Our Little Bangkok Food Adventure at Pratunam and Chatuchak

Written by Katherine

March 16, 2014
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Unlike when we were in Taiwan, we hardly have much of a food hunt in Bangkok especially when we were sceptical over the street food since some of us don’t really have a strong stomach, me included. (´。・-・。`) So here’s some food from our little food hunt! *+.(*´▽`)。+*

Platinum Fashion Mall & Glow Pratunam Hotel – Satisfy that Thai Food Craving

After a long day of shopping and walking at the Platinum Fashion Mall, it is always a pleasure to know for meal time we can just head up to the food court located at level 6 to rest our feet and rejuvenate ourselves with food! The food court at the Platinum Fashion Mall has a variety of Thailand food delicacies to our surprise so it was great to be able to satisfy some of our cravings! The mango salad was great though with no photos. I always crave mango salad from Thai restaurants ‘cos it is super yummy and super spicy! Then there’s Pad Thai and Tom Yam Goong, though pad thai is never my favourite since I really dislike having bean sprouts in any of my food. Meh.

Honestly, you people must be glad to know that hubs and I are lazy asses ‘cos we always post reviews or photos of food from our room service and from there you can determine whether or not to order from the hotel! Can’t remember much from this room service so I assume it was just average Green Curry and Chicken Wing Rice. Haha! c(・ω・`c⌒っ

SabX2 – A Little Haven of Noodle and Rice

A very normal-looking eatery that draws a long queue outside of it even before it starts its business early in the morning. SabX2 is known to many, especially Singaporeans, for its famous Wanton Noodles and Pig Trotter Rice. You might be wondering what is so special about those noodles? Nothing much actually. It just had the special ingredient that many stalls in Singapore don’t have it due to health concerns – pig lard oil!

We were actually there for the Wanton Noodles but seeing that so many people were ordering the Pig Trotter Rice, we decided to each get a plate as well to sample it. And oh boy was it tasty!!! It definitely was so much better than the Wanton Noodles, hands-down winner! Definitely, a must-try when you are staying around the Platinum Fashion Mall area! It was apparently pretty near to Glow Pratunam Hotel, just along the small alley at the back of the hotel. Wheeeee~ ゚・*:.。. .。.:*・੧(´¨`)೨ ~♪♬

[CLOSED] The Swiss Choice – Give me some Cheese Fondue!

Having been craving Cheese Fondue even before going to Bangkok and the only yummy cheese fondue in Singapore was no longer around, we decided to look for one in Thailand. And that’s how The Swiss Choice came about!

Some lovely little Swiss decorations can be seen all around the quaint little restaurant. I do have to apologise for the pinkish hue ‘cos all photos were taken under low lighting conditions and not forget the red glow all around the restaurant due to the decorations.

Yummy cheese fondue, though a bit too little and a bit on the tastier side. ♪( ´▽`)

Pretty normal tasting Pork Cutlet Condon Bleu and the very interesting deep-fried Japanese Rice Ball injected with Swiss Cheese inside! I had to say probably the Cheese Fondue was the best for the night. Oops. (ฅ•﹏•ฅ ̀๑)

Chatuchak Weekend Market – Shopping and Food (?) Haven!

As many of you will know, Chatuchak is quite a popular place for most to shop. It wasn’t exactly one of my favourite places in the past since it was way too hot to walk around with the crowd along the small alleys. Not sure if it has changed but it was slightly airy as compared to the distant past memory I had. So a little shopping here and there, it’s time for food!

Best way to cool off in the sweltering heat! Let’s have some of those famous Coconut Ice Cream JJ!

Very very sinful and high cholesterol food, quail eggs x many many!

There are many others around the Chatuchak Weekend Market but we were already feeling tired and all from the shopping that we didn’t have much before we conclude our market adventure and head back to our hotel for a break.

I do think we have so much more that we can eat in Thailand but probably our focus was different in Thailand hence we didn’t have too much during this trip. And not forgetting our weak stomachs always shout out to us to not try that street food, preventing us from eating from many of those yummy-looking stalls by the street. Oh well. Better luck next time! For now, it’s looking forward to street food from Taiwan in April! Counting down!!! ٩( ‘ω’ )و

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