KL Most Popular Food Spots: Jalan Alor and Mitasu – Worth the Visit?

When in Kuala Lumpur (KL), you cannot miss out on going to Jalan Alor. Jalan Alor is one of the highly recommended places to visit if you are out on a food hunt in KL. Since we were in KL during my birthday week, we thought it would be perfect to visit Mitasu, a popular Japanese buffet restaurant. Why a Japanese restaurant you might ask. Well, more on this in a bit while we move on to find out if these popular food spots are worth the visit in KL. Let’s go~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


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Why Jalan Alor and Mitasu?

I have been to Jalan Alor many years ago when I came to KL for a work trip. I remembered it was a place full of activities and restaurants lining the street. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants, more specifically known as tse char stalls. I thought this would be good for my parents since they enjoy Chinese food more than other cuisines. Jalan Alor is also the reason why I chose to stay at the Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is only a 12-minute walk from Jalan Alor! ( ´ ω ` )

Mitasu is a popular Japanese buffet restaurant in KL. Japanese food is my favourite cuisine and I always make a point to have it on my birthday. Since we were in KL during my birthday week, hubs suggested having Japanese food to celebrate my birthday. And that was how we came about Mitasu for its Japanese buffet restaurant. (´ ∀ ` *)

1st Night of Food Hunt in KL: Jalan Alor

We decided to check out Jalan Alor on our first night in KL. Since it was a weekend, Bukit Bintang was crowded with a lot of people, who I assumed were mostly locals. There were also, interestingly, a lot of balloon sellers. As we were crossing the road, there was a big crowd gathering near the junction outside McDonald’s. We later realised that a band was playing at that spot, which I assumed was a popular one known to locals.

If you search online for the best restaurant to eat at Jalan Alor, a lot of them would recommend Wong Ah Wah. We were also tempted to go there since it is so highly recommended. But the restaurant’s Google reviews said otherwise. Quite some reviews mentioned the staff’s bad attitude. To be fair, I actually visited Wong Ah Wah during my work trip and I don’t remember attitude being a problem. But not that I remember much since a work trip was just less enjoyable. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Anyway, we did not want to face such situations and we decided to look for an alternative. And that was when we came by Restoran Sai Woo.

Great Service and Good Food at Restoran Sai Woo

We had a lovely staff serving our table. He was really helpful with our orders. Besides suggesting to us what is good at the restaurant, he also told us that the food we ordered was good for the four of us. I love it when staff does not oversell and sometimes, that makes me want to support them even more. (*^^*)♡

Anyway, when in Jalan Alor, the number one item that you should order is the grilled chicken wings. Hubs and I are no foodies but we love the ones at Sai Woo. The chicken wings were nice and juicy and tasted even better when served fresh off the grill. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Besides the grilled chicken wings, we also order sambal stingray, chicken and mutton satay, stir-fried ginger and scallion fish as well as kai lan cooked two ways. Since my parents cannot eat too much spicy food, hubs and I were mainly the ones eating the sambal stingray and we didn’t mind that at all! The stingray had so much meat that we could just have that and the chicken wing to get full. My parents love ginger and scallion fish. The most interesting dish was definitely the kai lan cooked two ways. The kai lan leaves were fried while the stem was stir-fried. I don’t like vegetables and this was a good way to get vegetables in me. Haha! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

I highly recommend Restoran Woo Sai for its good food and great service. Our meal cost us 186.55 MYR (56.40 SGD) and this includes two bowls of rice and four drinks as well. I think for the number of dishes that we ordered, it was definitely a good price for four pax. ( ´ ω ` )

Some Other Stalls Worth Trying

There were a lot of activities and people in Jalan Alor. While we were dining at Sai Woo, someone was doing a live performance behind us on the street. Besides these Chinese tse char restaurants, we also spotted a lot of Thai restaurants. But in comparison, they seemed to be quieter even though there were a lot of people walking along the street.

