We didn’t know that shows would get booked up so fast. The service staff did tell us that shows are limited. Each room is only limited to one show due to the limited seating with social distancing in place. I mean, we were only on board for about 30 minutes and… The weekend slots for the illusionist show were already ALL FULL. (⊙_⊙)

Or probably most have the same thought as us, thinking that the illusionist show is the best show to watch. (*/_\) So anyway… We were only left with the first show, which was happening in about 45 minutes. So we had to rush to The Lido to have our lunch first before heading to the theatre.

So please, once you are on board the cruise, get connected with the app and book the preferred show ASAP!

The Illusionist Show – I WAS AWED!

The theme for our cruise trip was The Wonders of Japan, so there was a lot of Japanese entertainment and activities, such as fashion shows, at the Zodiac Theatre of the Dream Cruises. There were other productions as well, but the one that caught our hearts was the illusionist show.

Having been in the events industry for a few years previously, I was always amazed by the shows of magicians, illusionists and mind readers. And I always see the audience being in awe of them. So I was lucky to be amazed by Vincent Vignaud in VISION for this trip. (´ ∀ ` *)

I never like to take the front seats as performers tend to pick someone seated in the front rows to participate. So thinking that we were seated about 5 – 6 rows away from the stage, we most probably would not be chosen. WRONG.

Apparently, they used the cameras within the theatre to pick someone from the crowd to participate! Due to the pandemic, participants would not need to go on stage, so there would not be inter-mingling. The theatre crew will bring the necessary items to you to participate once you’re chosen, including the microphone to say hi~

So I Got to Participate…

Let’s just say I was lucky, and I got picked. And it was for the final act… Thought I dodged the bullet. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. My heart nearly dropped ‘cos I really don’t like such things, and I even got to speak into the microphone. (″ロ゛)

But anyway, Vincent Vignaud’s performance was superbly entertaining. Every act was amazing. But since I was involved in the final act, I WAS AWED. It involves me having to name a country that I want to visit at that moment. And two other participants were asked different questions. These answers would appear on a scroll in a locked box, which was already hanging from the ceiling at the start of the show. The scroll got all the answers that we said, so… I can’t figure it out, and it was crazy! Σ(O_O)

Anyway, I realised the shows currently shown on World Dream have already changed. Sadly, you guys can’t enjoy this superb show anymore. Hopefully, the new seasonal shows will be just as amazing!

Hot Tub and Swimming Pool – Book Your Slots!

For crowd control purposes, you have to book your slot for the hot tub/swimming pool as well. You cannot just walk into the pool area thinking you can use it. Remember, times are different now.

Just head over to the counter beside the entrance to the pool (just below the mural area, with reference to my photo below). It should not be hard to miss, though some people actually walked over from the kids’ activity side instead. They will usually be directed to the entrance so that the staff will check if you book any slot. So no way to sneak in!

There are many timeslots available to choose and each timeslot is a one-hour duration. The hot tubs are definitely popular since there are only four of them. The pool is also one of the most popular activities on board the Dream Cruises. Booking of the hot tub allows you to use the swimming pool as well, as long as you stay within the time given. Most probably, it was the 25% occupancy plus the incident that happened two days before our trip; it was rather easy for us to book our timeslots. Or maybe we were early. Haha!

Towels are provided for your usage, and remember to use the open shower to clean yourself first before entering the hot tub or the swimming pool! We hardly use such facilities, so the lifeguard reminded us when we tried to enter the tub. Oops. (*/_\)

While in the hot tub, we also noticed that the safe distancing ambassador was constantly walking around to ensure safe distancing was being maintained between guests. Quite a poor thing, though, under the hot sun. o(TヘTo) Anyway, we used the hot tub for about 45 minutes, and when we came out, a family entered the hot tub to use it. So… If you didn’t manage to book a slot for the hot tub, you could just wait for someone to come out, and you can use the tub. It’s all about luck in this way, though, so you do you. ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

Random Arcade Games

Erm… So we enjoyed playing random arcade games on cruises. We always do that. Like every cruise trip. I don’t know when it started but yeah… We played those silly games even if they were expensive ‘cos playing those random shooting arcade games is so fun, something that we never do while in Singapore. And it seems like it was almost always only us when we visited those arcades. Ha. Ha. Not popular, huh? A lot of them are playing “arcade” games, aka the machines in the casino. |・ω・)

The above arcade game is silly fun. Using water to shoot zombies. We also enjoy Luigi’s Mansion at another arcade. We played that like… A few times. HAHAHA! I don’t know if it’s just us but arcade games are so old school that it’s fun. Maybe we are old already. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Don’t Miss the Light Show!

