Simple Luxury at a Private Island off Bintan – Cempedak Island

Written by Katherine

March 16, 2022
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Having been to Nikoi Island, a private island off Bintan Island, we were happy to know that it would be having a sister island – Cempedak Island! (*♡∀♡)

Cempedak Island branded itself as an adult-only resort, which is a plus point for us! So if you’re like us and prefer a child-free experience in a resort, this is the place for you. Otherwise, you can visit the amazing Nikoi Island with you’re travelling with children. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Image Credit: Cempedak Island

We decided to book a 4D3N stay with Cempedak Island in 2018, one year after its opening. This is a super backdated post so what I have written would be based on whatever I could remember. (*/ω\)


Cempedak Island Package, What’s In and What’s Not

We booked our stay directly with Cempedak Island and their package DOES NOT include the ferry tickets. Here is a breakdown of what our package with Cempedak Island includes:

  • One-bedroom Beach Villa with Private Plunge Pool
  • Daily Board which includes 3 meals and most activities such as the use of kayaks, sailing dinghies, beginner windsurfers and snorkelling equipment
  • Return transfer from Bintan Ferry Terminal to Cempedak Island.

Since we would be on a private island, it is mandatory to opt-in for the daily board. Similarly for the return transfer. So I always thought it was odd for them to list these two items as optional items for you to opt in. I have just checked their website seems like to date, the same is still being done. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Feeling Like a VIP Upon Arrival~!

We booked our ferry based on the timings given by Cempedak Island. Similar to Nikoi Island, guests could use the VIP Lounge at the Bintan Ferry Terminal upon arrival. We just need to approach the lounge and meet Cempedak Island’s representative, and they took care of everything for us including picking up our luggage. (´• ω •`) ♡

Each couple/family would get its own land transport so we could enjoy our ride to Cempedak Island’s jetty. YES, they got their own jetty, shared with Nikoi Island, and it was beautiful! This came as a surprise to us since Nikoi Island didn’t have its own jetty in the past.

The jetty area was nicely decorated with a seating area for guests to rest while we wait for our water transport to be ready to bring us to the beautiful island. In case you need to know, they had a nice and clean toilet as well, very in line with their theme. (☆ω☆)

Checking In to Cempedak Island and Got A Surprise?!

After being warmly welcomed by the lovely staff, we were led to the restaurant area to do our check-in. The manager was asking us how we know about Cempedak Island during our check-in. We told him that we have stayed at Nikoi Island twice hence our visit to Cempedak Island. He then mentioned that he used to work at Nikoi Island and a lot of staff there are at Cempedak Island now. Upon matching up the time when he was at Nikoi Island and our stay there, we realised our timing matched. Then we mentioned a super memorable incident that happened on Nikoi Island during our stay.

The Nikoi Island Incident

Back then, we were out exploring Nikoi Island and came to a rocky area. While walking towards the pool area, babe slipped and fall on the rocky area, causing him to dislocate his elbow. I remembered going crazy and not knowing what to do. Lucky for us, there was a staff at the pool area who noticed my frantic waving and came to our rescue. Also lucky for us, Nikoi Island was having their first aid lesson that day so a first aid expert was there to help once the staff radioed in. We ended up having to take a speedboat to a traditional doctor’s house to fix babe’s dislocated elbow since the hospital is too far away. I followed along and of ‘cos I was already crying like mad during then. o(〒﹏〒)o

When we were back on Nikoi Island, a lot of people gathered to welcome us back. And… They all sang me a birthday song to cheer me up ‘cos yes, it was on my birthday. Hahaha! What a way to remember my birthday. But honestly, we are always grateful for how great the staff handled the whole incident. (´ ω `♡)

The rocky area at Nikoi Island and babe with his elbow sling the day after

Needless to say, this whole incident triggered the manager’s memory and he remembered us! Haha! I don’t know if that’s good or not. (*/▽\*)

Meeting Up with Babe’s Saviour

The manager told us the staff is actually working at Cempedak Island now! He was not at the resort so we didn’t have a chance to meet him. During our check-out, we checked again and sadly it was his off day. But then we had a surprise at the jetty when he appeared there! Someone called and informed him so he came to the jetty to meet us. It was so great to see the person who saved babe and we had to take a photo to commemorate. (´• ω •`) ♡

Onwards to Our Beach Villa!

