Bali has many cafes and restaurants, and most of the time, they seem to have a lot of positive reviews. So, choosing a select few to go to was always tough, especially when we had limited stomach space and time in Bali. We had the same problem in Batu Belig when we tried to decide on the next place to visit for our next meal. Our list of must-visits was long, but we could only go to so many of them. (´-ω-`) With over 6,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Google, we decided to visit Livingstone Bali. When we got there, we were met with a crowd! Is it as good as it says on Google? Well, let’s find out~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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Livingstone Bali, a Restaurant Packed with Diners and Nomads

Hubs and I came here for brunch after our uneventful breakfast at The Wina Villa Seminyak. (>_<) Since I didn’t eat much for breakfast, I was ready to fill my stomach with good food and coffee here at Livingstone Bali.

We got there around 11.30 AM, and the restaurant was PACKED! We saw a lot of, I assume, digital nomads since they were all working on their laptops. There were also a lot of diners here with their friends and families. We were totally not expecting the place to be so full, so much so that it didn’t have a table-for-2 for us. So, we ended up getting a HUGE table suitable for four with sofa seats right by the entrance instead. I’m not sure if this was the right decision by the staff, but I will touch on this later. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The interior and outdoor seating at the Livingstone Bali at Batu Belig/Petitenget.

Great Coffee and Pastries at Livingstone Bali

Different Blends of Coffee for Different Coffee Drinkers

As you would expect, we ordered Flat White! \(★ω★)/ Here at Livingstone Bali, they offer three house blends: Kintamani, Petitenget and Canggu Blends. They differ in their body and acidity, with the Kintamani having a light body with high acidity while the Canggu one has a full body with the lowest acidity. So, depending on what kind of coffee drinker you are, you can choose your preferred blend.

Our Flat White with a card showing that we had the Petitenget Blend for our coffee.

We thought this was rather interesting, considering that most places do not have such an option for coffee. Since we hadn’t tried their coffee before, we went with the Petitenget Blend for its medium body and acidity. And as it turned out, this blend was too light for us, though still quite a good coffee. Our Flat White came with a good layer of milky foam on top of the coffee. And when it was served to our table, it came with a card telling us what house blend was used to make our coffee, which I thought was a pretty nice touch. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Classic Avocado Float, Both a Dessert and a Drink

While going through the reviews on Google for Livingstone Bali, I came across many photos of this specific drink called Classic Avocado Float that many of the reviewers were having. So I was intrigued to try it since it was also tagged as a bestseller on the restaurant’s menu. With so many people talking about it, it should be good, right?

The Classic Avocado Float at the Livingstone Bali, one of the recommended drinks to have at the restaurant.

And so it was! The avocado with fresh milk and syrup was served with a layer of chocolate sauce and vanilla gelato. A shot of espresso was placed separately on the tray beside the glass. The ice cream and chocolate sauce balanced out the bitterness of the espresso. After trying this drink, I can understand why it is a bestseller and why everyone raves about it, as it is absolutely delicious! You could have it as a dessert or a drink, it is totally up to you! Just know that it is good, and that is what matters the most. ( ´ ω ` )

My Luxurious Looking Ham and Cheese Croissant

I am back to my ham and cheese croissant mood again! Yes, I ordered the LS Ham Cheese Croissant. Haha! (*/ω\) When it was served, I DID NOT expect it to come out looking so luxurious. Two pieces of ham were rolled together with cheese in the middle and placed in the centre of the croissant. I have never had two pieces of ham on a croissant before, so IT IS luxurious. Haha!

The LS Ham Cheese Croissant I had at the restaurant and a view of the outside from our seat.

The croissant was nice and fluffy, as expected of a place with a huge display cabinet of baked goods. I would say it is on par with what we had at Bread Basket in Sanur and Monsieur Spoon in Seminyak. With the luxurious amount of ham and cheese to go with the nice flaky croissant, it was exceptionally delicious. This is one of the most luxurious ham and cheese croissants I have ever had. \(★ω★)/

We Are Finally Having a Bagel!

Hubs ordered the LS Breakfast Bagel, and it was also quite good. I love how beautiful the bagel looked when served to our table. It is not just any bagel but a sunflower bagel, so there were sunflower seeds on the top of it. The bagel was cut in half and had scrambled eggs, bacon, smashed avocado, cream cheese and watercress in between. I think as long as there is bacon, nothing can go wrong with the dish. But of course, I was wrong after our experience at The Wina Villa Seminyak. Haha! Anyway, with the good blend of salty and creamy flavours to go with the bagel, it was a delicious and fulfilling meal.

The payment counter and the display cabinet with the baked goods, and the LS Breakfast Bagel that my husband ordered at Livingstone Bali.

And as to why I said we finally have a bagel? Well, we don’t see bagels a lot in Singapore. As detective novel readers, we always read about the detectives having bagels for breakfast. So, hubs and I were always curious about what it tasted like, and we finally got to try them here at Livingstone Bali! And it didn’t disappoint. (>ω^)

Something Worth Mentioning about Livingstone Bali

As I mentioned earlier, we were given a big table for four in the restaurant. With bigger groups arriving for lunch during the peak lunch hour, it became so crowded that some couldn’t get a table in the restaurant. If I never remember wrongly, there was a slight commotion with the table arrangement in front of us as well. Seeing the situation, hubs and I decided to leave after we were done so that other people could have our table. We knew it was going to be an issue sitting at such a huge table. Oh well, I just wish that table assignment could be better. We wanted to stay longer but felt the stress of leaving so that bigger groups could have our table. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Overall Experience at Livingstone Bali

Putting aside the table arrangement and crowd, we enjoyed the food and coffee at Livingstone Bali. I don’t know if it ever has a lull period, but it would definitely have been better if it had a more chill vibe. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) For those who find the crowd too much and still want to try their food, you can consider getting their pastries to go. They had a huge selection of pastries displayed in the glass cabinet along the whole stretch of the restaurant. So, consider dropping by for a takeaway during peak hour or coming earlier to avoid the crowd! (´• ω •`)ノ

The food that we had at the restaurant and the exterior of Livingstone Bali.

This is a bonus sharing for those who have read until the end of this post! There is a beautiful archway beside Livingstone Bali. Initially, I thought it was part of the restaurant. But on closer inspection, it was actually the entrance to Abaca Villas. It looked absolutely stunning and is suitable for some lovely photos here. If you are visiting Livingstone Bali, you can consider checking this archway beside the restaurant for fun! ( ´ ω ` )

A view of the whole restaurant and the archway of Abaca Villas, beside Livingstone Bali.

Information about Livingstone Bali


⏰ Opening Hours: 7 AM – 10 PM
☎️ Phone Number: +62 361 4735949 | WhatsApp
📒 Menu

You can find out more about Livingstone Bali here:
🔎 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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