There is also a light show at night! I think it was pretty cool, and once again, coming from an events background, having the moving heads and spotlights to create those light shows is super cool. Something that I really like to see for those bigger shows I helped to manage ‘cos it helps to bring about a really nice atmosphere for the dinner events.

The light show is held at the main pool area, so just grab a standing spot on level 2 to watch it. Didn’t take any videos as I prefer to enjoy the moment than look at it through my phone. Sadly no music could be played due to the restrictions, so it was a bit odd… Like… Odd… Do refer to your programme for the timing, and don’t miss it! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Other Activities That You Can Do on the Dream Cruises

Esc Experience Lab

This area definitely provides one of the most interesting activities on the Dream Cruises as it offers VR/AR games. A lot of options were there when we took a walk around the cruise. There was even a room where you could play Nintendo or PC games. Really cool, but sadly, not what we are interested in. Both hubs and I are casual gamers, so we are already playing such things at home; not gonna do that on a cruise. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Movie Screening and Bingo!

Had to lump these two together as both were being done at the Lobby, just beside the Lobby cafe. It’s actually not a very big area, but during the movie screening, there were probably only 1 – 2 pax watching.

But there were A LOT of people playing Bingo! We had wanted to participate, but the per-ticket price was quite high, so we decided to just chill at the Lobby Cafe with our food and drinks while watching the game go on. Note that food bought at the Lobby Cafe cannot be brought into the Lobby during the game. I’m not sure why but yeah, just take note of this. A lot of the guests had to leave their drinks on the Lobby Cafe table while entering the Lobby area for the game.

Lobby Image Credit: Dream Cruises Website


Definitely one of the hottest activities on Dream Cruises. The Casino! We are not gamblers. No like playing those games. So… We didn’t even try ‘cos we don’t believe in our luck. Also, we had our Bazi calculated and were told that both of us have no gambling luck, so yeah, we don’t enjoy them and hardly gamble.

The casino was really crowded, though. People of all ages are there, but mainly uncles and aunties. So as many will know, Dream Cruises is under Star Cruises, which attracts mostly gamblers, maybe because of some rewards/packages they offer. So a lot of uncles and aunties like to take Star Cruises in the past, and now Dream Cruises. No matter what hour, it seems like the stations were usually quite full. ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌

Overall Experience

Since this is the last part of this Cruise to Nowhere in Singapore series with Dream Cruises, it is also a good time to draw a conclusion on our overall experience with Dream Cruises.


There’s not much to complain about the Balcony Stateroom. The balcony wasn’t big but enough for us to just chill and enjoy the sea breeze. The room size was quite reasonable, and the overall room experience was generally quite good.

The only complaint would be our room’s location, which is just right above the restaurants below. Awkward when we want to chill on the balcony wearing less but wary of people below looking up. Something to consider when choosing your room location! (o˘◡˘o)


Overall, I think the food experience was quite good, and to be honest, quite amazed by the buffet at The Lido. That’s because I kept reading or hearing people saying that the food on Dream Cruises was not good since the cruise cares more about the gamblers than actual guests. But erm… We really think the buffet food is quite nice. As I mentioned before, I am usually quite picky when it comes to food, so I really think is quite good as compared to the paid options. (ノ´ з `)ノ

Paid options are okay. If you’re there for the experience, go for it. Else… There’s nothing to shout about for those restaurants that we have tried, EXCEPT for the food at the Lobby Cafe. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) You decide for yourself!

Entertainment and Activities

We are not your typical do-it-all when onboard people, so we felt that what was being offered for entertainment and activities was quite good. I definitely DID NOT cover all the activities on board, such as the high/low elements, golf and water slides, so I think there are more than enough activities to have both adults and children entertained.

I would say since we went during a rather lull period, it was really quite enjoyable not having to squeeze with people or seeing a super crowded main pool that hardly had space for more. Yeah, we have seen that in the past, and it was not pretty or even appealing for us to want to go to the pool.

Also, during the period that we went, music could not be played at all the restaurants and pool area, so the Zouk Beach Club was not open. Actually, to be honest, that was one of the reasons I wanted to take the Dream Cruises. But sadly, we didn’t get to see it. o(TヘTo) With the new ruling now, not sure if they will allow that though. Times are just different now until it gets back to a new normal.


So to conclude, I think we really enjoyed this Cruise to Nowhere trip with Dream Cruises, all thanks to the reduced capacity. We are 100% sure we probably would not enjoy it as much if it’s at full capacity, so it’s definitely a good time to go now if you prefer a less crowded experience!

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