Morning Glory Signature, Amazing Vietnamese Cuisines in Hoi An

Written by Katherine

April 3, 2024
Last Updated on April 11, 2024

We were supposed to explore Hoi An’s night market and have dinner there. But instead, we ended up at the Morning Glory Signature, full of heat and hunger. Whether you are considering visiting the night market in Hoi An or not, read this post to keep yourself informed. Also, you don’t want to miss our yummy food at the Morning Glory Signature! I promise you won’t regret reading this to the end~! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚


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Our Disappointing Experience at Hoi An Night Market

You might wonder what the Hoi An Night Market has to do with the Morning Glory restaurant. Well, one word—DISAPPOINTMENT. If you have been to Thailand or Taiwan, you will know that these countries have vibrant street food and night market cultures. So when we heard about a night market in Hoi An, we brought with us our expectations that we had from these countries. And what we got from it was disappointment. (´-ω-`)

Crowded Boat Rides and Endless Peddling

As hubs and I excitedly entered the night market area along the Thu Bon River, we were greeted by a HUGE crowd crossing the bridge. After all, it was a night market, so it was expected to be lively. We didn’t mind the crowd and walked along the river to see what was good ahead.

The bridge with a huge crowd near Hoi An Night Market

As we were walking, we spotted many people queuing up to take the boat on the river. Taking a boat ride on the Thu Bon River is part of the experience in Hoi An. Many people who came to Hoi An would definitely have taken it at least once. But since hubs and I weren’t into such activities, we decided to skip it.

The crowd waiting to try the boat ride at Hoi An

When they said Hoi An is touristy, I didn’t expect it to be SO BAD. People constantly approached us, asking us if we wanted to take a boat ride or buy one of the lanterns to be released onto the river. The peddling was NON-STOP. It was okay initially, but it started getting too much. We just said no to someone 10cm away, and another would approach us again! It was like we couldn’t enjoy the scenery in peace without being peddled with something. ( `ε´ )

Food Selection was a HUGE Disappointment

Putting aside the annoyance we received from the peddlers, we pushed forward, hoping to see a wide variety of stalls selling food and souvenirs. There were many stalls, and we were hopeful, only to be vastly disappointed by what we saw.

The food selection was pretty bad. With every three to four stalls, we would see the SAME food AGAIN! So it was either fried ice cream, BBQ skewers, banana pancakes or rice paper pancakes. Rise and repeat, and that was all the stalls we saw. The food was on repeat, even the souvenirs were repeating every few stalls! I mean, I don’t really understand the logic behind this. We thought with so many stalls out in the open, there would be more variety. Apparently, they have proved us wrong!

Some of the stalls selling souvenirs in the night market and a photo of one of the booth with lanterns

To make matters worse, the weather was crazy hot in Hoi An when we were here in July. We thought it would be more comfortable by night. Uh-uh, it wasn’t very pleasant. There was hardly any breeze, making the whole night market area hot and humid despite being spacious with lots of walking space. It was so hot that we saw many people having a mug of cold beer by the side of the street. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The crowd at the Hoi An Night Market

Why We Chose Morning Glory Signature

After getting heated up from visiting a cafe during the day, the heat got to me again! It would have been okay if there had been good food to make us forget the weather. But there wasn’t, and the hangry me was too heated to think about what we should have for dinner. ( ` ω ´ )

Luckily, hubs was the cool-headed one. Phew. As we crossed over to the other side of the bridge, we were greeted by many restaurants and bars lining the river. And then hubs spotted the Morning Glory Signature. Since Morning Glory Original was on our list of restaurants to visit, we decided to go to Signature for dinner instead. Crisis averted! (´• ω •`)

What’s the Difference Between the Morning Glory Original and Signature?

You might be wondering what the difference between Morning Glory Original and Signature is. Since we didn’t go to the former, I can only tell you based on the reviews and photos shared of the restaurant. Morning Glory Original seems to serve more classic Hoi An and Vietnamese dishes than the modern ones at Signature. So, if you want to have more local food selections, you can consider checking out Morning Glory Original. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

All About the Good Food at Morning Glory Signature

We got a table on the second floor of the building and were surprised to see that the restaurant was less crowded than expected. But do you know what the best thing about dining here was? They have air conditioning! Woohoo~! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

The stairs leading up to Morning Glory Signature and the seating area on the second floor

Many restaurants and cafes in Hoi An do not have air conditioning, so dining in such a condition was a luxury. Hubs and I were so happy that we chose to eat here. Haha! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝ Except for the spring rolls at Phin Coffee & Restaurant, we haven’t had any classic Vietnamese dishes yet. So, we decided to order some local dishes and two iced drinks to cool us down.

