Ah, just like that… 2021 is coming to an end. And it’s time to do a summary of the year and plan for what’s ahead.

Rewinding to 2019, I was so happy to finally take time off and head overseas for a New Year countdown. Being our first overseas countdown, it wasn’t too bad though I have learnt that I WILL NOT do that ever again.

I had this terrible stomachache and had to visit the toilet so many times, I nearly missed the countdown. Also, ‘cos we had to stand throughout with an empty stomach, I ended up vomiting some in the toilet. Sorry TMI but just want to say how sucky that experience was for me. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Photos were taken at Sky Bar, Bangkok

So anyway, news of the pandemic virus was already out there in China but it wasn’t that bad then. I thought it was just one of those viruses present and we would not hear about it again. Fast forward to 2021 and we are still battling this virus with a new variant. (T_T)

New Job, New Fun but More Frustrations

Leaving My Job Amidst the Pandemic

The first few months of 2020 were terrible due to the uncertainty of the virus within the community. Numbers were rising and my boss was still insistent on organising the company’s annual event. Communication with the management was almost impossible back then so I had considered just leaving my job. (҂ `з´ )

The event was eventually postponed. Then the circuit breaker in Singapore came. The thought of leaving the company had to take a backseat thanks to the severity of the pandemic. Then the whole Work-From-Home (WFH) happened, with reluctance from my boss who probably has trust issues. 2020 was tough, having to deal with a difficult boss who got more difficult due to the pandemic. (╥﹏╥)

Let’s just say somehow I can’t continue with this job anymore and I thought I might want to pursue digital marketing. My boss wanted to keep me and even offered to let me do the company’s digital marketing work. I, of course, declined politely as I really want to get out there to pick up on the skills.

Digital Marketing Role! Or Is It?

So before I left the company, I had managed to secure a position as an Admin & Digital Marketing Executive position at a new company. I was excited to see the website listing many faces doing digital marketing and the thought of being able to learn from these seniors excites me.

On the first day of work, my boss told me that a group of four colleagues would be leaving the company in two weeks. I was shocked as that means all the digital marketing (DM) colleagues were leaving except for the digital marketing director. Then my boss sought my help to help stabilise the company as they were still trying to align the process and knowing my experience, he had faith that I can help in a lot of ways. I agreed, even though that means I had to put the digital marketing role in the backseat. (T_T)

Since I agreed to help the company, I decided to pick up digital marketing with NUS at my own expense, in hope that I can use the new knowledge to help at work. I also thought it would be the best way to learn the theory part of digital marketing. My boss even questioned me about what can I learn in the course that I can’t learn at work. A LOT, mister. A LOT.

Graduated from the Digital Marketing course!

Leaving THE WORST Sh*thole EVER

I eventually decided to leave as I don’t want to be involved in the manipulation the company was doing to get the government’s money. There is a line that I would never cross and that was that. (メ` ロ ´)

The management, besides the digital marketing director, has no knowledge of digital marketing AT ALL ‘cos they come from another background. This new company was created to “help” local Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to digitalise. Besides helping the SMEs get the grant to do the digital marketing projects, the company was also employing all the new staff under the SGUnited Traineeships Programme and whatever other programme the government was offering to help companies during this period.

The management has no idea what to include in the proposals and subsequently the reports that have to be submitted to the government to get the grant. They were just doing trial and error. Most times the clients (aka the SME bosses) don’t even bother to meet us to discuss the report. This company was just trying their luck with these. The staff employment? They had many companies under their name so they would employ the same staff under different companies. As such, they can keep getting the programme grant, as the grant for one staff is eligible only ONCE per company. Usually, after the programme, you either employ the staff as full-time or the staff moves on.

All in all, this company is just trying to take the government’s money to help their main company to stay afloat. My guess is once travelling becomes a norm, they might just abandon this new company ‘cos they don’t even care about it. Long story short, this company is a scam, in my opinion. So I had to get out of this sh*thole. I told my boss the management should study digital marketing as I felt that they were very lacking, which he of ‘cos turned a deaf ear to. ┐( ˘_˘ )┌

Photos were taken of the open office, the company is not shown in these photos

Enjoy What I Am Doing Now~

I initially wanted to leave the sh*thole as I thought I was suffering from pandemic fatigue. It was terrible having to work 1.5 years with a boss that drains your life away and then came this new company that drains more of my brain. Since leaving my job, I have not looked for another. Seems like the break I was looking for had gone on longer than I expected. HAHA!

To be honest, I am just tired of working. Having been working for almost 14 years, I have met way too many weird bosses along the way. There’s an overly emotional, an overly impatient one, one lying b*stard, an overly impatient and difficult one and another scammer. I think my luck with bosses is pretty “good” that I probably need a good break. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Building Up My Profile

With blessings from hubs, I was and can enjoy what I am doing right now. Since I have gotten my digital marketing certificate, I wanted to apply it somewhere and thought that this blog with its social media account will help me to somehow learn. So far I think I am enjoying writing on this blog and slowly building both this and the social media account.

From Photography to Something New~!

I have also somehow picked up the interest in videography! I am still an amateur at this and thanks to babe for buying the OM4 gimbal, I can now take more videos when on staycation~! Along with videography, I have also picked up some video-editing skills with the tutorials from Davinci Resolve!

You can view the first full-length video that I have made below. SUPER amateurish but still hope you enjoyed it~! Since this video, I have also tried to make some Reels for Instagram. Enjoying this whole videography and video-editing experience I am having. (* ^ ω ^)

Keeping Fit Almost EVERY DAY

I have also been able to keep up with my workouts using both the Sweat app as well as Team Body Project~!

While I know a lot of people are always looking for motivation but know that working out is more than motivation. You got to make it a habit so that you do not fall out of it ever again. Motivation only gets you that far but a habit keeps you going. Maybe you can try buying more pretty activewear? I find that it helps to push me to work out harder. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Summarising 2021 and Onwards to 2022~!

All in all, I would say I have quite an exciting journey in 2021. Leaving two jobs in a year usually doesn’t happen to me. Especially during the pandemic year. So that says a lot about my 2021 already. (⌒_⌒;)

Since Singapore opened up with its Vaccinated Travel Lanes to many countries, I was hopeful that the pandemic was finally coming to a more normal pace for us. Not the usual normal but the new normal. But alas, dear Omicron arrived and wreak havoc on so many people’s plans and now seems like all countries are being cautious again. Nothing wrong with that but this whole process is just getting very tiring.

I do hope that somehow, we will finally get to travel with more certainty in 2022, even if it means mid to late 2022, as long as it comes. Having travelled kind of often in the past, even to just the nearby countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia, I hope these days would come back soon so that I can finally catch a breath from outside this country. Not that Singapore is not good but it is just not big enough to do much after two years.

In 2022, I will continue to explore this creative mind of mine. I will try my best to take more videos when I am out (if anyone can advise how NOT to be shy when holding a camera pointing towards strangers, PLEASE SHARE!). Edit more videos for sharing, both on this blog and social media. As long as we are not able to travel, I will also continue to update this blog with most things local (I try!).

I will also continue to learn from babe and probably try to understand more about cryptocurrency and its world of unknowns while we continue to work towards our FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) plan! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

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