Welcome back to part two of the Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream series~! In this second part of the series, I will be covering the dining options that you can find on board the Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream. Similar to what I have done with Dream Cruises, I have chosen a speciality restaurant to try out its food and service. Without further ado, let’s check out what you can eat on board the cruise~! ⁽⁽◝( • ω • )◜⁾⁾

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Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream Dining Options

Inclusive Dining Options

Since we were staying in the Balcony Stateroom, we assumed that the inclusive dining options on the Resorts World Cruises would be similar to Dream Cruises. That means the Dream Dining Room Lower and Upper as well as The Lido are inclusive. While preparing for this blog post, I read through all the RW Daily I gathered from the past few days. And O.M.G., I realised Blue Lagoon and Function 8 also have inclusive dinners! (⊙_⊙) I blame Resorts World Cruises for not putting their RW Daily in our room on the first day! (#`Д´)

So if you are reading my posts, you are safe. And just in case, I have included the inclusive restaurants and opening hours below for your reference, subject to differences and changes.

Speciality Restaurants

Besides the inclusive restaurants, there are also a lot of speciality restaurants if you are willing to pay for your meals on board. I have included the speciality restaurants and their opening hours below for your reference, subject to differences and changes.

I would say most of the restaurants are the same as what was on board the Dream Cruises with a few additional choices such as the Bistro and the Lido Outdoor Hot Pot & Grill. We also decided to try Silk Road this time since we have tried a few others on Dream Cruises. I will talk more about this later~! (´• ω •`)

Besides the speciality restaurants, there is also a wide selection of bars and lounges if you want to drink and chill. I have included two bars below for your reference as they included snack options. All other bars and lounges would be mentioned under part three of the series!

Using the Resorts World Cruises Portal for Dining Information

Besides all the useful information I have mentioned in the first part of the series, you can also find all the dining information on the Resorts World Cruises portal.

Screenshots taken from the Resorts World Cruises portal on the dining options
Screenshots from the Resorts World Cruises portal

Nominal Fee for A Second Inclusive Meal

I don’t remember this being a thing previously but a nominal amount will be charged for a second meal during the same meal period for the inclusive dining options. This means that if you already had lunch at the Dream Dining Room Lower, you would need to pay a nominal amount to have lunch at let’s say, The Lido, on the same day. Since they scan your key card before dining, you cannot cheat the system. ( ´ ω ` )

Note that this does not apply to speciality restaurants. That means that you can have lunch at Umi Uma and go to The Lido to have lunch again on the same day. We went to The Lido for desserts after our meal at the Silk Road so this is tried and tested. (´ ∀ ` *)

Is Reservation Needed for Resorts World Cruises’ Dining?

No reservation is required for the inclusive restaurants and everything is based on a first-come-first-served basis. Simply put, you just have to queue for inclusive restaurants. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Reservations for the speciality restaurants can be made by calling their hotline or you could simply approach the restaurant’s reception during their opening hours.

Another simpler way is to use the portal! You just have to choose the restaurant that you want and scroll all the way down to see the “Make a reservation” tab. From there, you can choose your number of pax as well as your preferred date and time. Nice and easy! You can even use it to locate the restaurant. See, I told you the portal is very useful. ヾ(´ ▽ ` )

Screenshots taken from the Resorts World Cruises portal on how to make a dining reservation using the portal
Screenshots from the Resorts World Cruises portal

Anyway, as compared to the Cruise to Nowhere, I think there were fewer passengers reserving the speciality restaurants, especially when we had the option to disembark on the second day. But it is still advisable to make a reservation since you don’t know how popular the restaurants might be. Better safe than sorry~! (*¯︶¯*)

Resorts World Cruises’ Dining Package

If you are dining at the speciality restaurants on board the Resorts World Cruises, it would be good to consider buying the Pay as You Go – Extra F&B Credits. This promotion is only available until a certain time so make sure to make the purchase before that. Once you know roughly how much you might be spending, just head over to one of the bars or speciality restaurants to make the purchase.

Note that the credits are non-refundable and cannot be used with promotional items. A sticker would be pasted on your key card so that staff would recognise that you are using the F&B credits. And by right, they would also advise you if you happen to order a promotional item.

Key card showing a sticker on it if you purchase a Resorts World Cruises dining package with them

Also, depending on the staff, they would usually let you know the remaining credits you have. We went to Zouk and paid for the drinks using our credits but the staff did not inform hubs of the balance. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to check with reception. We were wondering how tough could it be if the system captures everything. Eventually, we realised the calculation was actually done manually. I guess the restaurants and bars can only calculate for you if you buy something from them. Also, maybe Zouk was too dark for the staff to do any calculations hence no balance was given to us. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Dream Dining Room – How Does it Fare This Time?!

