Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles: A Must-Try in KL

Written by Katherine

December 6, 2023
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Since Singapore and Malaysia have a lot of similar food, I was looking for food that is unique to Malaysia. Of the many blogs I have come across, beef noodle is a highly recommended food. Many people are mentioning two eateries, Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee and Soong Kee Beef Noodles. Interested to know which beef noodle is better? Keep reading, as I have the answer for you! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


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Visiting Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles in Chinatown

A quick search shows that both eateries are in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown. Hubs and I had plans to try out some food stalls there, so we were worried that we could overeat. Then I saw that Soong Kee Beef Noodles has a branch at Lot 10 Hutong! So we decided only to check out Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles when we visited Chinatown.

A Crowded Eatery with a Constant Flow of Customers

When we got to the eatery, it was around 1 PM. Hubs and I usually avoid lunchtime since most eateries will be crowded. I thought lunchtime was already over, but apparently not! The eatery still looked packed when we got there. w(°o°)w

We waited a short while before the staff got us to share a table with two other diners at the back of the eatery. I actually liked where we were seated, as I could take photos without disturbing other diners. I could also capture some shots of the eatery’s interior from my angle. (´• ω •`)

The cooking station and the interior of Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles

Besides tourists, I also see that many locals like to visit this place for a quick meal. There was a constant flow of people coming to dine in the eatery, as well as people doing takeaways at the counter. The cooking station hardly has time to rest before the next customer arrives.

Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee vs Soong Kee Beef Noodles

Dry Noodles Comparison

We got the dry noodle, beef ball soup and beef & ball soup. Hubs and I tried Soong Kee’s dry noodles at Lot 10 Hutong, and the flavour of the sauce was too much for me. After one mouthful of the noodles at Soong Kee, I could hardly take another bite. Since we tried this before we visited Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee, I was hoping and praying that the dry noodles here would not be as disappointing.

A visual comparison of the dry noodles we had at Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles and the one we had at Soong Kee at Lot 10 Hutong
Visual Comparison: Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee vs Soong Kee Beef Noodles

And thankfully, it turned out great! I absolutely LOVE the dry noodles here! The minced meat sauce was flavourful and yet not too overpowering in taste. If I wasn’t so full from all the food that we had at the Petaling Street Market, I was tempted to have one bowl of noodles for myself. That is how much I love it. (´• ω •`) ♡

Beef Balls Comparison

The beef balls at both places are comparable to one another. The former’s are denser in comparison. But other than that, both tasted quite good. I wanted to try the beef slices, so we also had a bowl of beef and ball soup. And my oh my, the beef slices were so tender! Hubs said the slices had a beefy taste, but I couldn’t taste it. Haha! Maybe I wasn’t as sensitive to it. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The beef ball and beef & ball soup we had at Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles

I also wanted to try the beef slices at Soong Kee, but we only ended up ordering the beef balls. So, sadly, I couldn’t make the comparison. But if the beef balls are comparable, I THINK the beef slices might be similar. Anyway, I love the soup at Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee much better than Soong Kee’s. It tasted lighter, and somehow, it reminded me of the pork soup that my mum used to make for us at home. (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Is Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Better than Soong Kee?

Without a doubt, hubs and I both prefer the noodles at Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles. But to be fair to Soong Kee, we did not try its noodles at the main stall, so there might be some differences. Anyway, I highly recommend adding an order of beef slices and ball soup so you can have the best of both worlds when dining here! I think it is good to pair a bowl of soup with the dry noodles, giving a good balance to your meal. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

A street view of Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee Beef Noodles

Bonus: Checking Out Central Market

After a super-filling adventure in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, hubs and I ended our journey at Central Market. This place is good for tourists looking to buy back souvenirs in a comfortable environment, i.e., an air-conditioned environment. Other than that, I don’t see what is the draw of the Central Market. The things that each shop sells started to repeat itself after a while. We did not explore much before we decided that it was time to head back to our apartment. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The exterior and interior of Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, near to Chinatown

Information about Sin Kiew Yee Shin Kee & Soong Kee Beef Noodles


⏰ Opening Hours: 10.30 AM – 4.30 PM (Thurs-Tues), Closed on Wednesdays
☎️ Phone Number: +60 12 673 7318


⏰ Opening Hours: 11 AM – 9.30 PM (Mon-Sat), Closed on Sundays
☎️ Phone Number: +60 14 967 1945

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