Super Convenient Luxury Heritage Hotel at InterContinental Singapore

Written by Katherine

March 30, 2022
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

I have been to InterContinental Singapore multiple times in the past, but it was always for work. So it was great to be back and this time, I can finally take my time to explore the hotel! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Why InterContinental Singapore?

We wanted to try to visit as many iconic hotels as possible, while the hotel rates are still affordable. In case you didn’t know, a stay in a Singapore hotel isn’t exactly cheap. Before the pandemic, we would rather go to Batam/Bintan for a weekend getaway than a local staycation. Especially when there is usually nothing much to do in Singapore except to… Shop or eat? ┐(‘~` )┌

Recently Singapore has just announced more relaxed rules for overseas travel hence hubs and I are most likely going to spend our time and money to travel overseas soon~! Yay! So this became another reason for us to explore Singapore as much as possible for now. ( ´ ω ` )

InterContinental Singapore, A Luxurious Heritage Hotel with Convenience

We have previously visited two heritage hotels, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Capitol Kempinski. Both hotels are preserved heritage buildings. Unlike them, InterContinental Singapore is not a preserved heritage building. Instead, it is a hotel that is built with inspiration from Peranakan culture.

Welcome to the Main Entrance, with no hotel name?

If you have never visited InterContinental Singapore, you would realise that you could hardly spot the hotel’s name at the main entrance. (・・ ) ? I didn’t know about this until I stayed at the hotel and realised that you can only spot the hotel name when you are standing on the opposite street.

Wonder why they didn’t consider having the hotel name on the roundabout, making it more obvious for visitors or travellers to spot the hotel by the front entrance. I was taking a photo of the front entrance and was thinking, no one is gonna know my photo is taken at InterContinental Singapore. There is no hotel name in the photo… Oops. (*/ω\)

Convenience Just Right Next Door!

InterContinental Singapore is located beside Bugis Junction, which is directly connected to the Bugis MRT station. It also has a side entrance/exit that connects to the shopping mall, which means that you would be completely connected and sheltered when you stay here! Interestingly, you would find the hotel’s name displayed at the side entrance, more prominent than the main entrance. ┐(‘~`;)┌

It also has one of the prettiest looking TraceTogether scanning boards as well as sanitiser dispensers, both wrapped in Peranakan batik. Also, I didn’t even know the hotel has its mascot! It was out on display at the side entrance. (*♡∀♡)

All is good and it’s time to check into the hotel! To be honest, I have been to InterContinental Singapore so many times in the past but I have never been able to appreciate the hotel itself. It was always about work and I would head straight to the ballroom for meetings/preparation. This time, it was great to finally be able to slowly take in the surroundings and appreciate the lovely decorations around the hotel. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Time to Check-in~!

We booked a weekday stay, hoping to avoid the weekend crowd, and arrived at 1 pm for our check-in. Well, interestingly, there was only one counter for check-in. Not that it matters to us since we were first in the queue. But subsequently, two more groups of guests arrived and queued behind us while we were checking in. Not sure if the hotel could have more staff to be on standby to help with the check-in though. I would assume a lot of people would think it’s gonna be a fast check-in for a weekday. ヽ(´ー` )┌

At the check-in counter was this cute-looking pen container, with one saying sanitised and another saying under sanitisation. I have never seen such a thing at other hotels so that’s quite interesting. Also, InterContinental Singapore had all their bookings pushed to their online system. So any bookings for their facilities usage, as well as breakfast, are done through scanning of their QR code. Quite convenient I must say, for people like ME who prefer less interaction. |・ω・)

Anyway, since it was a weekday, we were able to have an early check-in! So off we go to explore our room~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

A Night at the Premier Deluxe King Room

I don’t know what I was expecting when I entered the room but I was not excited by what I saw. It might be because the room was not as nicely decorated as I expected it to be. Maybe I thought I would see more Peranakan decorations in the room. I don’t know but I was underwhelmed.

