I have been on a mission to check out cafes and restaurants along the North East Line (NEL) in Singapore. And this time, hubs and I decided to try out Enchanted Cafe located in Farrer Park! Read on to discover my thoughts on this cosy cafe and whether or not it’s worth a visit! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ‥…━━━★

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Why Enchanted Cafe?

Since my ptosis correction surgery, hubs and I have been visiting the clinic for my doctor’s appointments for the past 3+ years. You read that right. It has been 3+ years and the doctor is still reviewing my post-op status! (*/ω\) Anyway, everything is great and I hope to graduate from this soon! Let me know in the comments if you are interested in my ptosis correction journey and I would share more in future! (´• ω •`)

The clinic where I have done my ptosis correction surgery
The clinic I have been visiting for the past 3+ years!

Anyway, having been to Farrer Park so much for the past 3+ years, it is interesting to note that we hardly check out the area. Since my appointment was on a weekend, we made plans to have lunch after that. Our initial plan was to visit another cafe but it had such a LONG QUEUE that we decided to try out Enchanted Cafe instead. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Enchanted Cafe, A 24-Hours Cafe for a Cosy Gathering

It was already past the usual lunch hour when we reached the cafe (around 1.45 PM) but it was still fully packed with people. The cafe looks super lively with a few couples, a big family and some friends having their gathering. I was almost ready to give up when hubs spotted an available table in a corner that gave us a perfect view of the whole dining area and the service counter. ( ´ ▽ ` )

A view of the outdoors seating and the crowd when we arrived at Enchanted Cafe

Since it was a last-minute decision to dine here, we did not know what is good. Eventually, I decided to try out its chef’s recommendation, Crabmeat Linguine (Spicy) while hubs ordered the MEC Chicken Burger (Multiseed). As always, we ordered a flat white to share~! To my surprise, the Flat White was actually not bad! The coffee taste was slightly strong and the amount of milk was just right. ( ´ ω ` )

Our flat white as well as the display items under Mosanco at the Enchanted Cafe

Main Dishes Are Kind of a Hit-and-Miss

The food on the other hand was kind of a hit-and-miss for us. (´-ω-`) The Crabmeat Linguine is linguine with crabmeat and egg in a homemade tomato sauce. There was a generous amount of crab meat and pieces of crab meat could literally be seen when the dish was served. w(°o°)w As a crab-lover, I was so ready to indulge myself in this meal. The sauce that came with the linguine is slightly spicy and helps to balance the overall taste of the dish. For the first few mouthfuls, it was delish. But after that, it just got too much for me. Personally, I think this dish is good for sharing so as now to get overwhelmed by the strong taste of the dish. (´• ω •`)

The crabmeat linguine and MEC Chicken Burger (charcoal bun)

As for hubs’ burger, it is made up of a toasted bun, scrambled eggs, double cheese and a piece of fried chicken cutlet. It is actually quite interesting to have scrambled eggs in a burger and it actually tasted quite good. The bun is also nice and fluffy, though the cafe has served us the wrong type of bun. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Hubs wanted the multiseed bun but they served us the charcoal bun instead. Considering that we have waited quite a while for our meal, hubs decided to just eat what was being served. The chicken cutlet was pretty normal and is more similar to Japanese chicken katsu. The cheese, sadly, was not melted when served, which was kind of a disappointment as we think that the burger would definitely taste better with melted cheese. Overall, a pretty normal burger I guess. (´ー` )┌

Things Worth Mentioning

Online Order & Cashless Payment System

Everything is digital here at Enchanted Cafe. Besides having its menu available by scanning its QR code, ordering and payment are also done through its online portal. You don’t have the option to pay at its counter as payment is either by credit card or PayNow. I am not sure if they will change the system but this is just something to note if you decide to dine there.

An Understaffed Cafe?

By the time we made our order, a lot of people were leaving the cafe so it was less busy. Having said that, it does seem like the cafe is kind of understaffed. Our order actually took quite a while to be served. Our Flat White was served first and by the time our main dishes were here, our cup of coffee was already running low. (´-ω-`) But since we were seated in a really comfortable location, hubs and I were okay to just chill by the corner.

After people have left the cafe, a lot of the dirty dishes were still left on the table. It didn’t seem like anyone was available to clear the tables immediately. When we left the cafe, there was a table with dirty dishes, which then attracted the attention of some hungry birds to peck at the leftover food. (⊙_⊙) I personally think this is not a good sight for people who might want to dine here. There was a sign at the counter that says “Longer waiting time” so it might be that the staff were overwhelmed during the lunch hour. But I still think more could be done to keep the place looking clean and tidy, especially outdoor seats. (´• ω •`)

The main counter as well as the unique birdcage at the outdoors seating but with uncleaned table and birds pecking at leftover food at Enchanted Cafe

Overall Experience

In general, I think both hubs and I think that their food is quite average though the flat white was quite good. I do hope the cafe would look into keeping the dining areas, both indoors and outdoors, tidy throughout the day. Birds pecking at leftover food is definitely not a good sight at an F&B outlet.

There are actually a lot of cafes and restaurants in the area so I would recommend coming to this place if your top choices in the area are not available. Also, since the cafe is a 24-hours cafe, it would be good for people who want to hang out with friends until late. Anyway, if you are taking the North East Line and want to visit a good cafe, I highly recommend the Rise cafe at Potong Pasir. It has one of the best flat white and desserts! (´• ω •`) ♡

Information about Enchanted Cafe

Opening Hours: 24 hours every day
Menu: Link HERE

You can find out more about Enchanted Cafe here:
Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

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