Luxurious Staycation with Fullerton Hotel: Comes with an Amazing View!

Written by Katherine

January 14, 2022
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Fullerton Hotel is one of the most iconic and beautiful hotels in Singapore. It is also one of the hotels that I have always wanted to visit, alongside the Raffles Hotel. One day, someday, Raffles Hotel. (o・ω・o) For now, let’s talk about our stay at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore! (o´∀`o)

Why The Fullerton Hotel Singapore?

After booking the staycation for my birthday, babe received a Citi Prestige Staycation Offer newsletter one day later. It offered a really attractive deal for a one-night stay with The Fullerton Hotel Singapore at its Marina Bay View Room. I forgot to check the December rates but a weekend stay in this room is SGD 630. This rate is based on The Perfect Staycation package listed on the hotel’s website.

Anyway, the offer that babe got was SGD 220.90 so how can we miss out on this?! The package includes the following:

  • Complimentary daily breakfast for up to two adults and two children (below 12 years old)
  • S$100 nett dining credit per stay

I have excluded the items relating to children since they don’t apply to us. The package is similar to that of The Perfect Staycation except the latter offers SGD 20 more than our package. We are only paying 35% of the original price, so how can we miss out on this good deal!? Thankfully babe managed to snatch us a room and we got to stay there during his birthday! I was of course very excited to get to stay at the Fullerton Hotel! ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Anyway, the truth is… I didn’t know that we were getting such a superbly beautiful room with an amazing view until a few days before the stay. Babe mentioned Fullerton Hotel and I just said let’s book it! I thought we were getting a room with a view of the courtyard. (*/_\)

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, A Luxurious Heritage Hotel with Singapore’s History

Location and Accessibility

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is located in the Central Business District, with the nearest MRT station being the Raffles Place MRT station. Unfortunately, there is no sheltered way to get from the station to the hotel hence the best way to get there is by car, especially if you are lugging big bags and luggage for your stay.

Our First Impression on Arrival

Since we were there one week before Christmas, we were greeted with some really beautiful and extensive Christmas decorations upon entering the hotel. It’s no wonder that so many people were around snapping a lot of photos while waiting to check in or waiting to attend a wedding. (>ω^)

When we entered the lobby, we were kind of confused about which direction to go for our check-in since there wasn’t any obvious signage around. Anyway, we took the wrong side and walked one round to get to the reception counter. We were surprised by how short the queue was since there were so many people in the lobby. And then, a staff approached us and directed us to where everyone was waiting. (*/ω\)

Well, if we had taken the correct side (on the right), we would have spotted this counter where the staff were “queuing” everyone in a holding area. Not very good for a first impression, getting lost in a big lobby area with no obvious signs.

Anyway since it was the December period, which is the school holidays, there were A LOT of people checking in for their staycation. I would say this is a good effort on The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s part for having this holding area to keep the guests comfortable while waiting for their turn to check in (I am looking at you, JW Marriott South Beach).

We were each passed a form to fill in while waiting for our turn to check-in. It took about 30 minutes or so before we were directed to the reception counter. Not too bad, in my opinion, since we have read of longer waiting times at other hotels during this period.

The counter with the holding area, on the RIGHT side of the hotel entrance

Check-In Process

The check-in process was fuss-free, with the usual verification of our bookings as well as looking at our ID cards. The staff wished babe Happy Birthday and surprisingly, wished me a Happy Belated Birthday as well! I am honestly surprised since my birthday was about one month ago so it was kind of sweet of her to do this. (*♡∀♡) Also especially because Capitol Kempinski DID NOT wish me Happy Birthday when we checked in on my birthday.

Anyway, we did not mention anything about babe’s birthday before our check-in on purpose as we wanted to see what the hotel would do during check-in. I would say The Fullerton Hotel Singapore passed with more than flying colours ‘cos they are superb! The staff even asked if we were staying with them to celebrate both our birthdays. How sweet! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

The staff had kindly given us a late checkout the next day at 3 pm since our room was late for check-in. We left our bags with them after the check-in process so that we could roam around the hotel. Before doing so, we went to book our slots for breakfast and usage of the swimming pool at a separate counter. The staff there also wished babe a Happy Birthday! The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has their system right in making its guests happy. ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

Once all was done, it was time to explore a bit of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore! (o´∀`o)

Finding Out the History of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore was originally known as the Fullerton Building. Also home to Singapore’s General Post Office back in the day, the building was subsequently redeveloped. In January 2001, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore was officially opened. In December 2015, the building was officially gazetted as one of Singapore’s national monuments.