Can anyone tell me why they didn’t align the lights and table in the centre? Wabi-sabi should not exist in a Peranakan hotel. ( ̄  ̄|||)

Don’t be mistaken, the room was great. It has everything and it feels luxurious. But it doesn’t wow-ed me as much as the other hotels that we have stayed at. Maybe it’s because the room is starting to show its age somehow and it’s giving off a tiring vibe. I don’t know and I am just blabbering now. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

From our room, we could enjoy a top-down view of Bugis Junction, through its glass roof. There is sadly nothing much to see at night. I thought Bugis+ used to be brightly lit with its side panel of white hexagonal lights. I was slightly disappointed by the dull display of lights at night. Oh well, trying to save energy I guess. (´-ω-`)

Bugis+ is located on the left and Bugis Junction is just below us!

Sleep and TV Surfing (-.-)…zzz

Anyway, the bed was nice and soft, as would be expected from a luxury hotel. But sadly, the pillow falls short on me. It was too low/flat for me while hubs found it perfect for a good night’s sleep. I am not picky on pillows but this is the first time I felt that a pillow has underperformed. Sorry InterContinental Singapore. (*/ω\)

One thing worth praising, the TV’s Chromecast worked perfectly well here! Streaming to the TV was seamless with no lag. The TV reception was also good with a good variety of channels. Besides that, they even had movies on demand, something that is hardly seen in other hotels. So for that, I gave them some thumbs up. (* ̄▽ ̄)b

Meh-Looking Bathroom

Once again, I don’t know what am I expecting from the bathroom, but it was MEH. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has the same look and feel but somehow, the bathroom here just felt more meh. I probably have to blame it on the lighting, which dulls the bathroom, making it look smaller than it already has.

The bathroom and shower area uses marble flooring, which is seen in a lot of heritage hotel that has yet to undergo any renovation. I honestly don’t like having them as I always felt like I could slip and fall on them. And they are really cold to walk on without in-room slippers.

Basic amenities were all given and more could be requested through the QR code. Interestingly, no care pack is given, i.e. no free masks and hand sanitiser, probably due to the hotel’s policy to reduce waste. Not that it matters to us but just a random observation. ┐(‘~` )┌

For what it’s worth, the bathtub is actually of quite a reasonable size, being able to fit two people at once. We, as usual, enjoyed some bubble baths with a bath bomb in the bathtub! If you’re interested, we have been using the bubble bath and bath bomb from Bath Bomb Flings, with our favourite bath bomb being the Peace & Bliss one. It has a very spa-like smell that both hubs and I love. (´• ω •`) ♡

The bathtub also has a lovely heritage-looking tap, something that we saw when we stayed with the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang. But that hotel has a clawfoot tub, which I would wish is available here to match the tap. |・ω・)

Ports and Cables, for Work and Leisure~

Interestingly, they had two USB ports on one side of the bed while the other side only had a universal plug. I would have wished for the USB ports to be located on both sides of the bed so that devices could be charged on each side.

Fret not, you will also be able to find USB ports at the work desk, so you can work and charge your devices at the same time when you’re working! Also, if you’re into having a stable internet connection, you could find a LAN cable at the work desk! I didn’t expect to find this in a hotel though, because I would have thought many would be using Wi-Fi these days. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

In-room refreshments and A Fridge that Wouldn’t Stop Rattling

The room also came with basic in-room refreshments. Nespresso coffee machine has become such a norm that it seems like a necessity in luxury hotels nowadays. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) But the truth is, we usually only use it maybe… Once? Haha!

Another cool thing about the hotel is that it provides FOUR bottles of water in the room! Usually, hotels only give two bottles and would replenish them every day instead. So it’s good for people who want to hydrate without the hassle of calling reception for more bottled water. Although in Singapore, we have potable water from the tap so it’s safe to drink from the tap!

There is one thing that bothers me. The fridge. It was randomly giving off a rattling sound. Not a constant sound but it rattles once in a while. It irked me but not so much so I have to call reception to deal with it. Probably time for the hotel to do some fridge maintenance. We were staying in room 817. Thanks. |ω・)ノ

Hotel with Multiple Pools BUT with No View… ( ╥ω╥ )

InterContinental Singapore must be the first hotel that I have been to that has more than one pool. There are three pools, each with a depth of 0.5m, 0.9m and 1.4m respectively. When we reached, there was no one managing the entrance to the pool area. Probably because it was a weekday and the hotel thought that there was no need to manage the number of people at the pool. ┐(‘~` )┌ Not sure but anyway, we grabbed our pool towels and entered the pool area.

