Exploring Jodd Fairs: A Famous Night Market in Bangkok

Written by Katherine

September 20, 2023
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

When visiting Thailand, you can’t miss out on experiencing a night market. And that was precisely what we did. Since the pandemic, a lot of well-loved night markets have closed down. So when we heard of the newly opened Jodd Fairs at Rama 9, hubs and I drafted it immediately into our Bangkok itinerary. So, let’s dive in and see what this place offers ~! (´• ω •`)ノ

LATEST UPDATE (FEB 2024): Remember I mention about Jodd Fairs Rama 9 closing at the end of 2023? Well, guess what? It looks like it is staying! For now, that is. Based on a post on their Instagram, it seems like they would be sticking around until the end of 2024! Now, whether they will move after that or not, I can’t say for sure. But at least for now, you can continue checking it out for its food and more~! (>ᴗ•)

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About Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

As mentioned, many night markets popular with tourists closed down due to the pandemic. This included the famous Ratchada Train Night Market. I still remember visiting this night market with my girlfriends in 2019. Even before entering the night market, we could already see people from outside. It was PACKED. But even so, we still enjoyed eating and shopping there. So when I heard about the night market’s closure, I couldn’t help feeling sad. (´-ω-`)

The crowd at the now-closed Ratchada Train Night Market and the food I ate with my girlfriends back in 2019

While planning for our Thailand trip (2022), we came across videos that talked about the opening of a new night market called Jodd Fairs in Bangkok. Apparently, Jodd Fairs is opened by the same people who previously managed the train night market! Out of curiosity, hubs and I decided to check it out to see if it is worth the hype.

Journey to Jodd Fairs Night Market

Anyway, we wanted to set off from our hotel at around 6.30 PM since most stalls would be open by the time we reached. But after a tiring day of exploring Wat Arun and Wat Pho, we reached Jodd Fairs at around 9 PM instead. And by this time, the night market was PACKED. (ノД`)

Jodd Fairs Rama 9 has over 700 stalls selling a wide variety of goods, which is expected of a night market in Thailand. Compared to the Ratchada Train Night Market, I felt that there was slightly more walking space. Although it was a crowded lane, it was still quite tough to navigate down the path. ٩(× ×)۶

The decorations and crowd at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

I thought we could reach Jodd Fairs earlier to check out the Leng Saap stall that everyone has been recommending since it is known to have a long queue. In case you don’t know what that is, it is the popular volcano ribs that have been trending for a while. So when we got there, the queue was as expected and LONGER. Hubs and I ended up not trying it as we did not want to spend time waiting. So we just moved on to other stuff. Haha! Anyway, I will be back here with my parents again so we will try our luck again! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

What We Tried at Jodd Fairs Bangkok

As mentioned, it was crowded when we arrived, and every lane was PACKED. It was so crowded that stopping and checking out what the stalls were selling was tough. (>_<) Since it was so crowded, I only managed to take photos of the food stalls that we tried. I hope this short list will help you decide what to eat. Haha! (´• ω •`)

My All-Time Favourite: Squid Eggs!

The first time I had this was at the Talad Rot Fai Night Market. After the first bite, I was addicted to it. They are probably one of the most delicious foods I have had in Thailand. Haha! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝ Anyway, we spotted this stall selling this heavenly food, and hubs knew immediately that I wanted it. So, without asking, he went to get me an M-size order, which cost us 100 THB (~3.84 SGD). It was so good that even an M-size order was not enough for me. But hubs reminded me that there was more food we should try, so I had to say goodbye to them after I was done. (T_T)

The stall selling squid eggs, friend octopus and more at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

Finally Getting Our Hands on Khanom Buang (Thai Crepes)

Walking all the way to the end, we spotted a stall selling khanom buang, also known as Thai crepes. We have been looking for this for a long time and were so excited to see this stall selling them! Since there wasn’t a queue, we ordered a box to try~! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

The base of the khanom buang is a thin and crispy crepe. Once the base is done, it is then filled with a sweet and creamy coconut filling, which is the white-coloured filling you see in the crepe. After that is the interesting part of the khanom buang. There are two types of fillings, one sweet and one salty. The yellow filling is the sweet version and is made from egg yolks cooked in syrup. The orange filling is made from shredded coconut with either minced or ground-dried shrimp, making this the savoury option. Initially, I thought the orange filling would be sweet, as I assumed coconut shreds are usually made to be sweet. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Khanom buang stall at Jodd Fairs Rama 9
Stall we went to in November 2023

Hubs and I had a tough time telling the two variants apart, as the saltiness of the savoury option actually tasted relatively mild. Haha! Anyway, this was definitely one of our favourite foods from Jodd Fairs!

