Phin Coffee & Restaurant, A Charming Cafe Hidden in the Alley of Hoi An

Written by Katherine

March 27, 2024
Last Updated on April 3, 2024

It was a struggle trying to find Phin Coffee & Restaurant in the alleys of Hoi An! Hubs and I nearly “fought” while trying to find our way there. ٩(× ×)۶ Luckily, just then, we spotted an inconspicuous directional sign pointing us in the direction of the hidden cafe. Crisis averted, and it was time to enjoy some Vietnamese coffee and light snacks here! (*/ω\)


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Why Visit Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An?

If you didn’t know, Vietnam is known for its coffee. Just Hoi An itself, we have seen countless cafes! It was tough to decide which one was the best to visit. We did a quick search for cafes to visit in Hoi An, and we spotted a lot of reviews mentioning Phin Coffee & Restaurant. Reviews on Google were also quite positive, so hubs and I locked our eyes on it and decided to check it out! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Getting Lost in the Alleys of Hoi An

Phin Coffee & Restaurant was a short 6-minute walk from our accommodation. We thought it would be easy to find based on Google Maps directions. But once we got into the small alleys, we started to get lost—oh, so lost. Haha! (・・;)ゞ We were walking by people’s houses and wondered where this cafe was?! I admit that I was starting to doubt hubs’ directions during the search, and I blame the crazy hot weather for making me act up. (x_x)

Some photos taken in Hoi An's alley

We continued walking, and lo and behold, we spotted the sign pointing us to Phin Coffee & Restaurant! I wished I had taken photos of the sign, but I couldn’t wait to get to the cafe at that point in time. Sorry, you have to find your way there~! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) It was all good once we saw that directional sign, as the cafe was at the end of the alley. Phew. It’s not a good start for our first food spot in Hoi An. Luckily, the drinks and food we had here made up for our experience finding this place~!

Coffee and Food We Had at Phin Coffee Hoi An

When we reached Phin Coffee & Restaurant, there was only one other table of diners. The cafe has a second floor, but we chose a table on the ground floor for convenience. As our first food spot in Vietnam, we, of course, had to order Vietnamese coffee! (´• ω •`)ノ So what did we order? The well-known egg coffee~! Since I knew we were visiting Vietnam, I have been looking forward to trying this special coffee that is only found in Vietnam. (☆ω☆) Besides coffee, we also had some light snacks to go with our coffee since we weren’t too hungry, and we got some spring rolls and a slice of cake.

Enjoying Our First Cup of Coffee in Vietnam

When the Coconut Egg Coffee was served, we were intrigued by its appearance. It has a glossy layer, unlike the usual milk foam in our regular cup of coffee. Unlike regular egg coffee, where the thick foam layer is a mixture of egg yolk and sweetened condensed milk, coconut egg coffee replaces the milk with coconut syrup and brown sugar. The foam is then spooned on top of the espresso in the cup.

The Coconut Egg Coffee we had at Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An

A sip of the coffee brought a lot of sweetness into my mouth, with a slight hint of coconut. As expected, it was SUPER sweet. Haha! Luckily, it was the type of sweetness I could accept, though I still couldn’t drink too much of it. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) One thing you have to remember when drinking egg coffee is to STIR IT! Hubs and I drank away much of the foam, and much of the espresso was still left in the cup. Imagine the amount of bitterness that followed after all the sweetness. Oh dear. (*/ω\)

Besides the coconut egg coffee, hubs also ordered the Phin Coffee. Condensed milk and ice were served on the side, together with the drip coffee. Hubs chose Robusta, which was stronger and more bitter than Arabica. The coffee was unexpectedly bitter. Haha! It’s good that they served condensed milk on the side for us to mix in with our coffee!

The Phin Coffee that my husband ordered at the cafe

We poured all the condensed milk into the coffee, and it is now perfect! The bitterness was perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the condensed milk. Our first cup of Vietnamese coffee was at Co Hai Banh Mi in Singapore, and this coffee reminded me of the amazing one we had back then. If you are a coffee lover, you will definitely love Vietnamese coffee! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

First Taste of Vietnamese Spring Roll in Vietnam!

I always think non-deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls taste bland, so we usually opt for deep-fried ones in Singapore. So, it was interesting that we chose to have the non-deep-fried spring rolls here at Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An. Haha!

