Indulge Your Sourdough Cravings at Anna’s at Punggol Oasis

Written by Katherine

July 19, 2023
Last Updated on August 16, 2023

Hubs and I finally checked out Anna’s at Punggol Oasis for its sourdough offerings since its opening in October 2022! As a sourdough lover, I have been thinking to check out this cafe. But the price of the menu items has been putting me off. Fate has it that we were not able to work from home that one day so we decided to visit Anna’s to chill and also get some work done there. If you are a sourdough lover or just curious to know about this cafe, stick around to find out about my experience! (o´ω`o)ノ

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About Anna’s at Punggol Oasis

Since its opening, I have been curious to know why are there Soup Spoon’s soup packets being displayed in the cafe. It turns out the founder of Soup Spoon, Ms Anna Lim, is the owner of the cafe! ( ´ ω ` )

Anna’s philosophy is being Better for Me. The cafe aims to offer the benefits of prebiotics in its meals through its baked goods and cooked food for its mindful and health-conscious diners. To make sure that these benefits reach a wider crowd, Anna’s is also MUIS halal-certified! This is great news for our Malay friends in the area since there are not a lot of such choices in Punggol.

Exterior of Anna's at Punggol Oasis

Our flat had a planned electrical power disruption in the late afternoon. Since there would be totally no power at home, we decided to check out places nearby where we could chill for a few hours. Then hubs suggested that we visit Anna’s since it is just near our house. Cafes are usually perfect for getting some work done and we figured we could have some light snacks while working, so why not? (´• ω •`)

Ample Seating in the Cafe

There is indoor and outdoor seating available at Anna’s. From my observation, the outdoor seating seems to be good for bigger groups of people. The tables indoors are in smaller configuration though of ‘cos the staff could also re-arrange them for bigger groups. Some of the tables come with stools while some had chairs. If you are there for work, definitely choose the ones with chairs for a more comfortable work setting. I spotted wall plugs by the side as well so you should be good to work there for quite a while with a power plug! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ Anna’s has an open-kitchen concept so if you want to see them preparing your food, choose to sit indoors! There is even a glass window where you can see the trays of sourdough fermenting. (★ω★)

Indoor seating and the open-concept kitchen at Anna's at Punggol Oasis

We dropped by around 3 PM and there were surprisingly quite a number of diners in the cafe. We chose to sit indoors since Singapore’s heat can be quite brutal when seated outdoors. The cafe has really good air-conditioner so there is no need to worry about feeling hot in there. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

What We Ordered at Anna’s at Punggol

We visited the cafe after lunch so our original idea was to only have a cake or something with coffee while there. But we eventually ordered an item each and shared a cup of flat white. You can bet that I need to have the prebiotics in my body to aid me in my digestion after visiting the cafe! Haha! (*/ω\)

Yet Another Average Cuppa Flat White

Anyway, the flat white was okay. It was definitely better than the one we had at Rise & Grind, another cafe located in Oasis Terraces. But in general, I think the coffee pales in comparison to those really good cafes, such as Rise at Potong Pasir. The milk foam was not as thick and the coffee was kind of mild.

Our flat white and a table near the entrance/exit to the outdoor seating at Anna's at Punggol Oasis

When the flat white was served, a small amount of coffee spilt out of the cup. We experienced the same thing at Rise & Grind but at least Anna’s has a latte art on the coffee! There was only a blob on our coffee at Rise & Grind. (/ω\) Anyway, of the many times, we had coffee at cafes, Anna’s and Rise & Grind are probably the only ones where coffee was spilt. Maybe coffee is not the main selling point here hence the barista got too ambitious with the amount of milk for the latte art. Heh. (´• ω •`)

Enjoying Everything Sourdough at Anna’s!

Hubs ordered the Sourdough Brioche with Mushroom Medley while I had the Oasis Classic. The mushroom on the brioche was really good even though the brioche looked more like a puff pastry instead. I don’t really eat brioche so I might be wrong in how it looks like. But anyway, the brioche just tasted like any normal flaky puff. The mushroom was definitely a winner.

The Oasis Classic is a plate of sourdough toast that comes with a preferred choice of cultured butter and housemade berry compote. I ordered this thinking that it would be a small quantity but oh wow, it was A LOT. There were four big slices of sourdough toast and we could hardly finish it. (*/ω\)

Our Sourdough Brioche with Mushroom Medley, the Oasis Classic and my hubs trying to feed me a piece of the sourdough toast at Anna's at Punggol Oasis

Anyway, I had a hard time deciding which cultured butter to have. I was deciding between sundried tomato butter and OG cultured butter. Since it was my first time dining here, I eventually decided to go with the OG cultured butter for an original taste. The butter tasted saltier but has a creamier texture than the SCS butter that we have at home. The butter reminded me of the time hubs and I had the first taste of an expensive butter while in Taiwan. That is how I felt when I tasted the OG cultured butter. ( ´ ω ` ) The homemade berry compote is slightly sour/sweet and pairs really well with the toast as well, in case you got tired of pairing it with the butter. I actually even enjoyed the sourdough toast by itself! It was really good that I can eat it plain. ♡(。- ω -)

The OG cultured butter and homemade berry compote that came with the Oasis Classic at Anna's at Punggol Oasis

Overall Experience at Anna’s at Punggol

As a sourdough lover, I would love to come back to Anna’s to try some of their main dishes. But as I mentioned, the food here is actually quite expensive. So even after trying their food, I am still a bit pensive about coming back for more even though their sourdough bread was SO GOOD. It might just be the kind of place where we would come back once in a long while. I would recommend this place for gatherings with friends and family or those occasional nights out with your partner. (´• ω •`)

Me holding a card and the retail area of Anna's at Punggol Oasis

Information about Anna’s


⏰ Opening Hours: 8.30 AM – 9.30 PM (Sun – Thurs), 8.30 AM – 10 PM (Fri – Sat)
☎️ Phone Number: +65 6966 7503 | Reservation
📒 Menu: Link HERE

You can find out more about Anna’s here:
🔎 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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