Rise: A Cafe for the Best Coffee and Desserts Indulgence

Written by Katherine

March 1, 2023
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Hubs and I were visiting my relative on a Lunar New Year weekend. Not wanting to waste the trip out (since we rarely go out), we decided to find ourselves a cafe to visit. And that was how we came by Rise, a cafe with striking aesthetics and food. Read on to find out what we ate and why I think you should give this cafe a visit! (^0^)ノ

UPDATE (Aug 2023)

This amazing cafe now has a flagship store called Rise Bakehouse at TripleOne Somerset! So, if you want to try out their amazing coffee and desserts, you can consider dropping by this outlet in town instead. I look forward to visiting this outlet once I have a chance to share my experience with you~! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

Rise, An Aesthetically-Pleasing Cafe with Amazing Food & Drinks

Rise is located in the heartlands of Potong Pasir. Getting there is only a short 3-minute walk from the Potong Pasir MRT station. We dropped by the cafe around 12+ PM and there were still quite some seats. Once we walked through the cafe door, I was mesmerised by the interior design of the cafe. Peach/pink was the main tone used throughout the cafe and everything looked so pleasant to the eyes. Even the coffee machine is in the peach/pink tone! (*♡∀♡)

The interior design of Rise cafe

Lucky us got one of the best seats in the cafe by sitting beside the window. There are four outdoor seats by the window. Luckily there was no one there so with the natural light coming through the window, we were in quite a good spot for some photo-taking. I even got hubs to help take a photo of me through the window and he did a good job. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The exterior of Rise cafe

Amazingly Good Coffee and Fantastic Dessert

We knew what we wanted for our drink but we didn’t know what dessert to order as everything looked so delicious. Eventually, we decided to get the Pistachio Honeycomb cake and Shizuoka Genmaicha ice cream to go with our Flat White. I kid you not when I say everything we had was AMAZING. I don’t think I have ever been to a cafe that has everything so good. (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

The cake selection and what we ordered at Rise cafe

First up, the Flat White was amazingly good. The coffee was strong but yet not so strong. There was a perfect balance between the coffee and milk. If you are a flat white-lover, you definitely have to order this when you are here. The Pistachio Honeycomb cake looked like a simple sponge cream cake but it was more than a sponge cream cake. There were a lot of pistachios mixed in the cream. And every bite of the cake brings a light taste of pistachio into your mouth. There was even a small piece of honeycomb as well as pistachio on top of the cake! I love these little details that the cafe has put in. For someone who does not have a very sweet tooth, I love this cake so much. (´ ω `♡)

Our flat white with latte art and Pistachio Honeycomb cake at Rise cafe

Lastly was the Shizuoka Genmaicha ice cream and as a genmaicha lover, this was probably my favourite out of everything. Instead of the strong and bitter taste of matcha, in comparison, genmaicha tasted milder and lighter. As the ice cream melts in my mouth, the taste of the genmaicha comes through as an aftertaste. It was so delightful as I never thought genmaicha could be made into an ice cream flavour. Rise cafe did it right, so much so that I could buy a tub of it if they sell it. Haha! (♡ε♡)۶

Our Shizuoka Genmaicha ice cream and the cones in glass containers at the counter at Rise cafe

Overall Experience at Rise Cafe

I absolutely recommend checking out Rise cafe! You’ll love the cosy and beautiful atmosphere while enjoying your coffee and dessert. And, to top it off, their food and drinks are simply amazing! As we enjoyed our amazing dessert and drink, there was a constant flow of customers coming in to buy either coffee or dessert. And as we were leaving the cafe, a lot of people started to come in. I supposed people were ready to enjoy coffee and dessert after lunch. So do drop by during the off-peak hours to get good seats if you are coming on a weekend! (´• ω •`) ♡

A photo taken of me through the glass and the price chart at Rise cafe

Information about Rise cafe

Opening Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM (Sun – Thurs), 10 AM – 9 PM (Fri – Sat)

You can find out more about Rise here:
Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

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