Along the way, we bought a Portuguese egg tart as well as coconut ice cream. I saw a lot of people queuing at the egg tart stall but in my honest opinion, I think I have tasted better ones. Not sure what everyone else was buying but unless you are craving so hard for Portuguese egg tart, you could give this stall a miss. (*/ω\)

I do highly recommend the coconut ice cream though! The stall owners were very nice and friendly. We ordered the Classic Signature and there were too many toppings to choose from! The owner suggested a combination of toppings to us and we accepted it. There were cornflakes, peanuts and coconut flakes as toppings. For 12.90 MYR (3.90 SGD), the portion was relatively big. The coconut ice cream was smooth and not too sweet, just the way I like it. When eaten together with the toppings, everything worked so well together. If you ever visit Jalan Alor, do visit this stall called Sangkaya! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Japanese Food in KL: Mitasu

While searching for a Japanese restaurant near Bukit Bintang, I came across Mitasu. The reviews for this restaurant on Google are mostly positive, with many people praising its affordable prices and good food quality. Although some reviewers have noted that its standards may have declined. Despite this, hubs and I thought that Mitasu’s wide selection of food in its a la carte buffet would be a good option for my parents to try. So we decided to make a reservation at Mitasu on my birthday. (^0^)ノ

Hits & Misses with Mitasu’s Ala-Carte Buffet Menu

When we got seated, the staff asked to check my parents’ ID and we were wondering why. Apparently, the restaurant has a discount for the elderly so I assume anyone above a certain age would be able to receive this discount. Our bill was 336.40 MYR (102 SGD) and it seems like there is a 20% discount off the regular adult price for senior citizens. ( ´ ω ` )

Honestly, I don’t have very high expectations of this restaurant but some of the food quality actually surprised me. Since we didn’t know what was good, we tried to order in small quantities. I especially love the salmon sashimi, which seemed to be a popular choice among a lot of the diners. My dad’s favourite was the salmon head, which is limited to two orders per table. I didn’t get to eat it since he loved it so much. But this seemed to be a must-order if you are there since I saw my dad enjoyed it so much. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The food at Mitasu is generally acceptable. But as expected from an affordable Japanese ala-carte buffet, they are definitely going to be missed. The ONE thing that you SHOULD NOT order is the Zaru Soba. I don’t know what sauce they use for the soba but it was the WORST that I have ever tasted. It was kind of sweet instead of savoury. (×_×)⌒☆

Why I CANNOT Recommend This Place

Honestly, I enjoyed dining at Mitasu. I was so close to recommending this place to everyone who comes to KL. Even though most of the cooked food was just average, we totally enjoyed having the sashimi and sushi. We were feeling satisfied with our meal and happily waiting for our ice cream to arrive when the most SHOCKING thing happened.

I was not even sure how it happened. We were happily chit-chatting when suddenly, my dad mentioned that there was a cockroach. Mind you, it was not even a small one. It was HUGE and it was right in front of hubs! (″ロ゛) Hubs didn’t even know what happened and the cockroach was already gone as my dad swiped it off our table. We didn’t even know where it landed and it was the most torturous period while we waited for the ice cream, which took forever to come. At that point in time, I just want to get out of the restaurant, ASAP. \(〇_o)/

It also seems like no one noticed the commotion at our table. Everyone was happily dining away and I wanted so much to shout “COCKROACH!”. It was terrible. I can’t even accept it even if I saw ants on my table but a cockroach is a MEGA NO-NO. So as much as I wanted to recommend this restaurant for its affordable Japanese ala-carte buffet, I can’t. It was disgusting and still disgusting to think about it as I write this blog. (((><)))

If you have read through everything to reach here, you would know that I would NOT recommend going to Mitasu. If you are able to look past the serious hygiene issue, I would say in general their food is acceptable for the price that they are charging. But for me, Mitasu is a NO-NO from now on. I rather eat more expensive Japanese food in other parts of KL than feel like there are creepy crawlies around me. (″ロ゛)

As for Jalan Alor, I do recommend dropping by to get a feel of the vibrant atmosphere as well as trying out the food from the tse char restaurant. We have a lot of tse char restaurants in Singapore hence the food at Jalan Alor is nothing to shout about. But as tourists, Jalan Alor is a nice food spot to visit and the food at Restoran Sai Woo was also good~! I wish we could try more of the food stalls lining the street but probably that would come in the future when we go back to KL for another visit. (´• ω •`) ♡

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