Being resort-lovers, visiting the Maldives has always been on our bucket list. So when we finally saved up enough to visit Gili Lankanfushi, one of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives, we were super excited! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

We visited Gili Lankanfushi in 2017 so this blog post is actually rather outdated. Since this was a rather costly trip, hubs and I did a TON of research to ensure that we got the best deal out of everything. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) So in this blog post, I would be sharing the following:

  • Why we chose Gili Lankanfushi
  • How we maximize our stay at Gili Lankanfushi (or your preferred Maldives resort), as well as
  • Finding out which is the best villa location to stay at on Gili Lankanfushi

The content page is right below so just click away to the part that you want to read. If you’re in for our whole process, let’s go~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Why Gili Lankanfushi?

There are so many beautiful resorts in the Maldives and honestly, I think it’s tough to choose. The easiest choice for a lot of people would be to choose a brand name that they are familiar with. I mean, what can go wrong with choosing Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons right? There’s nothing wrong and I am sure they are all fantastic as well. But that probably means you would end up in a resort with probably a lot of guests. It doesn’t hurt to try a brand that you don’t know. Just do your research and you might be surprised by what you find. (^ω~)

Another factor, and the most important one, that affects people’s choices is budget. A stay in the Maldives does not come cheap but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good stay. You just have to do enough research to find the best resort to stay in. A lot of the great resorts that caught our attention are a distance away from the international airport. This means we would need to take a seaplane. And the seaplane costs more than our flight from Singapore to the Maldives so… The best thing to do is to try to find a resort that is only a speedboat ride away.

So why did we choose Gili Lankanfushi? Well, the resort is only a 20-minute speedboat ride away from the airport. It also does not have a confusing number of villa types and has only 45 overwater villas on the island, making the resort more exclusive. And best of all? Gili Lankanfushi was the number 1 resort in the Maldives! I mean with all these things combined together, why shouldn’t we choose Gili Lankanfushi? ٩(♡ε♡)۶

How We Maximize Our Stay with Gili Lankanfushi

The flight time from Singapore to Malé takes about 4.5 hours so choosing the right flight timing matters. We chose to spend the first night at Ocean Grand Hotel in Hulhumale and took a night flight to Malé. Our plan was to check out in the morning and take an early ride to Gili Lankanfushi to maximize our time at the resort.

There is a reason why people chose to stay at resorts like Gili Lankanfushi, even when they might be more costly. The resort’s exceptional service started even before we reached there! When we were checking in, the hotel staff informed us that we would check out at 8 am. Apparently, Gili Lankanfushi had contacted the hotel and had already make arrangements with them for our transport the next morning. To be honest, we were surprised at the level of intricacy of Gili Lankanfushi. Even more surprised that we would be moving out so early~! Yay for more resort time~! (*´▽`*)

Anyway, our room at the Ocean Grand Hotel has a balcony. We thought we could have a glimpse of the beautiful water before going to Gili Lankanfushi. Thinking back, I think we could do without one. Just save the money and go for a cheaper room to rest for the night before the great adventure. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Finding Out the Best Villa Location to Stay At on Gili Lankanfushi

You must be wondering, there are only 45 overwater villas so what’s there to find out about? Can’t you just go with the category that you want and that’s it? Well, there are three jetties on Gili Lankanfushi and each of them has Villa Suites on them. So finding the villa in the best location was the number one thing for us to do. I mean you could care less. But we were paying nearly SGD 6,000 per pax, so the least we could do was to ensure that we get a villa with a good view. (´• ω •`)

Below is the current map of the island from Gili Lankanfushi’s website. I have circled our villa in red. Notice that our villa is now marked as a Villa Suite with Pool? Back in 2017, that villa was only a Villa Suite. Since a fire incident at Gili Lankanfushi in 2019, the resort has renovated parts of the island. It has also upgraded some of the villas to include a pool. So sadly, if we are ever going back to the resort, it seems like we got to pick the one next to it, if possible! (ノД`)

Image Credit: Gili Lankanfushi website

Anyway, as you can see from the map, there are three jetties and each of them has its pros and cons. I have included a satellite view of Gili Lankanfushi below as this would come in handy later! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

Jetty 1 – The Beautiful Triangular Jetty

We were staying at this jetty and we LOVED it. The water at this jetty is quite shallow with a lot of coral reefs, making it a perfect place for some shallow water snorkelling. We had quite some coral reefs near our villa and when there are coral reefs, there are fishes. And we had A LOT of them. It was a joy bringing some white bread from breakfast and feeding them. \(★ω★)/ Anyway, since this jetty has such shallow water, this jetty would also be best if you are bringing kids along for the stay~!

Once we confirmed our stay, we dropped Gili Lankanfushi an email with a few of our preferred villas at Jetty 1 for our stay. And lucky us, we were given this fantastic villa almost right at the end of the jetty~! This means that there would be less human traffic and buggy rides and that means less noise and more peace. (❤ω❤)

View from our Villa Suite’s entrance of the triangular jetty

From our villa, we were also able to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunrises in our lives. For the most unblocked view, the villa right at the end would be perfect BUT ours was already perfect. (´ ε ` )♡

Anyway, note that the Villa Suites on the other side of the jetty have a direct view of the Crusoe Residences. Also, you most probably wouldn’t be able to catch the fantastic sunrise view!

View of the Villa Suites on the other side of the jetty and their view of the Crusoe Residences (on the left)

Jetty 1 is also the furthest away from Paradise Island Resort, which according to our Mr Friday, is quite a partying resort. And I was sure there was quite some light coming from the island at night ‘cos we could spot it from our villa. (*/_\)

Jetty 2 – Hello Paradise Island (?)

Well, from the satellite view of Gili Lankanfushi, it’s rather obvious that this jetty would be the one that is nearest to Paradise Island Resort. When I mean near, it’s REALLY NEAR. Below is a photo taken on the beach at the start of Jetty 2 and those little villas are on Paradise Island Resort. It really looks like you could just snorkel over and say hi. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

If you realised, most of the villas on both Jetty 1 and 2 are usually found on both sides of the jetty. Probably due to how close Jetty 2 is to Paradise Island Resort, villas are only built on one side of the jetty. Since hubs and I didn’t venture out at night, we don’t know about the noise pollution. But if we can see the light pollution coming from our villa, it should be quite significant from Jetty 2.

Jetty 3 – Most Convenient Jetty to Most of the Facilities

As seen from the map of Gili Lankanfushi, Jetty 3 is the closest to the main restaurant and overwater bar, making it the most convenient jetty to stay at if you prefer just a short walking distance to such facilities.

Since this side of the island is also where the arrival jetty is, it should be expected that there would be more boat traffic in this area. Due to this reason, the water at Jetty 3 is quite deep. This is also the jetty where we spotted a lot of big fishes nearby. We spotted a manta ray swim by our villa at night but the chances of seeing them would definitely be higher at Jetty 3. (o・ω・o)

Needless to say, Jetty 3 is also located at quite a close distance to Paradise Island Resort. It’s further as compared to Jetty 2 but still near enough to see its presence. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) The panorama photo below was taken on Jetty 3 and spot our dear Paradise Island Resort on the right. (^ω~)

Final Thoughts

I hope the above information gives you a good idea of which is the best location to stay at if you are staying with Gili Lankanfushi. Since we did not have a tour of all the villa types, I would not be able to share that with you. But what I can share is that the Villa Suite, being the most basic villa type, is already bigger than any of the basic villas you find in other resorts.

I would be sharing more about the Villa Suite in my next blog post so do keep a lookout for it! (>ω^)

Information about Gili Lankanfushi


☎️ Phone Number: +960 664 0304
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