Hotel Tranz: Affordable with Direct Rail Link to Bangkok Airport

Written by Katherine

July 5, 2023
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Are you planning to visit the Land of Smiles and searching for a hotel that offers both affordability and convenience? Let me tell you about Hotel Tranz, located in Phaya Thai, Bangkok. I had the pleasure of staying at this hotel not just once but twice in 2019, and I cannot help loving it. And guess what? Hubs and I returned to this lovely hotel during our recent visit to Bangkok! Keep reading as I share with you why I keep returning to this hotel and why you should stay with them too! ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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Why We Chose Hotel Tranz when Visiting Bangkok?

Many people I know visit Bangkok for food and shopping, myself included! So for our previous trips to Bangkok, we chose to stay at hotels that are located near our favourite shopping mall, the Platinum Fashion Mall. If we were just shopping and roaming around the Platinum Fashion Mall and Pratunam, our hotels were ideal. But if we had to explore outside this area, the location isn’t as good for us.

Firstly, the hotels we were staying at, Novotel Platinum Pratunam and GLOW Pratunam, were located quite a distance away from the nearest BTS station. Often, we had to walk a long distance to and fro the train station when we chose to explore outside of the Pratunam area. Since we were trying to avoid the heavy traffic in Bangkok, taking the train was the way to go. So having to transfer from the Airport Rail Link to the BTS line before lugging our luggage from the station to our hotel was a headache. Also, back when they did not have the R-Walk, we had to roll our luggage on uneven pavement. With no escalator on their bridges, we even had to carry our luggage up the bridge just to cross over to the side where GLOW Pratunam was located. The manual labour was a b*tch. (ノД`)

No Transfers Between Train Stations Needed

When the R-Walk was built, we saw how convenient it is to get from one BTS station to another. But by then, we have already found ourselves our preferred hotel, Hotel Tranz. Not only are the rooms at Hotel Tranz affordable, but it is also just beside the Phaya Thai station, which is the first/last stop of the Bangkok Airport Rail Link. No more having to make all those transfers and lugging luggage across a long distance! Once we took a lift down from the train station, the hotel is just a few steps away across the road! (★ω★)/

Exterior of Hotel Tranz Bangkok as seen from the Phaya Thai Airport Rail Link station platform

As mentioned, the rooms at the hotel are affordable as well. A quick check on their website shows a one-night stay in November is about 100 SGD. Hotels located in the central area are usually around 150 – 200 SGD onwards so Hotel Tranz’s room rates are definitely on the affordable side. For more savings, you can also choose to have the room rate only. I have tried the breakfast at Hotel Tranz before and it was nothing fantastic. With so many food choices around the area, I would say save up the money for better food out there! With all the savings, you can also spend more on shopping as well~! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Our Superior Room at Hotel Tranz Bangkok

Once we reached the hotel, the staff at the entrance helped us to bring our luggage to the hotel lobby while we did our check-in. Checking into Hotel Tranz is usually fuss-free. Since we came right after the check-in time, we could head straight up to our room after our check-in is done! (✧∀✧)/

Lobby of Hotel Tranz Bangkok that shows the reception and the seating area

Reasonably-Sized Room with Comfortable Bed

Well, it was not our first time visiting the hotel but it was my first time staying here with my camera! So a lot of photo-taking happened in the room after we checked in. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) As usual, the room was of reasonable size with a relatively huge bed that is made up of two Double beds. So it kind of felt like a King-size bed to us. ( ´ ω ` )

Superior Room at Hotel Tranz Bangkok as well as the open-concept wardrobe

Anyway, we could easily open up two big pieces of luggage on the floor and still have a lot of walking space so the room is definitely of a good size. I stayed at Hotel Tranz with my girlfriends once and we opted for connecting rooms so we could go to each other’s room to hang out. So I would say the hotel is also good for bigger groups to stay in with the concept of connecting rooms.