Surprisingly, there were already three groups of guests in the pool area. One was an elderly couple reading and chilling by the pool. Another was there with their baby so they were hanging out at the 05.m pool. And the third was a family of five and the father was busy splashing in the pool with his sons. No sweat, ‘cos there were quite some deck chairs.

Why is the Pool SO DEEP?!

I felt that the 1.4m pool was quite deep for general usage. I was tip-toeing in the pool while trying to take the couple shot. If not, you would be seeing my floating head instead. It was honestly not very comfortable to chill in such a deep pool. There is a ledge by the side of the pool so we ended up standing along the ledge to hang out.

The pool area also doesn’t have a view. It is surrounded on all sides. On one side is the hotel building, at the front of it is the National Library and on either side of the pool area is a glimpse of Bugis+ and building construction. Since the pool was not elevated, there was hardly any view. Quite sad for such a big pool area. (ノД`) We did have some “entertainment” while chilling in the pool. Some birds flew by and started bathing and drinking in the pool. Does anyone have any idea if chlorine water is good for birds? (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Reasonably-Sized Gym for a Good Workout

We didn’t work out there but we saw someone working out while we visited the gym. Surprisingly, the gym was quite spacious with a lot of treadmills, a full range of free weights at a corner as well as some machines for a good workout.

There is also a separate hidden area that has yoga mats as well as a TRX for your other workout needs. As with the pool area, there is also no one managing the entrance of the gym. You could easily walk in and out of the gym, just like in the good old days.

Assisted Buffet Breakfast that Could Do Better with Some Improvements

InterContinental Singapore is the first hotel that we have been to that has assisted buffet breakfast and it was served at Ash & Elm. The one thing why people enjoy buffets is ‘cos they could see the dishes and decide what and whatnot to have. So the biggest flaw in the assisted buffet system here is that they only showed the name of the dish but DID NOT display the food. So how would I know what is it and what it looks like?

There was a map display of where each station is located but I didn’t notice it until I realised people were looking at it. Both hubs and I thought there was only one row of food and were wondering where everyone got their eggs. Everything is just not obvious. We didn’t even know of the cheese station right at the entrance of the restaurant. I feel like the service staff could have mentioned that when bringing us to our table but nope, she only said it was an assisted buffet. Like as if we know what is that. (¬_¬ )

When both hubs and I went to the hash browns and bacon station, the lady only gave one plate of food when hubs asked for them for both of us. I would have overlooked that if that one plate was enough for two but nope. So yeah, we asked for another plate. Anyway, the food was generally okay but would have been better if I knew what food I could get to eat more. I just didn’t have the mood to explore more. PMS much? Haha! ┐(‘~` )┌

Express Checkout that ain’t Express…

So as with all hotels, we would usually go for express checkout so that we don’t need to deal with queues. Though there was no queue on the day we checked out, we decided to still do express checkout. But erm… This express checkout is unlike the usual express checkout that just needs us to drop off our room key cards. InterContinental Singapore requires us to fill in an express checkout form before we can check out. Why though. (・_・;)

So being lazy asses and since there was no queue, hubs decided to just head over to the reception to do the checkout. And it was quite instant since there were no charges made to the room. I say THAT’S express checkout. ┐(シ)┌

Overall Experience

I think there were some hits and misses with our stay at InterContinental Singapore. Even though InterContinental Singapore branded itself as a luxurious heritage hotel, I think more could be done to make it a better experience for its guests.

Things to be Improved

First off, I think the service staff could be more warm and welcoming. The staff during check-in was quite lukewarm with her welcome and the same could be said for the lady who brought us into the restaurant for our breakfast.

I wish they could do something with the rooms. Maybe more paintings or something that depicts Peranakan culture? Since the whole hotel is based on Peranakan heritage, I thought more could be done to give off the heritage vibe.

Lastly, I think the hotel could do better with the assisted buffet breakfast experience. As mentioned, people enjoy buffets because of the visual of the food. Without them, we wouldn’t know what’s good and not good to put food to waste if we got something we don’t like. Also good to have the person bringing guests into the restaurant mention a bit more about the stations and all. Not everyone is a regular of the hotel to know where is what.

Overall Remarks

Other than the above, I do enjoy the room, the bathtub and the pool. Always opt to go during a weekday so you get to enjoy the peace in the hotel. (´ ∀ ` *)

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