Seminyak and Ubud are the common places to visit in Bali. But interestingly, for hubs and I, our first trip to Bali was actually to Uluwatu! We chose this stunning Alila Villas Uluwatu for our first Bali trip, and you should, too! Less talk, more sharing; let’s go check out this amazing resort together~! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

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Why We Choose to Stay at Alila Villas Uluwatu Resort

Hubs and I first came by one of Alila’s properties when we were flipping through a travel magazine. Yes, we were born in a time when magazines were a thing. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Anyway, the now-defunct Alila Cha-Am was featured in the magazine, and the architecture wowed both of us. So, we decided to book a stay there.

After having had an amazing stay with Alila Cha-Am, hubs and I couldn’t help but want to visit more properties under Alila. And that was when we spotted Alila Villas Uluwatu. Captured by what we saw on the website, we decided that this is the next resort we MUST visit! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Location & Its Architectural Design

Alila Villas Uluwatu is designed by the renowned Singapore architectural firm WOHA! Hubs and I are always in awe of their work, such as the beautiful Oasia Downtown. And we were excited to see one of its projects while overseas! ( ´ ω ` )

What made us decide to pick Alila Villas Uluwatu was the fact that the resort was built on a cliff. You can get one of the most amazing views of the Indian Ocean and sunsets from its signature cabana or swimming pool. We did hope to get a glimpse of the cliffside view from our villa, but of course, that didn’t happen. Haha! It doesn’t matter because we still had a fantastic time there. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Accommodation Options at Alila Villas Uluwatu

There are three types of villas in Alila Villas Uluwatu: Pool, Hillside and Cliff Edge. You read that right; there are no rooms-only accommodations here at the resort. All of their accommodations are villas, which are shockingly bigger than our apartment in Singapore! w(°o°)w

The entrance and the magazines at the reception area at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

The Pool Villa is the one-bedroom option that you should go for if you are coming here as a couple or as three adults. The Hillside and Cliff Edge Villas have three bedrooms, which are definitely out of our budget. Haha! This resort is popular as a wedding venue, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the wedding couple booked these bigger villas for their friends and families. (´ ε ` )

What Does Our Package Includes

As noobs in travelling (in 2012), we got a package through a travel agency instead. It has been years since we booked anything through a travel agency, so while looking through the package details, I was pretty surprised with what we got. Haha!

Our package includes a 4D3N stay in the Pool Villa at Alila Villas Uluwatu. It includes daily breakfast, a private dining session at CIRE, a 90-minute spa session, and return airport transfer. Besides the accommodation, the package includes a return airfare on Qatar Airways. Since we have been earning miles for years now, I thought we had used our miles to take the Business Class for this trip. I asked hubs how we ended up taking Qatar Airways if we were earning Krisflyer mileage. And then he told me this was actually part of the travel agency’s package. (o_O) So, yep, I am a bit surprised at that. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Besides travelling by Business Class, the flight timing was the most surprising. Our flight reached Bali at 7 PM, and our return flight to Singapore was at 10.40 PM! Honestly, I don’t think hubs and I would ever plan for such a lousy timing now, after years of travelling. Putting aside the super late flight back home, arriving so late in Bali meant that we hardly had time to explore the resort when we reached. Oh man, how bad were we at planning for a holiday back then?! Haha!

Journey to Bali & Alila Villas Uluwatu

Being our first time in Business Class, the whole experience was so interesting. Firstly, we were given free access to the airport lounge. Then, we were able to board the flight before everyone did. And service starts once we get comfortable in our seats. The flight crew knew our name and served us our champagne and juice to kick-start our flight journey with them.

A photo of husband on the flight, our flight ticket and the champagne served in Qatar Airways' Business Class before we fly to Bali

The most important thing is the SUPER SPACIOUS seat! Even though the flight duration is relatively short, being able to stretch out your legs was such a luxury. (´ ω `♡) Meals are even served with nice cutleries! It was such a great experience, and I think everyone should try it once, if possible. Miles earning is the way to go if you ever want to try Business Class!