While exploring the hotel, we came by The Fullerton Heritage Gallery within the hotel which illustrates the history of the building. For anyone interested in the history and heritage of the building, it is a good place to do so. They even had a red postal box that works as a postal box for you to send letters out, both locally and overseas.

There are also some mini-interactive activities that you could do, which we did since we had a lot of time on hand. I felt a great sense of achievement when I completed one. Haha! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

SO MANY Christmas Decorations!!

The remaining time was me going snap-crazy with the Christmas decorations in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. I have never seen soooooooooooooooooooooooo many Christmas decorations in a place before. There were quite some people around as the wedding just ended and everyone wanted to take photos with the Christmas decorations as well. So I had to come back for more after our dinner. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The Christmas tree is made up of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s signature bear. SO CUTE!

They have another lovely Christmas tree beside the lift lobby and it is made up of glass bottles. A really beautiful-looking tree, though much smaller in size than the bear tree, but still impressive especially when it lights up. (´ ε ` )♡

Please Visit the Koi fishes~!

Koi fishes, who would have thought I would want to have a separate header just for them in a blog post? But with The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, it’s a different story. The hotel has 88 koi fish (shocking!) and they are a signature feature there! If you didn’t know, 8 sounds similar to the word prosperity (发) in Mandarin hence 8 is usually linked to prosperity. You can read more about The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s Koi Pond here.

We didn’t count the number of koi fishes in the pond but there was a lot! Here’s a video of them saying hello~! (^_−)☆

After about 1+ hours of walking about or standing around, babe got a call and we could finally check into our room! So let’s go~! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Marina Bay View Room

Our room was located on Level 6 and it was quite near to the lift lobby. The door number was facing the opposite direction when we walked from the lift lobby and erm… We walked to the end and back, before realising our room was just right near the lobby. We were wondering where in the world was our room. (・_・;) Anyway, we didn’t have any issue with noise from the corridor so I can guarantee that the hotel did a good job with the soundproofing.

Our bag that we had checked in with the reception was already in our room when we entered. And I also arrived in the room with one of the worst headaches EVER. My head was throbbing like mad when I was walking around taking photos and videos, and I didn’t have any painkillers with me. Let’s hope I did enough to capture. (╥_╥)

HUGE and Updated Room, I Need my USB Ports~

The room was brightly lit with sunlight flooding into the room through the balcony. And THIS BALCONY is the selling point of this room as it comes with a superbly fantastic view. I will come to it later. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Each side of the bed comes with a USB port as well as a plug! I must say I was quite surprised as I thought a hotel with history would not have these but glad to know that they have upgraded and keep up with the times (once again, looking at you Capitol Kempinski). No need to share a port to charge our devices~!

In-Room Refreshments, Be Sustainable!

The room comes with some basic complimentary in-room refreshments, including free TWG tea and coffee from the Nespresso coffee machine. Other refreshments found on the table and fridge are unfortunately chargeable.

In its effort to be sustainable, interestingly the hotel’s pre-packaged water is given in hard cardboard packaging, unlike the usual bottled water format. This was quite a nice effort not seen in many hotels. We have always observed sustainable packaging whenever we stayed at overseas resorts, where water was bottled in glass bottles for reusability. Another local hotel that deserves a mention here on sustainability is The Clan Hotel. (◕‿◕)

HUGE Bathtub for Two, Comfortably!

The bathroom is located just beside the entrance and it’s HUGE. The overall design looks quite old-school though, probably what you could expect from a hotel with a long history. But that being said, we didn’t see anything that shouts out “MAINTENANCE NEEDED” so I guess that’s still good.

The bathroom comes with a HUGE bathtub which can fit two comfortably. We of ‘cos did not miss out on the chance to do our bubble bath! In case anyone is interested, I have been getting my bubble bath powder and bath bomb from Bath Bomb Flings. No advertisement here but I just love their bubble bath powder because a little goes a long way in making the bubbles! Also, I highly recommend the Peace & Bliss Bath Bomb, which has a very nice smell that reminds us of having a spa treatment (which sadly we didn’t bring for this stay). (✧ω✧)

One thing I didn’t like about the bathtub was the position of the tap. With many of the hotel bathtubs we used, the tap was always positioned such that the water hit straight down. But the tap here hit at a 45-degree angle instead. I have an issue with this only because I want to use it for our bubble bath powder. We usually put the bubble bath powder below the tap so that the water hitting the powder will help to create bubbles. I had to put the powder at a very weird angle in this bathtub (by estimation) so I wasn’t able to create more bubbles. Just nitpicking here so you can move on. (・_・;)

Welcome to the AHMAZING View~!