UPDATE (November 2023)

The stall seemed to be different now though still located at the same spot. We tried it again this time and I think it was less tasty than the first time we had it. My parents had it and they don’t seem to like it for some reason. Haha! We ordered a box of Sweet and Salty ones (mixed flavours) with 7 pieces and it cost us 60 THB (~2.30 SGD). Worth trying if it’s your first time having it!

Trying Something Different: Durian Lava Pastry (2023)

Just right beside the khanom buang shop, there is a new stall that sells lava pastries called Bakery Camp cafe. We were having our khanom buang at the table in front of the stall and were attracted by the bright display. Hubs and I thought that what they were selling looked rather interesting, something that we never see at Jodd Fairs before, so we decided to get a box of the Durian Lava, which cost us 140 THB (~5.30 SGD) for 4 pieces.

Bakery Camp Cafe, the place where we got our Durian Lava pastry at Jodd Fairs

I was expecting the pastry to have a flaky exterior, similar to Chinese pastry Tau Sar Piah. But a bite into it and it was totally different from my imagination! The exterior is quite bouncy with a texture similar to mochi with durian fillings inside. The durian filling tastes quite creamy and sweet. We all love it a lot and was amazed by the flavour. For durian lovers, you should definitely check this place out! It’s all the way at the back of the night market, before crossing over to the next section of Jodd Fairs. (@´ー`)ノ゙

The box of Durian Lava and a bite into the pastry to show how the filling looks like

The Super Unhealthy yet Irresistible Chicken Skin

You read that right! We saw a stall selling fried chicken skin and had to get it! Did you know that the best chicken skin snacks are at the Big C Supermarket?! We bought the mala-flavoured one to try, and it was TO-DIE-FOR! We would always get a few packs back on every trip to Bangkok. I know chicken skin is super unhealthy, so we tried restricting ourselves to just having a few packs. Anyway, this stall was selling freshly fried chicken skin, and it was so good to enjoy this on the go while exploring the night market. ( ´ ω ` )

The stall selling fried chicken skin at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

Always Happy to Have some Roasted Pork

There is something about Thailand’s roasted pork that we can’t help buying them. They are always so good no matter where we got them from. („• ᴗ •„) So when we came by this stall with its delicious-looking roasted pork on display, we got to buy it! The skin was so crunchy, and the meat was so nice and tender. Yet another good snack to have while on the go!

The stall selling roasted pork at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

Best Drink to Cool You Down: Ice-Blended Watermelon

The best way to beat the heat and cool yourself down after wandering the lanes at Jodd Fairs is to have an ice-blended drink. We love Thailand’s ice-blended watermelon, as it is always so refreshing. We did not visit the beautiful lady’s smoothie stall but decided just to get an ice-blended drink from a random drinks stall instead. There are a lot of drinks stalls at Jodd Fairs, so take your pick to cool yourselves down! (@´ー`)ノ゙

The drinks stall where we got our ice-blended watermelon at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

Experiencing the World Cup Vibe at Jodd Fairs Night Market

Anyway, nothing caught our attention while we were exploring the night market. Plus, it was so crowded that it got tiring really fast as we battled through the crowd. (´-ω-`) We wanted to buy some stickers for our laptops and luggage. There are a lot of such stalls in the Jodd Fairs night market, but it seems like stickers sold here are more serious-looking, so we ended up not buying anything at all.

We then decided to bring our food and drink to the open space. It was the World Cup season when we were in Bangkok, so the open area was set up with a HUGE projector and many seats. England vs Iran match was ongoing, so the whole space was packed with people watching the game in front of the projector. It was actually kind of fun watching with such a huge crowd when everyone cheered or sighed when goals were made or missed. This is probably the most interesting part of our trip to the Jodd Fairs night market.

The crowd watching the England vs Iran World Cup match at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

Updates on Jodd Fairs Bangkok (Nov 2023)

I came back to Jodd Fairs again with my parents for our recent trip to Bangkok! This time, we tried to visit early so as to avoid the crowd. While on our way to the night market, we realised some notable changes. There were Jodd Fairs banners hanging from the lamposts once we came out from the MRT station. It seemed like stalls had now extended beyond the space we used to see.

Once we got to Jodd Fairs, it also seemed like they had made changes to the layout as well. Now the entrance seemed more obvious when walking over from the train station. After we stepped in, we spotted a leng saap restaurant. Hubs and I forgot which stall/restaurant we were supposed to go so we continued walking further into the night market. And we spotted even more leng saap stalls! w(°o°)w It seems like the trend has caught on, and there are so many of them now.

Changes have definitely taken place since the last we visited in November 2022. Some stalls have changed, with new ones replacing them. There is also an extended section of the night market, which consists mainly of restaurants. This was not there last year. The size of Jodd Fairs Rama 9 has definitely expanded.