The spacious seats in Business Class and the meal I had on board the flight to Bali

Anyway, when we reached, the sky outside was already dark. An Alila Villas Uluwatu staff was waiting for us at the Arrival gate and brought us to the car, which would take us to the resort. Checking in was fuss-free, and then it was time to go to our villa! Once we entered the villa, we were wowed! w(°o°)w

Welcome to Our Pool Villa at Alila Villas Uluwatu

I tried to take as many photos as I could in the dimly lit villa but, in the end, decided to leave it to the next day when there was sunlight. You should NEVER EVER check into a resort late at night if you have a choice! I feel like we wasted one day without enjoying the villa and the resort’s facilities. URGH. (´-ω-`)

Our Pool Villa doorway and a hidden path that staff would take at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

Huge Living and Bedroom Area

Every area is huge in this villa. The whole villa is built with an open concept in mind. There are no doors separating the bedroom and the living room. If you wish, there are sliding doors to close off the bathroom/wardrobe from the living area. There is so much space in the villa that it felt like we could run laps in here. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Our bed and the living area of the Pool Villa at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

At the start, having no doors to separate from the “bedroom” felt a bit weird. It felt like we were sleeping in a HUGE bedroom for the first night. Haha! It just needs a slight getting used to, that’s all. We did not put down the blinds in the living area, and sunlight came pouring into our room the following day. What a way to wake up. And what a view to see when we were up the next day! (≧◡≦)

Beautiful Private Cabana and Pool

We opened our eyes to the blinding sunlight and spotted the lovely private cabana and pool in front of us through the living room sliding doors. Since we arrived so late at night, we couldn’t see how beautiful it was. But when day time came, it looked AMAZING. The private cabana is the smaller version of the sunset cabana and is built at the end of the private pool. Together with the clear blue sky, the whole scene was exactly what we expected and more. (★ω★)

A view of the private cabana at the end of the private pool of our Pool Villa and a flower among the greenery

From the private cabana, we could probably spot the Indian Ocean in the distance. But sadly, as I mentioned, the Pool Villas do not have a direct view of the Indian Ocean since they are not built over the cliffside. So, while hanging out at the private cabana, you could probably do some people watch, if any, as guests or staff pass by the pavement below. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The private cabana and our view from the cabana at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

If hanging out outdoors is not a thing for you, there is also an indoor cabana, which is part of the living area! We used this area a lot since it could get a bit too hot to sit under the private outdoor cabana. We push aside the sliding doors, and now the indoor cabana is at the other end of the pool! I love sitting there and sometimes dip my legs into the pool. I freaking love this whole open-concept design of the villa. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

The indoor cabana at the living area and our soft toys posing for the camera

Luxurious Bathroom and Amenities

The bathroom area is huge as well. As if having a bathtub is not enough, the villa has not one but TWO shower areas! One is indoor, and another is outdoor. If having two shower areas already sounds luxurious, imagine having one of the most heavenly-smelling bathroom amenities! w(°o°)w Alila Villas Uluwatu kept surprising us in this villa. Haha!

The two shower areas and bathtub at our Pool Villa at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

The resort provided bathroom amenities in His and Her collection. This means the amenities for you and your partner are different, as each collection has a signature smell. It doesn’t matter which collection; both smell so good! Besides the basic bathroom amenities, there are lip balms, sunscreen, sun tanning oil and sun cooling gels. This is such a thoughtful act since many guests will be using the pool a lot under the sun. Insect repellents and masque are also provided! Thoughtfulness is definitely one of the reasons why I love staying at Alila’s properties. ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝

The bathroom and the bathroom amenities at our Pool Villa

Restaurants at Alila Villas Uluwatu

Dining with a View at CIRE

Breakfast is part of our stay with Alila Villas Uluwatu; if you stay here, you should NEVER miss breakfast! We could choose multiple items from the ala carte menu, and everything was so good. The best thing about dining at CIRE was that we could enjoy a view of the Indian Ocean from where we sat. It was such a luxury. (´ ω `♡)

Some of the breakfast item we had at CIRE, a restaurant at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

Besides having our breakfast at CIRE, we also had a complimentary dinner at CIRE. I have to confess I don’t remember much about this meal. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) But I remembered a wedding dinner inside the CIRE while we took a table outside. The whole setup looks so grand and beautiful inside! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

Indonesian and Balinese Food at The Warung

We had a spa package that included an after-spa healthy lunch at The Warung. As with everything we had at Alila Villas Uluwatu, the food here was just as amazing. I was expecting a bland meal since it was supposed to be healthy. But what came out was amazingly delicious and flavourful. If healthy food meant having such amazing food, I don’t mind having them daily. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The food that we had at The Warung after our spa

Also, typically, bread is served before food arrives at our table at resorts of a certain standard. But at The Warung, they serve chips with different dips in a Congklak, a traditional Indonesian game. This is such a unique idea! Using a traditional game as a food holder for an Indonesian/Balinese-themed restaurant. Alila just kept giving us all these little surprises and making our stay so enjoyable. ( ´ ω ` ) After this stay, hubs and I also fell in love with eating chips with belacan. You should try it out, too, if you have the chance!