Enough of reminiscing, time to jump into exploring our villa! There are two types of accommodation on the island, one is the beach villa and the other is the sea view villa. As we wanted something closer to the beach, we opted for the beach villa.

The beach villa is just right beside the beach but sadly, the beach was rather rocky. Would have been better if it came with a sandy beach so we could sit and chill there.

Every villa on the island has its private pool so needless to say, we spent most of our time in the pool! We even brought along our unicorn float for the trip! (*´▽`*)

A Time for Some Detox…

Other than the rocky beach, everything else about the villa was fantastic. There are two toilets in the villa so you need not keep walking up and down the stairs to visit the toilet. Convenient when you just want to hang out at level 1 of the villa, which we did A LOT! We would just be lying on the sofa and the sea breeze and sound of the lapping waves would put us to sleep. (-.-)…zzz

There is no TV or aircon in this resort. I don’t remember if WiFi is available in the villa but it was a good time to do some digital detox. An iPad is provided so you could play music while chilling in the resort. We had a similar experience at Nikoi Island and we love it. Nowadays we are so attached to our digital devices that I think coming to such places really forces you to just simply enjoy. Also, a good reason to tell your boss that you cannot be contacted. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

A Big Bug Problem

There is a set of sliding doors you could close to keep the wind out at night in the bedroom. But sadly, to allow for better ventilation, the bedroom is not fully enclosed. This also means that you would be greeted by bugs at night, even though we are not located in a forest area. But we are after all located on a tropical island. (ノД`)

I don’t like bugs. I would say I hate them and they are my nemesis hence I would usually prefer to visit resorts that have fewer greens to avoid having issues. From our experience at Nikoi Island, I already know that there would be bugs, usually in the bathroom since there are bugs that would be attracted to light.

BUT we had it worse on Cempedak Island. There would be these beetles that would fly in and started hitting the walls before they dropped to the floor. That is not even the most disturbing thing. To make things worse, the mosquito net on the bed doesn’t work. We had mosquitoes flying into our bed, with the net down, and the buzzing sound kept us awake. We didn’t have a good sleep the first night and the second night, we had to use mosquito patches to keep the netting more tightly closed. You get the idea. We would be fending off bugs and mosquitoes for some time before we could sleep. And I would wake up with mosquito bites. (╥_╥)

We brought up this issue to the staff during breakfast when she spotted the bite marks on my arm and she mentioned the resort was already trying to fumigate and mitigate this issue. Hopefully, they have already solved this mosquito issue. (″ロ゛)

Daily Board, Daily Indonesian Fusion Cuisine

There is only one restaurant on the island and all meals are served there. Since we have been to Nikoi Island, where dining is a communal setting, I thought it would be the same at Cempedak Island. Lucky for me, every couple is seated at separate tables! Yay to this ‘cos I am very bad at making small talks and brings about a lot of stress while eating. (*/ω\)

The daily menu displayed at the entrance of the restaurant on mini chalkboards would change based on the available ingredients in the local market. If you do not like certain items on the menu, you could inform the staff about it in advance for them to make changes. Besides having their egg fresh from their farm, Cempedak Island even has an organic farm for fresh herbs! (*´▽`*)

Food at Cempedak Island is a fusion of Indonesian and international flavours. Sometimes it felt like a fine dining experience as Indonesian food came out looking super exquisite. Since the resort support sustainability, all its drinks come with bamboo-made straws. I was so tempted to keep them and was glad to know that they sell them at their shop. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Overall Experience

Being a 4D3N stay, I was surprised I didn’t capture more photos of the island and its activities. Not sure what I was thinking or doing back then but I do hope to go back to Cempedak Island again in future. That is until I know for certain they have solved the mosquito issue. That is the only thing that is putting us off from visiting the island again. 〜(><)〜

Other than that teething issue, everything else about Cempedak Island was fantastic. I didn’t mention enough but the service at the resort was top-notch. When the staff spotted my mosquito bites, she helped me to put on some ointment to help ease the itch. We have requested a yoga mat to use in the villa since the island does not have a gym. We were informed during check-in that the mat would be brought to us from the main island since they don’t have it in their resort. How sweet of them to try to accommodate our request. (´ ∀ ` *) Not forgetting the food was amazing. Almost every single dish brought out from the kitchen was a surprise. Some might be simple but they never disappoint. (´• ω •`) ♡

Information about Cempedak Island


☎️ Phone Number: +62 811 7008 040
📧 Email:

You can find out more about Cempedak Island here:
🔎 Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

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