Reasonably-Sized Bathroom with Limited Space for Toiletries

Basic amenities are provided in the bathroom such as toothbrush and toothpaste, shower cap and cotton buds. They even have a rain shower in the shower area! If I never remember wrongly, the rain shower worked but the shower room door was a bit cranky in that it doesn’t close fully. So water would be leaking out from the sides with the water backsplash. (*/ω\)

Bathroom of the Superior Room at the Hotel Tranz Bangkok

There is a ledge below the mirror for your toiletries though I would usually prefer a bigger space to put my stuff. I remember my girlfriend use the whole ledge to put her stuff since she did not have a toiletries bag. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) So if you are staying here, I would recommend having a toiletries bag instead so you can hang your bag on the shower glass divider instead of using the limited space on the ledge.

A Good Working Space with Great Options for TV

If you need to get some work done while staying at Hotel Tranz, be assured to know that the room has a table with ample space for you to do your work. A lot of hotel rooms are usually limited in space hence they don’t give a big table. But I like the size of the table here at the hotel. But do take note that there are no USB ports at the table or bedside so remember to bring your power plug for charging your phone! (≧◡≦)

Complimentary bottled water provided at Hotel Tranz Bangkok as well as the working space and TV in our Superior Room

If you are in need of some entertainment on TV, you would be glad to know that the TV at the hotel has a lot of channels. Besides local TV channels, there are also quite a number of cable TV channels such as HBO and such for you to enjoy throughout the day. Anyway, our recent stay in Bangkok was during the World Cup season and we were so happy to be able to watch the matches on TV in the comfort of our room! (*♡∀♡) That being said, the reception for some of the cable TV channels can be a bit iffy. So you got to choose the right channel to watch! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

No Hotel Facilities but A Lot of Facilities & Food Nearby

Hotel Tranz does not have a gym or pool in the hotel. There used to be a gym, MOOV Bangkok, just beside the hotel lobby but it has since moved out. The last that we saw of the space, there was renovation going on so who knows what it might be? Anyway, since our hotel stay is mainly for us to recharge ourselves after a full day out, we didn’t think that facilities such as a gym or pool is important to us. But if you really need to visit a gym, MOOV Bangkok’s new location is just a 1-minute walk from Hotel Tranz. ( ´ ω ` )

Just Relax, Our Nearest Source for a Good Massage

Even though the hotel does not have any in-house facilities, we were happy to have a good massage place, Just Relax, just next to Hotel Tranz. Every of our spa sessions with Just Relax has been AMAZING. For our recent visit, we decided to try their foot massage and it was OH-SO-HEAVENLY.

Just Relax, the massage place that is just next to Hotel Tranz Bangkok as well as the complimentary cookies and drink given after our massage

I tried foot massage with my girlfriends at another massage place before and I didn’t like it. It was average at best. But here at Just Relax, it was amazingly wonderful. The chair we sat in was similar to a massage chair but without the massage function. It was nice and cushy, wrapping our tired bodies into it while our masseurs worked on our legs. The massages here at Just Relax have always been on point and we always felt good after every session. So whenever we stay at Hotel Tranz, we would always make sure that we have at least one massage session with Just Relax. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Quick Tip Even though Just Relax does not belong to Hotel Tranz, if you are staying with the hotel, you can actually book your spa appointment through the hotel at a discounted rate! So make sure you do that when staying at Hotel Tranz! (´• ω •`)

A Lot of Food Options Nearby

As I have mentioned, we usually opt to have the no-breakfast option when staying at Hotel Tranz and that is because there are a lot of food options around the area. We usually had our breakfast at the Factory Coffee which is just beside the hotel. This cafe is known for its amazing coffee and is always crowded so you MUST try it out. Being a bit more adventurous this time, we also were able to find a few other breakfast options within walking distance of the hotel as well. More about these food spots in a separate post! ( ´ ω ` )

Breakfast that we had near to Hotel Tranz Bangkok, Tor-Tom-Ton and Factory Coffee

Besides that, there are also a lot of restaurants beside the train tracks opposite the hotel. These places always look busy at night or on weekends every time we passed by them. Hubs and I have yet to check them out so I can’t quite comment on them. But looking at how busy they would get at night, I think they should be quite good for some drinks and hanging out at night. Besides these restaurants, there are usually a lot of drinks and food stalls along the connection between the Airport Rail Link and the BTS station.

