It was an impromptu decision to visit Vietnam. And since it was our first trip there, we decided to start our journey in Hoi An, the charming city of Vietnam! Why Hoi An, you might ask? Based on July’s weather chart, it was the rainy season in the north and south parts of the country. Hence, we were left with Central Vietnam, where Hoi An is located! So we decided to have our base in Hoi An at the Lion King Hotel, within walking distance of the Ancient Town. Are you curious to know why we chose this hotel in Hoi An? Continue reading as I reveal more! (@´ー`)ノ゙

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Why We Make Lion King Hotel Our Base in Hoi An?

If you open Google Maps, you will see many hotels and homestays in Hoi An. Choosing one to stay with for our six days in Hoi An was tough. We wanted to stay close to the Ancient Town and explore the area on foot. If you didn’t know, you can rent bicycles in Hoi An and cycle around to explore! But I sucked at cycling, for now, so walking was the way to go. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

After reading reviews of some of our shortlisted hotels near and around Hoi An Ancient Town, we decided to book with Lion Kin Hotel. Not only is the price competitive, but the place also looks beautiful~! I first spotted the beautiful Deluxe Room with Bathtub listed on Airbnb. It was so gorgeous, and I wanted that room for our stay! Hubs mentioned that we would hardly be in the room and probably wouldn’t use the bathtub much, so he suggested we get a regular room instead. I relented but was a tad bit disappointed. However, this turned out to be the right decision, as I will share more later!

In addition to its price and appearance, the Lion King Hotel is also located just a short 8-minute walk from Hoi An Ancient Town. Many places we wanted to visit in Hoi An were within walking distance of our hotel. We would have explored more if not for the crazy hot weather we were experiencing. ٩(× ×)۶ But I will leave this story for another day. Haha! Anyway, we got ourselves a Double Room with a Pool View and were ready to start our adventure in Hoi An~! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

Da Nang Airport and Our Airport Pickup

it was our first time in Vietnam, so hubs and I didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived at Da Nang International Airport, we were amazed at how modern the airport looked. My only complaint was our super long wait while clearing the customs. I don’t remember how long it was, but it was long. Also, the skylight beating down on us while in the queue made us feel warm, resulting in lower patient levels. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Arrival area of Da Nang International Airport and a photo of Vietnam while on the plane

Once we cleared customs, it was a short wait before we spotted our two pieces of luggage, and we were good to go~! We arranged an airport pickup service with the Lion King Hotel so we didn’t have to navigate the transport system upon arrival in a new country. But before we headed off to the hotel, we made a quick stop to pick up our SIM card just right at a corner of the airport. Once that was done, off we went to our hotel! (~˘▽˘)~

Arrival at Lion King Hotel in Hoi An

When our car reached the Lion King Hotel, Robert, one of the owners, was already waiting for us! The Lion King Hotel is owned and managed by the beautiful couple Robert and Flower. After we made our reservation through, Flower was the one who had been in contact with hubs. I was expecting to see Flower, too, but she was not around during our check-in. But we had the super bubbly Robert to welcome us to the hotel!

Robert was super friendly and excited to see us. Haha! I was taken aback, as we had not had such a warm welcome from an accommodation before. It almost felt like an old friend was welcoming us to his house. (ᵔ◡ᵔ) The check-in process was fuss-free, and within a short time, it was all done. We arrived at the hotel around 1 PM, and the official check-in time was 2 PM. But Robert allowed us to check in since our room was ready. That was really nice as we got to rest after all the travelling that day.

The exterior of Lion King Hotel and a map with doodling on what are the recommended food and drinks to have in Hoi An

But before we were shown our room, Robert gave us a quick rundown of the places to visit for food, coffee, and things to see and do in Hoi An. It was so cute as he took out a little map with the hotel’s location and started doddling with it. Haha! Not only that, he even surprised us with two banh mi that he bought from Madam Khanh, one of the must-eat food spots in Hoi An! I will share my thoughts on Madam Khanh in a separate post, so keep an eye out for it! For now, let’s go check out our room at the Lion King Hotel in Hoi An! (´• ω •`)ノ

Hello to Our Double Room at the Lion King Hotel

Room Size is Smaller than Expected

I will be honest: When we first walked into the room, it looked smaller than expected. Considering that we had two big pieces of luggage, space was a bit tight once we opened them up. For those who have less, the room might have considerably more walking space. Putting aside the space, the bed was really comfortable. We had such a good night’s sleep for the five nights we were here in Hoi An. The pillows were a bit softer and lower than I like them to be, though hubs had no issues with them. So, I guess it really depends on what kind of sleeper you are!

Our Double Room with Pool View at Lion King Hotel in Hoi An and the corridor in the hotel

Interesting Bathroom Area Setup

With the limited space, there was no exclusive bathroom space. Instead, the basin was in the open, just beside the wardrobe. On the other hand, the shower area and toilet had their own separate space. I guess since they don’t have an exclusive bathroom area, they had to design them in individual “cubicles”.

