After visiting Kuala Lumpur’s Little India, it was time to check out its Chinatown at Petaling Street! Knowing that it might be similar to Singapore’s Chinatown, we decided to check out Petaling Street mainly for its food. So sit back and let me share with you what Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown is like. (´• ω •`)ノ

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How to Get to Petaling Street

The nearest LRT station from Petaling Street is Pasar Seni. Hubs and I, however, decided to walk from our apartment at Swiss Garden Residences instead. It took us about 15 to 20 minutes to get there, and honestly, I was kind of regretting it mid-way there. Haha! Putting aside having to walk beside the busy road with sometimes non-existent pavement, it was just too hot to walk outside. So by the time we reached Petaling Street, I was sweating buckets. (×_×)

First Impression of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown

When we got there, it was still early, so a lot of shop owners were still busy setting up their shops. And as expected, Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown is pretty similar to Singapore’s Chinatown. Petaling Street is made up of shops selling either food or touristy stuff. And when I mean touristy stuff, I mean things like bags, accessories and perfumes kind of thing.

The signage of Petaling Street and the shops along the street of Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown

I have compared Singapore’s Chinatown with Bangkok’s one before, and I would say the same about Petaling Street. The vibe here doesn’t give me the feeling that I am in Chinatown. It is less modernised than Singapore but doesn’t have as much character as Bangkok. I honestly think, so far, that Bangkok’s Chinatown has the best vibe to it. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Food that We Tried in Petaling Street

Anyway, tourists are supposed to do touristy things. That is also why hubs and I decided to come here, even though we know that it would be similar to Singapore. Since we are already here, we might as well shortlist some famous food in Petaling Street to try as well~! (´• ω •`)

Asam Laksa Petaling Street

We saw Flora and Note, our favourite travel YouTuber, visiting this food stall at Petaling Street with a local guide. So hubs and I decided to check out this place as well. When we got here, there were already quite some people dining in there. And without thinking too much, we got a table “indoors”. And oh boy, we regretted this decision SO MUCH! ٩(× ×)۶

Once we sat down, it was like we entered a greenhouse. The “indoors” of this food stall is just a tarp over the seating area. There were fans around the whole place, but it was way too stuffy to feel comfortable in there. We really wanted to try the noodles, so we decided to just continue getting our order.

The interior of Asam Laksa Petaling Street, one of the food to try at Petaling Street, and the staff preparing the noodles

We got the Curry Noodle and Asam Laksa. Interestingly, the curry noodle has fish maw in it, and I LOVE it so much! The asam laksa came with a HUGE piece of fish. I have to say the stall is really generous with its ingredients! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ We learnt from the video to mix both gravies together to get a deeper umami, and it really works! The curry flavour mixed with the tangy taste from the asam laksa creates a totally different flavour that was so good.

The curry noodles and asam laksa at Asam Laksa Petaling Street, one of the food stalls to try at Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown

If not for the stuffy environment, hubs and I would have enjoyed this meal more. We were sweating buckets while having the two bowls of hot noodles. I was trying to finish it as fast as possible, but it was just too hot. So you have been warned! (´-ω-`)

Petaling Street Apek’s Apam

Following Flora and Note’s footsteps, we decided to check out the stall that sells peanut pancakes after our sweaty noodles meal. (*/ω\) I, for one, love the traditional Chinese peanut pancakes and was looking forward to trying it from this stall. We also bought some mini coconut pancakes from them as well, which turned out to be better than the peanut ones. Haha!

The stall owners of Petaling Street Apek's Apam, one of the food stalls to try at Petaling Street for its peanut and coconut pancakes

We saw some tourists asking the stall if there was any dip to go with the pancake. These pancakes are simply eaten like that! The peanut fillings already gave the peanut a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. We loved the light coconut flavour from the mini pancakes. So, if you are looking for some light snacks, you can consider giving this stall a try! ( ´ ω ` )

Overall Experience at Petaling Street

As I have mentioned, I think Petaling Street is really similar to Singapore’s Chinatown. It just doesn’t give off the vibe that you are IN Chinatown. If you have the chance, you should definitely visit Bangkok and its Chinatown for its variety of food and vibrancy. That is what I call a real Chinatown. I wouldn’t say it’s not worth it to visit Petaling Street since it is, after all, Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown. But just visit it with less expectation, and you should be fine. (´• ω •`)

In some upcoming posts, I will be sharing my experience dining at this place called Malayan Garden as well as the famous Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles restaurant. So do keep a lookout for them! (@´ー`)ノ゙

Information about Food Stalls at Petaling Street


⏰ Opening Hours: 12.30 PM – 7.30 PM (Wed-Mon), Closed on Tuesdays


⏰ Opening Hours: 11 AM – 6 PM

Bonus: Lorong Petaling Street Art

Since a lot of stalls were not open when we got to Petaling Street, hubs and I decided to walk down the street to see what we could find. And that was when we saw this pretty-looking spot at Lorong Petaling 2. There are a lot of red lanterns and a wall mural depicting an old Kuala Lumpur street. Of all things, I think this spot was the most attractive in Chinatown. I recommend coming here to just take some photos.

The mural/street art at Lorong Petaling 2

After you are done, you can consider having a cup of coffee at Pik Wah Bar & Cafe. This cafe is sort of known for its claypot coffee, so you can give it a try. Just so you know, we were keeping our tummy space for food, so we did not try this place out. If this place is not good, don’t come for me! (*/ω\)

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