When we checked in, it was still raining and luckily the balcony was nicely sheltered from the rain. And that’s how I ended up spending most of my time there on the balcony, trying at every moment to capture the beautiful view, doing timelapse or simply just enjoying the view. (*¯︶¯*)

Trying to capture the Marina Bay View during twilight (while my head was exploding)

Nighttime, with a fully dark sky, has never been so beautiful. With the beautifully-lit Marina Bay Sands in view and our Singapore skyline, this view was so so so beautiful.

Honestly, this is the most beautiful view of Marina Bay that I have ever seen and I am so happy to have stayed at this Marina Bay View Room to enjoy this. Too bad we didn’t have better weather as there was no sunrise the next day except for a gloomy-looking sky. Still better than nothing though as I stood by the balcony just watching. Looking at the cyclists and the early birds going to the Merlion Park after their workout. Watching the slowly increasing number of cars and visitors. This room and view are simply AHMAZING~! \(★ω★)/

Eat All You Want Breakfast, which was… Okay?

After enjoying the morning view, it was time for breakfast! Since it was the peak period, we didn’t get to book the usual 8.30 am – 9.30 am slot. In case you’re interested, the time slots are as follows:

  • First Seating: 7.30 am – 8.30 am
  • Second Seating: 8.30 am – 9.30 am
  • Last Seating: 10.00 am – 11.00 am

It was hard deciding between 7.30 am and 10.00 am, one was too early and another felt too late to me. The staff told us we could have the 8.30 am and opt to dine in our room. But we prefer to experience breakfast at the restaurant hence we went with the 7.30 am slot. (-_-) zzZ

Anyway, breakfast was ala-carte style but the staff told us if we wanted more of something, we could tell them. So if you’re hungry, you could order everything and they would be more than happy to serve them.

Food was nothing to shout about. Normal, edible food. No complaints. The best things are probably the bacon and the sourdough bread. Haha! Oops. (・_・;) The fried chicken for the Nasi Lemak was… Okay. Normal fried chicken, unlike the ones you would have with nasi lemak if you get what I mean. ┐(シ)┌

In-Room Dining has a MUST-EAT Item!

Laksa, Quite a Miss at a Costly Price

For some very weird reason, we decided that we are going to try laksa at all the Singapore hotels we are staying at if they have laksa as an option. This is our way of knowing if their food is good. Tell me if this is silly but somehow I think it works. Maybe? ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭

So anyway, the Town Laksa is under The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s signature items and it costs 32 SGD (before tax and service charge). It was expensive. VERY expensive. You can have a bowl of laksa for just maybe… 4.50 SGD at a hawker centre. But since it’s a taste test, we went ahead with it since we had in-room dining credits to spend.

The Town Laksa’s gravy came in a separate flask, which I have asked the staff to pour into the bowl for me. It also comes with an extra serving of otah. Overall, it tasted okay with a generous amount of ingredients. Unless you’re craving laksa and everywhere else is closed, I would advise waiting for the next day to have a better bowl of laksa somewhere else. (¬‿¬ )

Lunch with a Surprise Hit!

We ordered room service after our pool lounging and the food came on a serving cart! Sorry, not used to being served like that. Haha! Babe ordered The Fullerton Club Sandwich while I had the Fullerton Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Both dishes looked normal until I took a bite of the chicken from the chicken rice. O. M. G. It was superbly delicious that I told babe that I would not be sharing, if possible. Haha! The rice was also superbly tasty and grainy, the way that we liked it. The club sandwich was delicious as well, not as much as the chicken rice, but good if I didn’t have the chicken rice. So if you want to try the food from the room service menu at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, I would highly recommend the Fullerton Hainanese Chicken Rice~! (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Have to feature the chilli sauce because it’s so cute and expensive looking. LOL.

Pool with a Riverside View and We Got Lost!

Getting Lost in a… Hotel?

