A lot of Singaporeans love to visit Bintan Island for a short getaway with a resort stay and the island has so many resorts to offer. We are one of those who would prefer to stay away from the mainstream resorts as we would also prefer to get away from Singaporeans. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Since I am only writing about it now, 2+ years after our stay at the resort, I don’t remember how we came by The Residence Bintan. (*/ω\) The resort name most probably caught our attention as we have seen The Residence branding while doing our Maldives research previously. So onwards to share with you about our resort stay with The Residence Bintan! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶


I have a more in-depth three-part series on The Residence Bintan for you! We stayed at two of the resort’s pool villas and enjoyed almost 90% of the food! We did not do much there, but I still shared some activities that you can do there.

The Residence Bintan Stay Package

We booked our stay through KENT Holidays since their package was cheaper and included ferry tickets. Since it was a newer resort in Bintan, we wanted to give it a try with only a 2D1N stay. Here is a quick breakdown of what our package includes:

  • One night stay at Beach Front Villa (with pool)
  • Breakfast for two
  • Ferry tickets for two
  • Two-way land transfer

Let’s Go to The Residence Bintan~!

As usual, we have opted for the early ferry ride to Bintan so that we would be able to enjoy more resort time. From the Bintan ferry terminal, it was then 1.5 hours of land transport to the resort. Though long, I usually love long rides like this so that I could enjoy the local scenery. The plus point of this ride? Welcome cookies were given to keep our tummies slightly happy. Haha! (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Once we reached the resort, we were being ushered to take a seat in the resort lobby. While waiting for staff to check us in, cold towels and welcome drinks were served. It was a pretty nice place to chill and wait. We could even have a slight peek and hear the sound of the sea from where we were seated! (*¯︶¯*)

Once all was done, it was time to visit our villa! It was quite a distance to walk to hence we got a buggy ride to our villa~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Welcome to the Beach Front Villa!

The staff introduced the resort facilities to us while we were on the buggy. She was also kind of surprised that we would not be staying longer. I agreed, that we should have stayed longer. ( ╥ω╥ )

Anyway, once we reached our villa, the staff gave us a tour of the villa, with the highlight being the bathroom! IT WAS HUGE and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. She also mentioned that it was one of the things that surprised most guests whenever she was doing the villa tour. I can see why ‘cos it was absolutely gorgeous!

Pardon the zig-zag on the bathtub. My panorama was obviously off and I didn’t realise it. >.<

Besides the gorgeous bathroom, the other highlight of the villa is definitely the private pool. If you have yet to spot a trend on this blog, is that we love having a private pool. And having a beach right in front is a bonus. (*♡∀♡) And that’s when we realised, we should have stayed longer. In my mind, I was like I really don’t think I want to leave this place tomorrow. It’s too good and I want to enjoy more days of relaxation, by the pool, by the beach. (ノД`)

Private Pools are for Doing Silly Things

Besides preferring to enjoy some pool dips and swim in private, a private pool also allows us to do the random tradition that we started that same year in Bali! Doing our signature laughing pose in the pool! We have since upgraded to doing our pose in the public pool but honestly, I always feel very awkward doing that in public. I think I have learnt to slowly get comfortable with acting silly, especially when I have a silly husband to do silly things with me. (*/▽\*)

Besides the posing, we also have another random tradition that we started in Bali. Doing a random “flamingo race” with the soft toys we brought along for every trip! Are we the only ones doing it or does everyone does this? Just us? Okay. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Great Food in a Great Resort

There are two main restaurants in the resort, The Dining Room and Rica Rica. For snacks, you could visit the pool bar, which is located by the pool (duh), and enjoy some sea view in the meantime as well.

Look how beautiful the Pool Bar is! (*♡∀♡)

The Dining Room, Oh So Much Food!

The Dining Room serves both Western and Asian cuisines and is the main restaurant for the morning buffet breakfast. We had our lunch there and yes, it was a long walk from our villa. And for this, the resort is kind enough to provide bicycles near the common area such as outside the restaurants.