Convenience Stall Just Opposite the Road

If you are in need of food or anything late at night, you would be glad to know that there is a 7-11 just on the other side of the Phaya Thai station. We usually access the lift outside Just Relax to get to the train station and walked across the station and down the stairs to reach the 7-11. The convenience stall is quite big so there are a lot of options for snacks, drinks and even a counter for cooked food (open at limited hours).

Having a 7-11 so near to Hotel Tranz really brings about a lot of convenience, especially when we need to buy some basic amenities or simple food just to fill our stomachs when we were too lazy. But one thing that they don’t sell was the travel adapter. We did not bring ours for our last trip and did not find it at the 7-11. We eventually found it at the weirdest place though. A vending machine outside the gantry of the Phaya Thai station! It was a lucky find and if that machine is still there, you could check it out for some basic electronic needs. (*/ω\) Anyway, if you did not bring your travel adapter, you could also just borrow it from the hotel reception. ( ´ ω ` )

Things Worth Mentioning about Hotel Tranz Bangkok

Slightly Thin Walls Between Rooms

We generally have no issues during our stay with Hotel Tranz though there were some instances when it was rather obvious that the walls were kind of thin between rooms. I have a habit of turning on some music while I shower and it is generally at a rather low volume so that only I could hear it. So during my stay at the hotel with my girlfriends, and while I was showering, I could hear someone commenting on the music. And after a while, the guy started singing. It honestly felt really weird to be heard through the bathroom walls. (◎ ◎)ゞ

A view of our bed from the bathroom and the corridor outside our room at the Hotel Tranz Bangkok

And during our recent stay, we could hear our next-door neighbours talking and laughing through the walls. If it was during our waking hours, we are usually fine with it. But it was 2 AM or so in the wee hours! I don’t know if they were watching the World Cup and were too engrossed and forgot their noise level but it woke us up. So hubs had to call the hotel reception to have someone inform our neighbours to lower their volume. Luckily all went well, and we could fall back to sleep. But oh man, I didn’t know the walls were so thin until this recent trip. So if you are a light sleeper, probably good to have earplugs when you are staying here. It usually doesn’t happen but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Memorable Staff at the Hotel

A special mention to a male hotel staff that we always saw for all our trips to Hotel Tranz. He is almost always the first person we saw whenever we got to the hotel entrance. He would always offer to carry our luggage into and out of the hotel or even hold the door for us when we leave the hotel. Hubs went to Thailand with some wonky luggage wheels this time. The staff saw hubs’ wonky luggage and decided to take out a plier to help remove the rubbery layer from the wheels so that hubs’ luggage can move smoothly. All these were done while we were doing our check-in and we didn’t even notice until we finished checking in!

After we checked out, the staff even helped us to bring our luggage across the road so that we could use the lift to go up to the Airport Rail Link station. Hubs and I were always okay to carry our own luggage but this staff is always so nice to help us with them. He is the most memorable staff we met at Hotel Tranz and I apologised for not getting his name. But hubs and I would like to express our thanks and commend his amazing service through this post. (´• ω •`) ♡

Overall Experience at Hotel Tranz Bangkok

I totally enjoyed my stay at Hotel Tranz every time I was there. But as the hotel is starting to show its age such as the shower door that does not close, I also hope that the hotel would continue to keep up its maintenance so that we could keep going back. But for now, for its affordability, comfort and convenience, hubs and I would definitely go back to the hotel and make it our base every time we visit Bangkok. ( ´ ω ` )

Us at the lift lobby and our soft toys on the bed with the key card to our room at Hotel Tranz Bangkok

Information About Hotel Tranz Bangkok


☎️ Phone Number: +66 2 245 6779
📧 Email:,

You can find out more about Hotel Tranz here:
🔎 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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