Iced Drinks for the Win!

Call me weird, but I ordered a glass of Mango Lassi here in Vietnam. Of all the drinks, I decided to go with something so-not Vietnamese. LOL. The mango lassi was okay, though slightly less sourish and intense in flavour than the ones I used to have.

The drinks that we had at Morning Glory Signature and a decorative flowers on our table

Hubs went for the Iced Vietnamese Coffee & Condensed Milk. I knew this was going to be good even before it was served. And indeed, it was! The coffee has a lightly roasted flavour, similar to all the Vietnamese iced coffee we have had. Compared to the one we had at Phin Coffee & Restaurant, the coffee here at Morning Glory Signature is not as strong. But all in all, it was still a delicious glass of iced coffee. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Starting with the Easy-to-Eat Items

We started with something less local: Crispy Tofu with Salt & Pepper. This was quite similar to what we had at Andaz Sanur: deep-fried tofu cubes sprinkled with a good amount of salt and pepper. The tofu was fried to a good crispiness on the exterior and yet soft inside. The taste of salt and pepper also reminded us of the seasoning street food stalls in Taiwan’s night market like to use. This was a simple yet flavourful dish I could have any day. (★ω★)

The Crispy Tofu with Salt & pepper and the Fried Pork Spring Rolls we got from Morning Glory Signature

In addition to the tofu, we also ordered Fried Pork Spring Rolls, which were exceptionally delicious! Our idea of Vietnamese spring rolls is always those with vegetables as fillings. So when we saw that these spring rolls came with pork, we wanted to see if it was the same as the ones we had at So Pho in Singapore. And it was! One bite into the spring roll, and you can hear the crunch from the crispy exterior. And immediately after that, you have the fragrant taste of the fillings on your tongue. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

A Surprising Favourite with One of Vietnam’s Specialties

It’s time for one of Vietnam’s specialities! This was also our favourite food at the Morning Glory Signature: Banh Xeo Thit Nuong~! The dish comprises two things: crispy pancake (banh xeo) and grilled pork (thit nuong). When the dish was served, I was slightly put off by the amount of bean sprouts inside the banh xeo. I wouldn’t say I like having bean sprouts in my food, so I was hoping that this would be good. And it did!

Our dish included four pieces of rice paper. The staff who served us told us to wrap everything in the paper. We were going to cut our bang xeo into smaller pieces before being stopped by the staff. Oops. She told us that we should wrap half of the banh xeo in the wrap instead of going for smaller pieces. I guess they think having a big mouthful of food is a better way of enjoying this dish. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The Banh Xeo Thit Nuong, our favourite food from Morning Glory Signature

The staff then helped us remove the grilled pork from the skewers so that we could have it in the wrap as well. We trusted the staff and went on to put half the banh xeo on the rice paper, topping it with pickled vegetables, mint leaves, and pork. It was a huge wrap, but we managed to stuff it into our mouths!

And BOOMZ! The explosion of flavour was amazing! And you know what else is amazing? I couldn’t taste the bean sprouts with everything happening in my mouth! Haha! There was the crunchy banh xeo, then came the flavourful pork balanced with the slight sourness of the pickled vegetables. That one mouthful was exceptional, though it took us a while to finish biting through everything. LOL. (´• ω •`)

Overall Experience at Morning Glory Signature

Besides the fantastic food, there was also a live performance by a singer. It was nice to enjoy our food with his beautiful songs. Also, coincidentally, a family was celebrating someone’s 60th birthday! Besides the singer singing her a birthday song, all the staff gathered around their table to sing as well! It was quite a sight to behold. Hehe.

The singer and the exterior of Morning Glory Signature

The service was top-notch here, and all the staff were friendly and always willing to teach us how to enjoy Vietnamese food to the fullest. We walked out of Morning Glory Signature feeling satisfied and happy. After the disappointing night market experience, this was the redemption we needed. Haha! Whether you want to have a good meal of local food or celebrate a special occasion, you should definitely visit Morning Glory Signature! And don’t forget to order the Banh Xeo Thit Nuong~! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝

About Morning Glory Signature


⏰ Opening Hours: 10.30 AM – 10.30 PM
☎️ Phone Number: +84 235 3926 930
💲 Banh Xeo Thit Nuong: 145,000 VND (~7.90 SGD) | Fried Pork Spring Rolls: 95,000 VND (~5.20 SGD)

🔎 You can find out more about Morning Glory Signature on Facebook

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