We didn’t do that, mainly ‘cos I can’t cycle. Or I can but I think I have a problem with controlling my legs (?). So if I cycle, I can’t stop peddling and I worry if I put on the brake, the bike might send me flying. I rammed into a tree last time so I stopped cycling since then. I hope to cycle again soon so that I can explore more places. Someday. I hope. 〜(><)〜

Anyway, we had our lunch at The Dining Room. Bread and breadsticks were served before our meal, which came as a surprise to us since not many resorts do this. Also, I am a sucker for bread so if the bread is good, the meal is a goner ‘cos I would eat so much of the bread rolls. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Babe ordered the Ayam Goreng Cabe Hijau while I ordered the Black Pepper King Prawns, and the portion served was HUGE. So much so that we could hardly finish our food. That being said, the food was delicious~! So we feedback to the staff about the portion since we didn’t want good food to go to waste. Seems like it was common feedback so I hope their serving has improved since then!

It was a buffet-style breakfast at The Dining Room. I would say not a wide selection of food but was just good enough for us. Sadly they don’t have our favourite Nasi Lemak, which is an item quite commonly served at Indonesian hotels/resorts. Would have been better to have that!

Rica Rica, You’re So Fine~

Rica Rica serves authentic Indonesian cuisine and it was a fine dining experience with them.

Babe had the Aromatic Beef Rendang while I had the Balinese Grilled Magre de Canard Duck Breast. Flavour was yum yum and both the meat was so soft and nice. We also order the dessert Makassar Pisang Epe, which is a char-grilled banana served with pandan srikaya, palm sugar, tossed peanut and chocolate ice cream. It came out totally different from what we would have imagined and it tasted so good.

Sorry if I couldn’t express our love better but we absolutely loved their food! It was also rather interesting to have a fine dining experience with Indonesian cuisine so I would recommend having at least one meal there! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

Cheesecake with a Twist?

While chilling in a resort, never miss out on having room service after a swim in the sun. That’s exactly what we did. We ordered a New York Cheesecake and Cassava chips with sambal belachan.

And what arrived, gave us lots of question marks as we wondered if they had delivered the wrong item. But no! Apparently the New York Cheesecake was actually deconstructed! The cream cheese was covered with graham crackers and was then served with berries compote and mango gelee. I mean I was wow-ed. This is some Masterchef kind of dessert here. Haha! And it was DELICIOUS. ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

The Cassava chips with sambal belachan were just cassava chips with sambal belachan, so no surprises there. Haha! But it does make you want to order other food to see how it comes out eh? ( ´ ω ` )

Weekend Specials!

The resort offered special dining experiences during the weekend. We saw the board about the Saturday Galang Batang BBQ Buffet Dinner and Friday night was Surf & Turf! So in case you want to plan your meals while at the resort, you could refer to their Dining options here!

Since we already planned for our dinner at Rica Rica, we didn’t get to try the BBQ buffet dinner. But the area looks so beautifully decorated when we walked by it after dinner. Wished we would have stayed longer. (ノД`)

We also spotted the movie screening space near the BBQ buffet dinner! We didn’t even know about this and since it was raining earlier, not a lot of people were watching though.

Overall Experience

If it wasn’t obvious enough for you, yes, we regretted not staying longer at The Residence Bintan. o(TヘTo)

We don’t usually do 2D1N stays at resorts as we wanted to have enough time to enjoy the resort facilities. The Residence Bintan has SO MUCH to offer and we simply don’t have enough time to explore since we prefer to take things slowly at the resort. We didn’t even have time to chill at the swings in the seawater near the main pool. (╥_╥)

The staff who attended to us told us about the Sanctuary Villa during the buggy ride. This villa apparently has a fantastic sea view and there is only one unit in the resort. We didn’t spot this villa previously on their website. But after our stay with them, we booked ourselves a stay at the Sanctuary Villa for April 2020. You can read all about our experience HERE, where I shared about our 6D5N at The Residence Bintan. (*♡∀♡)

Information about The Residence Bintan


☎️ Phone Number: +62 778 6000 888 / +62 811 703 1676 (0800 – 2000 hrs)
📧 Email: reservation-bintan@theresidence.com

You can find out more about The Residence Bintan here:
🔎 Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

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