Going to the pool was confusing. There was no direct way to the pool using the lift access that we had at the side of the hotel where we were staying. I briefly read about it on someone else’s blog about the confusing way to get to the pool and I didn’t remember about it. It was kind of frustrating though as there was no clear direction/signs on how to get there. o(TヘTo)

We got to Level One and asked the staff at the souvenir counter about it and she told us the pool was beside the spa. And I thought I remembered where was the spa, which turned out to be a restaurant. Nice one, me. (´-ω-`)

Eventually, we found out that we had to take the lift which was located on the other side of the hotel and had to walk across the lobby in our “lovely” white bathrobe. I don’t know how common it is to see people in their bathrobes walking in the lobby but we have NEVER done that before and I was so stressed about it. It was like doing a walk of shame. (×_×)⌒☆

And when we got to the lift, a lovely bridesmaid held the lift door for the bride, who was trying to settle some issues. I just wanted to get into the lift as fast as possible and these things were happening. HALP. Anyway, eventually, we found out that we could cross the connecting bridge at Level 6 to get to the other side of the hotel for the lift, which would have provided me with a stress-free way to get there. o(〒﹏〒)o

Directions to the Pool

In case you might get lost like us, I have included two photos below to illustrate. The left photo is of the lift lobby at Level 6 on the side of the hotel we were staying at. There is a connecting bridge to the other side of the hotel through the glass door. You can get to the swimming pool using the lift on the other side if you cannot find the pool access from your lift.

Checkout Times are the BEST for Pool Access!

Since we had a late checkout at 3 pm, we decided to book our pool access slot at noon, hoping and praying that most people would be checking out by then. I have read that the pool at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is usually crowded during weekends and holidays hence we were trying to hit a time with fewer people.

When we got there, the pool was CROWDED. We thought that was it. While we were walking over to a deck chair, suddenly a lot of the kids and parents were getting out of the pool. YAY! We chose the right timing and almost 90% of them left the pool. Not sure if it was ‘cos of the incoming rain clouds as well, probably a lot of people decided not to come to the pool as well.

Anyway, we grabbed ourselves a spot and did our thing. Thankful for the peaceful pool time that babe and I got to capture some shots comfortably. Most of the guests at the pool were couples so everyone was keeping to their own space, social distancing themselves. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Other Things Worth Mentioning

Hello, Which Bluetooth Speaker Are You?

The room comes with a Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker and this was the first time we had such a hard time connecting to a Bluetooth speaker. For some very weird reason, the hotel did not rename the Bluetooth speakers for all the rooms so when we were trying to connect to ours, we had a list of probably five Bluetooth speakers with the same name.

Also, we have certified that the Bluetooth speaker was powerful as we blasted music way too loud at night that our neighbour called reception to call us. That was a super embarrassing moment and if you are the one being disturbed, we deeply apologise! We don’t ever do that! (T_T)

But for real, the connection was a stressful moment as we didn’t want to accidentally connect to someone else’s speaker since it would beep when you connect. Imagine connecting to the wrong one and playing your music at night, scaring the hell out of people. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Hello, Fullerton Hotel Singapore, please do something about this matter. (¬‿¬ )

Happy Birthday to Babe!

As I mentioned, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore had a really good system for letting staff know about guests’ birthdays. While we were chilling in our room, the staff delivered a slice of cake to our room since it was babe’s birthday! Though the cake was small it was delicious. Yummylicious chocolate cake with a simple Happy Birthday chocolate piece on top.

I honestly think it’s the thought that counts and for this, I give The Fullerton Hotel Singapore high points. Remember we didn’t even request anything so this was done out of goodwill by the hotel when the check-in was done. This was similar to what I experienced with Andaz Singapore, one of my highest-recommended hotels if you have yet to check it out! (*¯︶¯*)

Overall Experience

This is a long post and I think it’s quite obvious that I like our stay with The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, though there were some misses if I must nitpick.

The Marina Bay View Room itself is enough for me to conclude that this is a great stay. The room was fantastic with a beautiful view of Singapore’s Marina Bay. Service was also fantastic at the hotel, especially how they had a system to celebrate guests’ birthdays. The pool, when being there at the right time, was great together with an ample number of deck chairs. The view was not super wow-ing but at least there’s a view to enjoy people watching~!

If you have read my other hotel reviews, you will realise how much I love Andaz Singapore. Overall, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore was fantastic in everything so I would say that it’s on par with Andaz Singapore. With its balcony view, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has an edge. Service-wise, both are fantastic. So yes, I would highly recommend The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and if you have the budget, go for the Marina Bay View Room for a fantastic stay! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

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