Anyway, after some Googling, we realised the Leng Saap restaurant we saw at the entrance was the one we wanted to visit! They must have earned so much that now they have such a big, bright and nicely decorated restaurant right at the entrance where there is maximum footfall. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Let me share my experience dining at Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb with you below! (´• ω •`)ノ

The dining crowd of Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb at Jodd Fairs in Bangkok, as seen from the outside

Trying the Volcano Ribs at Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb

So, we finally got to try the legendary volcano ribs that so many people were talking about! There were four of us and since we were thinking to have more food in the night market, we ordered an L-size of the volcano ribs. We added on one white rice, one sticky rice, som tam thai and two drinks, which totalled to 505 THB (~19 SGD). Price is not too bad in my opinion as the portion of the ribs was quite a lot.

The exterior of Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb and their volcano ribs menu at Jodd Fairs

The volcano ribs was served almost immediately once we put in our order. I assumed they were already ready by the side and the staff just needed to take them out. Visual-wise, I give the volcano ribs 8/10. It was definitely a sight to behold. But taste-wise, hubs and I both think it is overrated. I probably give it 6/10. The sauce was what made the dish good. Hubs and I didn’t like the bits and pieces of meat from the ribs. We would very much prefer to have bigger chunks instead.

The drinks, L-size volcano ribs and som tam thai that we ordered at Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb

That being said, my dad loved it A LOT. So much so that he was having quite a lot of it. My parents also like the som tam thai a lot. It was their first time trying it and they can’t stop eating it. The joy on both their faces was priceless, so, to me, I think it was a good idea to come here with my parents. ( ´ ω ` ) Anyway, we were at the restaurant around 6 PM, there were only a few other tables. But by the time we left, the place was almost full. So definitely come earlier to beat the crowd! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

The dinner crowd when we were leaving vs the emptier restaurant when we dined at Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb at Jodd Fairs

So Many Leng Saap Stalls under the Same Brand

After we were done eating, we started to roam the insides of the night market. I mentioned a lot of leng saap stalls but here’s what’s interesting. A lot of them were under the same brand, i.e. Maeklong Noodles & Leng Zabb. It is quite obvious with the double chilli logo.

Another interesting thing is that the som tam thai and drinks don’t come from the restaurant itself. I saw separate stalls selling these items and the menu was the same as the one shown in the restaurant. So I assumed they worked with other stalls in the night market to provide some additional food selection besides volcano ribs. Or maybe they are all under the same company. I don’t know. As long as the food is generally okay, I am good. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

How to Get to Jodd Fairs Bangkok

Now that I have shared our random eats at the Jodd Fairs night market at Rama 9, it is time for me to share with you how to get there!

Closest Station to Get to the Night Market

Jodd Fairs is a quick 4-minute walk from the Phra Rama 9 MRT station. We came from our hotel in Phaya Thai, so we took a train to the Asok BTS station (Green Line) before transferring to the Sukhumvit MRT station (Blue Line) to reach Phra Rama 9. To find out more about these train lines including the payment modes, consider checking out my Bangkok transportation guide!

Opening Hours & Best Time to Visit Jodd Fairs Night Market

The night market is open from 4 PM – 12 AM, but I have read that most stalls would only be open from 5 PM onwards. The earlier you visit, the lesser the crowd! We visited around 6 PM, and there was hardly any crowd. So, drop by the night market around 5.30 PM – 6 PM would be ideal! ( ´ ω ` )

Overall Experience at Jodd Fairs Night Market in Bangkok

As we expected, the Jodd Fairs night market is just like most night markets we have been to. It is crowded with many people eating and shopping around the whole area. The good thing about this new night market is that there are a lot of tables and chairs around the whole night market to let people sit down to enjoy their food. But that is provided you are there early or just lucky. Haha! When we were there, it was so packed that we ended up just finding a less crowded corner to stand and eat our food. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The crowded lane and tables and chairs you can find at Jodd Fairs night market in Bangkok

The second time we came with my parents (Nov 2023), we were surprised by how easy it was to walk around. This time, we also didn’t try a lot of stuff since nothing much caught my parents’ attention. We were also kind of full after the leng saap. Haha! (*/ω\)

If you want a more authentic and local night market experience, consider visiting the Talad Rot Fai Train Night Market. We were there in 2019, and it seems like a more popular night market with locals and a less touristy vibe. Alternatively, you can consider visiting the new Jodd Fairs at Dan Neramit. I saw photos taken there, and it definitely has a totally different vibe from this Rama 9 branch with a cool, big fairytale castle. w(°o°)w Don’t say I never share the good things! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

Information about Jodd Fairs Night Market


⏰ Opening Hours: 4 PM – 12 AM

You can find out more about Jodd Fairs on:
🔎 Facebook | Instagram

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