We got the Summer Spring Roll with Steamed Prawns. The texture of the skin is soft and springy. Is that why it is called SPRING roll? Haha! (*/ω\) As expected of Vietnamese cuisine, there was a generous amount of mint and vegetables in the spring roll. I am not a vegetable lover, but I love the spring rolls we got here. The combination of the skin, vegetables and steamed prawns made it a rather light yet delicious dish to pair with our coffee. Hubs, on the other hand, thought that it was pretty average. ヽ(´ー` )┌

The banana cake, plain water and spring rolls with prawns that we ate at Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An

Besides the spring rolls, we also ordered a slice of Banana Cake. This was one of the recommended items based on reviews on Google. To be honest? Hubs and I thought it was okay. The cake was quite thick and dense, but it didn’t wow us. I would say it is good to have this with coffee, but nothing more. (´• ω •`)

Things Worth Mentioning about Phin Coffee & Restaurant, Hoi An

Portable Fan in the Restaurant for the Hot Weather

They said you should visit Central Vietnam in July. We did. And then we got “burnt” by the crazy hot weather. Haha! The weather was no joke here in Hoi An in July! We asked one of our tour guides if this is normal for July weather, and she said the week we were there was the hottest period in Hoi An. Okay, I guess we picked the “right” dates to come, huh? ٩(× ×)۶

As Singaporeans, we are used to air-conditioning in most of our cafes and restaurants, considering our hot and humid weather all year round. So, hubs and I were surprised that most places in Hoi An are not air-conditioned! With the blazing sun, the last thing we wanted was to sit inside cafes and restaurants and sweat our butts out.

The portable fan beside our table and the seating on the ground floor

When we visited Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An, the temperature for the day was 37 freaking degrees Celsius. That’s why you can’t blame me for being “on fire” while finding our way to the cafe! (´・ᴗ・ ` ) But luckily, fans were on standby all around the cafe! Once we were seated, the staff shifted a fan over and started blasting it towards us. If not for the fan, we would have melted into a pool of sweat right there. Haha! (x_x)

Beautiful Second Floor for More Tables

Out of curiosity, we checked out the cafe’s second floor to see what’s up there. When we got to the second floor, we were surprised to see many pots of beautiful succulent plants! If the weather weren’t so hot, it would be nice to have a cup of coffee and cake among the plants while doing some people-watching of diners on the ground floor. It was definitely a vibe up here. ( ´ ω ` )

The tables on the second floor, some pots of succulent plants and a view from the second floor at Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An

If you visit Phin Coffee & Restaurant during the super hot weather in Hoi An, I suggest sitting on the ground floor. Almost the whole second floor was exposed to the sun, making it super hot. Alternatively, you might want to consider coming during the night instead. Hopefully, it will be cooler by then.

Fascinating Corner of Ceramic Cups

Besides the beautiful succulent plants on the second floor, Phin Coffee & Restaurant has a section with a wide variety of ceramic cups! Each cost 50,000 VND (~2.70 SGD), and they looked so cute! Hubs and I were tempted to get some home but decided against it now. Now that I think about it, I should have gotten two for fun so that I can use them for photography purposes. Boohoo! (´-ω-`)

A peek into the kitchen and the ceramic cups on sale at the cafe

Master Class to Learn about Vietnamese Coffee!

I didn’t know about this before our visit, but the restaurant has a Vietnamese Coffee Master Class! The information can be found on the website and their menu. It costs 550,000 VND (~30 SGD) per pax, with a minimum of 2 pax and a maximum of 6 pax for a class. Not only do you get to learn about coffee in Vietnam, but you also get to learn how to make cold brew and the infamous coconut egg coffee! I think it is quite interesting and would have been tempted to try it if we had known earlier. Imagine making coconut egg coffee at home on the weekends! Woohoo~! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Overall Experience at Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An

Putting aside the “getting lost” experience and the scorching weather, hubs and I enjoyed coffee and light snacks at Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An. The coffee was good, and our spring rolls were so yummy. Since the cafe opens early, many Google reviewers have mentioned coming here for breakfast. Whether you are coming here for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I hope the weather is kind to you so you can enjoy a meal on the second floor by the beautiful pots of succulent plants~! (@´ー`)ノ゙

The entrance of Phin Coffee & Restaurant in Hoi An and all the food and drinks we had at the cafe

About Phin Coffee & Restaurant, Hoi An


⏰ Opening Hours: 8 AM – 9.30 PM
☎️ Phone Number: +84 919 882 783
💲 Coconut Egg Coffee & Phin Coffee: 45,000 VND each (~2.40 SGD) | Summer Rolls: 95,000 VND (~5.20 SGD)
📒 Coffee Class | Full Menu of Phin Coffee & Restaurant – click on each thumbnail below to expand the image

You can find out more about Phin Coffee & Restaurant here:
🔎 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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