After a terrible experience with the Dream Dining Room on the Dream Cruises, I was reluctant to have breakfast there. But for your sake, I decided to give it a go! (-ω-、) This time, we went with the Chinese set menu at the Dream Dining Room Upper again. The menu just seems more interesting as compared to the International Buffet at the Dream Dining Room Lower. Also, my parents would prefer to have Chinese food so that was the choice we went with. (´• ω •`)

Exterior of the Dream Dining Room on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board
This photo was taken around midnight when the restaurant was closed

Surprisingly Good Food from the Chinese Set Menu

Anyway, we didn’t have to wait too long until we got a table assigned to us. We waited for a while and all the food from the Chinese set menu was being served. And surprise surprise, the breakfast was actually one of the best meals we had from an inclusive restaurant. LIKE WHAT!? (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

The interior of the Dream Dining Room  on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Honestly, everything was good! I was definitely caught by surprise after that lousy meal we had on Dream Cruises. Even my parents gave their approval. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ The best of the lot was the Deep Fried Golden Silk, which we have no idea what is it made of. The inside tasted like mochi while the outer layer is similar to that of the crab claw you see in buffets or restaurants. It was more sweet than savoury. A really surprisingly nice dish.

The breakfast set that we had at the Dream Dining Room on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

The only ambiguous item was the steamed red bean paste bao. Or what we thought to be the steamed red bean paste bao but turned out to be a kaya bao? Haha! (◎ ◎)ゞ Another thing to highlight was the service. I think the staff was overwhelmed hence they held off the queue. We asked for chilli sauce twice and it did not appear even at the end of the meal. ┐(‘~`;)┌

The steamed red bean paste bao that looks more like kaya bao at the Dream Dining Room on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Be Early to Avoid Disappointment!

We went to the Dream Dining Room Upper on the second day and there was a long queue when we arrived at around 8.30 AM or so. After queuing for a while, a staff came out to block off the queue behind us, probably to manage the crowd. She told the remaining guests to come back at 9.15 AM, which is 15 minutes before the closing time. (・・;)ゞ I think a lot of them would just go to The Lido for breakfast instead. But if you are coming here for breakfast, better come earlier!

The Lido, International Buffet by the Sea

Since what Dream Cruises offered was so similar to Resorts World Cruises, I thought the food quality would be similar. Let’s just say the variety of food options was still there but there were more hits and misses during the few meals we had at The Lido. (´-ω-`)

As with Dream Cruises, Halal and Indian Vegetarian options are available in the buffet. There honestly wasn’t much to highlight. The speciality item on the first night was roasted beef and the smaller pieces tasted better than the chunky ones. A lot of people were queuing for them since there was only a section for the speciality item.

People queuing up for the roast beef at The Lido on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Must-Haves at The Lido

I highly recommend having the cakes and fruits while at The Lido. We tried all their cakes and about 95% of them were really good. Even the kuehs at the Halal section were quite nice as well. The fruits were also generally quite sweet and tasty. (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b Interestingly, there was also an ice cream machine! Hubs made a really nicely shaped one for me though I ended up not finishing it because it tasted pretty average. Haha! (*/ω\)

Some of the cakes and desserts we had at The Lido on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Better be Early on the Last Day for Breakfast!

We had breakfast at The Lido on the last day. Since we would be arriving in Singapore at 10 AM, we know that the majority of the guests would be having breakfast at The Lido around the same time. So we decided to wake up earlier to have breakfast and that was probably the best decision we have ever made. We didn’t have to queue too long before getting a table at around 7.30 AM and there was already quite a crowd inside the dining area. By the time we were done, there was a super mega-long queue outside. So yes, if you don’t want to wait, wake up earlier~! (´• ω •`)

The long queue outside The Lido on the last day for breakfast on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Anyway, based on the signage on every table, dining is limited to one hour. But we have never been chased out by them before so probably this will only be in effect during super crowded hours, such as the last day’s breakfast hour. ( ´ ω ` )

Snacks & Supper Options

I didn’t go for either as we were too full from our lunch to have snacks. We checked out supper on the first night and it was way too crowded. So we skipped that and moved on. Haha! I am guessing it should probably be the usual fries, nuggets and what-nots. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Lobby Cafe and Blue Lagoon – Light Snacks & Supper

Previously on Dream Cruises, we tried the Singapore Laksa from the Lobby Cafe and it was really delicious. This time, we went for something light from their All-Time Favourites menu, kaya toast. To be honest, it was not too bad but nothing beats the ones at Yakun. So don’t put your hopes too high! (´ ∀ ` *)