The basin and shower area of our room

You know what else is interesting? The glass door is shared between the shower and toilet! So if your partner is showering, they will close up their area with the glass door while you are left with using the toilet with no door. Haha! It’s not an issue for us, but I thought this might be something someone might be particular about. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The amenities provided in our room at Lion King Hotel. Hoi An

The shower area is suitable for one person and would be a tight space for two people to shower together. We tested it out. LOL. So, showering alone is a thing here! Everything else is great, with good water pressure and temperature for a good shower! ( ´ ω ` )

Things Worth Mentioning about Lion King Hotel in Hoi An

Soundproofing of the Room

The soundproofing of the room is not perfect. According to Robert, they have tried to have the best soundproofing done for the hotel, but the noise still seemed to seep through to our room. I chose to sleep on the side closest to the balcony because I thought there wouldn’t be much noise with our room facing the small alley. Well, apparently not! We could hear honking coming from the main road and the voices of the stall owners talking below our room. But luckily, by nighttime, these sounds were gone. Phew.

The view of the alley and pool from our balcony and a peek at our room's balcony from outside at Lion King Hotel. Hoi An
View from our balcony and a peek at our balcony from outside

We didn’t know this until we were in Vietnam, but noise pollution was quite bad here. We could hear the honking sounds coming from the main road whenever we were chilling in our room. Remember when I said we made the right choice choosing this room instead of the more luxurious one? The Deluxe Room had its balcony facing the main road, and I cannot imagine how loud those honking would be since we could hear it from our room! (´-ω-`) So yeah, I would take the rooms facing the pool any time so I don’t have to deal with the loud honking sounds drifting into my room all day! (×_×)⌒☆

Slightly Unstable Wi-Fi Signal

For some bizarre reason, the Wi-Fi in our room can be a bit iffy. Luckily, we bought SIM cards so we could continue using our phone with our mobile data instead of tapping on the Wi-Fi. Sometimes, I even turn on the hotspot on my phone to do some work on my laptop. I am unsure if this has to do with our room’s location. However, we didn’t raise this issue with Robert since we had data. If you have such problems, just let Robert know; I am sure he will get it sorted out!

Nicely Stocked-up Mini Fridge in Our Room

One of the most convenient things about staying at the Lion King Hotel was a mini-mart just opposite the hotel! This made it so easy to buy snacks and drinks to bring back to our room. They even sell pastries, which we bought for breakfast on days when we had an early schedule in Hoi An.

The TV area and a nicely-stocked fridge in our room

But the mini fridge was our saviour on those hot or rainy days! We could have bottled water and drinks without stepping out of the room! Of course, they came at an additional cost, though if I never remember wrongly, it wasn’t marked up too much from the mini-mart price. Initially, we brought a big bottle of water back to our room. But seeing the slight difference in cost, we decided to have what was in the fridge, saving us the trouble of carrying the bottles back! (>ᴗ•)

Remember to Pull the Blinds in the Toilet!

I am unsure if this happened for all the rooms in the Lion King Hotel, but we forgot to pull the blinds in the toilet and were woken up by the bright sunlight in the morning. Haha! We did not expect the sunlight to be coming in from the toilet! Initially, I wondered why there was a need for a blind in the toilet since there was no one outside to peek in on us. Now we know why! So, if you have a blind in your toilet, remember to have it down before you sleep! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

If You Come to Hoi An Unprepared, You Got Robert!

This is probably one of the best things about staying at the Lion King Hotel in Hoi An. If you are one of those people who plan your activities only on arrival, Robert is the one to look for to help you take care of everything. Hubs and I love to plan everything in advance, so we didn’t make any arrangements with him. But during check-in, he shared the day trips and what-nots he could arrange for us if we needed anything. So, if you have no idea what to do in Hoi An, look for Robert! He will make sure that everything is in order, and you will have a great time in Hoi An~! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

A clock decoration at the stairwell and guests waiting to head out in the lobby of Lion King Hotel. Hoi An

Overall Experience at Lion King Hotel in Hoi An

Hubs and I don’t like to disturb others when there isn’t a need to. Since everything was planned for our stay in Hoi An, we didn’t need to interact much with Robert or Flower. But whenever we were back in the hotel, we saw Robert busy taking care of the guests or Flower doing the housekeeping with the team. And when Robert had the time, he would talk with us, asking us about our day and what we had planned for the next day. He is always ready to share Hoi An and his life with us.

A mural art in the lobby and the exterior of Lion King Hotel. Hoi An

Even though the Lion King Hotel has the word hotel, the overall vibe felt more like a homestay, where a family welcomed us to their house. It was not imposing, and Robert ensured we felt welcomed to the hotel and Hoi An every moment we met him. There might be some little complaints of mine in this post, but putting those things aside, hubs and I had a wonderful stay at the Lion King Hotel with Robert and Flower. The room, though small, was comfortable and clean. Robert even gave us some parting gifts before we moved on to Da Nang.

The pool view we had from our room and our soft toys chilling on our bed

Having called the Lion King Hotel our home for six days, we enjoyed every moment that we had here and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. And for that and everything we experienced, I highly recommend you stay at the Lion King Hotel if you plan to visit Hoi An in Vietnam! (´ ω `♡)

Information About Lion King Hotel


☎️ Phone Number: +84 906 454 707

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