A view of the seating area at The Warung and the pre-meal chips and dips served at restaurant at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

Chilling at the Sunset Cabana Bar

I don’t remember the Sunset Cabana being a bar when we stayed there. But it seems like it is a thing now at Alila Villas Uluwatu. I think that is quite cool since you can get a drink and chill in the cabana while watching the Indian Ocean and sunset over the horizon. Hubs and I love to come here every day due to the view. Since the cabana is not fully sheltered at the top, you can lie on the sofa and look up at the sky while listening to the sound of the waves. This is definitely a good hangout spot in the evening.

The Sunset Cabana and a view of the Indian Ocean

Since the Sunset Cabana is an icon of the resort, wedding couples love to use this space for their solemnisation. We saw celebrities doing it, and we also saw it in real life when we were there. This spot makes for some gorgeous photos. ( ´ ▽ ` )

A view of the Sunset Cabana during sunset and a solemnisation setup at the cabana at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

Spa and Wellness Facilities in Alila Villas Uluwatu

Alila Spa, the Best We Have Ever Had

Alila has one of the BEST spa experiences that we have ever had. Since our visit to Alila Cha-Am, it has become a must for us to check out Alila Spa whenever there is one near us. There is so much I want to talk about that I wrote a separate post to share my experience! Check out my post on Alila Spa to find out how amazing their spa is! P.S. Until this day, their spa is still number one in our hearts! (´ ε ` )♡

Other Public Wellness Facilities

If you get bored of swimming in your private pool, you will be glad to know that there is an infinity pool that overlooks the Indian Ocean! Sadly, we did not take a dip in this pool since I feel shy in a public pool. (*/ω\) I am regretting it now, though. So don’t be like me and get into the public pool to enjoy the view!

A view of the infinity pool and the Indian Ocean

Daily complimentary yoga classes are included in our stay with Alila Villas Uluwatu. I didn’t know much about yoga in the past, so hubs and I did not check this out. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) And if you are thinking of getting some fitness routine in, there is also a 24-hour gym in the resort! I didn’t work out or lift weights in the past, so I was not attracted by it. If it is me now, I would definitely want to do at least one workout there, if possible!

Overall Experience at Alila Villas Uluwatu

All in all, hubs and I had such an amazing stay at Alila Villas Uluwatu. Writing this now made me want to go back there! I want to jump into the pool at the Pool Villa to have a dip or check out the Sunset Cabana to have a drink while listening to the waves. We have NEVER had a bad experience with Alila’s properties. They were amazing and usually exceeded our expectations, be it the accommodation we stayed in, the spa we had or the staff’s service standard. If you are looking for a luxurious stay in Uluwatu, I highly recommend booking a stay with Alila Villas Uluwatu. I promise you will never regret it. (´• ω •`) ♡

Our soft toys posing in front of the camera and the sundeck in front of the pool at the front of CIRE, a restaurant at Alila Villas Uluwatu, a resort in Bali

Information about Alila Villas Uluwatu


Since you have made an effort to read until the end of the post, you must be interested in staying at Alila Villas Uluwatu. To reward you, I shall share something I found while searching for information on Alila Villas Uluwatu. This article was published in 2012 on DestinAsia. According to the author, even though all the pool villas are probably priced at the same price, some villas are apparently having a better view than others.

These pool villas are built on different rows/elevations, with a total of four rows. Based on the author, the villas beginning with the number 4 have the best view since they are at the top row, of which 408 and 409 are the best. If those are already taken, 404 to 407 are the second-best alternatives. Villas 310 to 313 on the third row have the best views, while 220 on the second row is the best.

We stayed at Pool Villa 311; honestly, I don’t really know what the author meant by best view. Haha! I mean, we can see a bit of the Indian Ocean from the private cabana. But other than that, there wasn’t much of a view. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) I can’t really verify the information, but I guess there is no harm in trying your luck with this information! I hope this little tip will help you with your plan to stay at Alila Villas Uluwatu!


☎️ Phone Number: +62 361 848 2166
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