The Kaya Toast from the All-Time Favourites at the Lobby Cafe on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Besides the Lobby Cafe, we also managed to have supper at the Blue Lagoon. Our in-room dining on Dream Cruises was actually from Blue Lagoon and the food portion was big and tasted quite good as well. So this time, we decided to try eating at the restaurant. We were still not hungry yet but I pulled my parents along to eat after leaving the Zouk Night Club. \(★ω★)/

We ordered pork congee, Singapore Hokkien mee as well as fried keow teow. And everything was ON POINT. O.M.G. We have been missing out on some delicious food! Blue Lagoon’s food portion was HUGE and the food was super delicious. I especially love the fried keow teow for the wok hei. I swear if there weren’t four of us, we probably couldn’t finish the food. (*/ω\)

The menu and interior of the Blue Lagoon on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Full Menu of Lobby Cafe and Blue Lagoon

For all you lovely people’s sake, I have taken photos of the menu at Lobby Cafe as well as Blue Lagoon for your reference. Click on each thumbnail to expand the image. (≧◡≦)

Silk Road – Dining Highlight of Our Resorts World Cruises Trip

Dining at the Silk Road was the highlight of our trip. Since my parents are used to having Chinese cuisine, we decided to have dinner on our last night at Silk Road. And I have to say, it was definitely a very worthy meal. (´ ω `♡)

The decorations of Silk Road on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Superb Service at the Silk Road

Since we dined at Umi Uma and Hot Pot on Dream Cruises previously, we thought that the food at Silk Road would be kind of overpriced. But we were wrong. The food at Silk Road was quite affordable for the quality and quantity of food served. The service we received was also top-notch and our staff attending to our table was also really attentive and friendly. As mentioned earlier, we cannot use the F&B credits on promotional items. After noting the sticker on hubs’ key card, she reminded us of this and suggested alternatives for our order. Too bad I didn’t get her name as her service was so amazing. She even offered to take a group photo for us when I was taking a photo of my parents. (´• ω •`) ♡

A photo of hubby and I with my parents and the interior of Silk Road on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

All About the Dishes

Anyway, we ordered the Two Courses Peking Duck (Half), two bowls of Hot and Sour Seafood Soup, Fried French Beans and Claypot Braised Pork Belly. Everything tasted sooooooooooooooooooooo good except for the duck meat, which was a bit tough as we chose to stir fry it as the second course from the Peking Duck. The highlight of the meal was definitely the Peking Duck skin and wrap. I don’t remember how much it cost to have this item but it only cost us 38 SGD! Oh boy, I could have more. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

The Peking Duck dish that we had at Silk Road on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Another of our favourites was the claypot braised pork belly. The quantity was a lot and it has a slight hint of spiciness to it. The overall umami was ON POINT. As I said, everything that we ordered was on point and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The cost of soup on the menu is per bowl so order based on the number of bowls you need. We ordered two bowls of soup for sharing since we had a lot of food. So everything adds up to quite a nice quantity for us. Overall, we paid 108 SGD for everything, excluding the 18% service charge. (´• ω •`)ノ

Other dishes we had at Silk Road on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Other Things Worth Mentioning

The rice, tea, as well as peanuts (appetisers), were free. We only had two bowls of rice since we did not want to overeat. Haha! But it was nice to know that these items come free with our meal so we did not have to incur additional costs. Unless you want to have the special tea from their menu, drink to your heart’s content! (*♡∀♡)

There was also a huge screen and stage in front of us and they were showing some China programs before they started to show videos from Li Ziqi. That was nice and a good way for us to enjoy our meal while watching her cook. My parents definitely enjoyed it a lot. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The big screen at Silk Road on Resorts World Cruises, one of the dining location on board

Full Menu of Silk Road

I captured the full menu of Silk Road but please pardon my phone’s shadow. The lighting in there wasn’t the best. Click on each thumbnail to expand the image. ♡( ◡‿◡ )

Menus from Other Speciality Restaurants

Besides the menu from Silk Road, I also managed to capture the menu from Umi Uma, Bistro and Red Lion for your reference. Click on each thumbnail to expand the image.(*^^*)♡

I have compared the price of Umi Uma from this trip to the one we had at Dream Cruises. The price is the same except for the 18% service charge. So you could probably still refer to my old blog post for restaurants I did not feature here. I did not see the prices for The Lido’s Hot Pot & Grill and Gelateria was always NOT OPENED. I also forgot to take a photo of the menu at the Crystal Life Cuisine so you are on your own for these places! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Photo of hubby and I on Resorts World Cruises

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