After watching a lot of YouTubers and their stay in apartments, hubs and I wanted to try it out for ourselves as well. With a longer stay in Chiang Mai, we decided to look for apartments on Airbnb. And that was when we came by a listing at The Astra Condo, just on the outskirts of Chiang Mai Old City. On our first day of arrival, we were greeted by an unexpected surprise. Find out what it is as I share with you our experience staying at a condominium in Chiang Mai! (´• ω •`)ノ

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Staying in the Charming The Inside House in Chiang Mai Old City

Why Did We Choose The Astra Condo?

As first-timers to Chiang Mai, we read that it was better to stay in Chiang Mai Old City. Our first night had us staying at The Inside House, which was an amazing boutique hotel in the heart of the Old City. As we want to continue exploring the Old City, we decided to find an apartment that is in the area.

A search on Airbnb shows that there are A LOT of apartments near the Old City. And then we came by this charming apartment listing by Superhost Lin. The apartment is located in The Astra Condo, situated just a 15-minute walk from the Chiang Mai Old City. And the price was quite affordable for us as well. For a 4D3N stay in November, it cost us SGD 226 (~ 170 USD), inclusive of cleaning and service fees. A quick check on Airbnb shows that the cost seems to have increased as it now costs about 70 SGD (~52 USD, excl. cleaning & service fee). So do your own research! (´• ω •`)

A charming and affordable apartment that is within walking distance of the Old City, what more can we ask for!? So we decided to reserve this lovely apartment at The Astra Condo as our accommodation for the remaining 3 nights in Chiang Mai. (´ ω `♡)

Arrival at The Astra Condo from Chiang Mai Old City

We booked a car through the Grab app to take us from The Inside House to The Astra Condo. The journey is only a short 10-minute ride. On arrival at the condominium, the security guard asked hubs and me to fill up a form. I don’t remember what the form was for but once that was done, we were able to go in and out of the condominium freely.

The Astra Condo's facade and keycards to our apartment

Our check-in time was at 3 PM but we arrived earlier than expected. Thankfully, The Astra Condo had a spacious lobby where we could relax while we waited. The cosy sofas on either side of the lobby were a great spot to kick back and take it easy. Unfortunately, the air conditioning in the lobby was not on, so it started to get warm rather quickly. (╥_╥)

The Astra Condo's lobby area and a wefie of hubs and I in the lobby

After a short wait, Lin’s in-laws arrived in the lobby to take us to our apartment. They were an absolutely charming couple! They checked us into the apartment and Lin’s mother-in-law even gave us a brief tour of the apartment before bidding us farewell. This has got to be one of the most personal Airbnb check-ins that we have ever had. ( ´ ω ` )

Welcome to Our Apartment at The Astra Condo

Once the lovely couple left, it was photo and video time! We absolutely loved the apartment once we stepped foot in it. The apartment comes with 1 bedroom and 1.5 bath, i.e. a bathroom + a separate toilet. There was even a bathtub which we ended up not using at all. Both hubs and I were both too tired at the end of the day to even fill a tub. Haha! (*/ω\) The rain shower was amazing though so all was good. (´• ω •`)

Our apartment's bedroom, decorations on the work desk in our room and the bathroom at The Astra Condo

An Apartment that Felt More like Home with Hotel Amenities

Apartments that we have rented through Airbnb usually come with very basic amenities. But here at Lin’s property, it felt like a home and at the same time, also like a hotel. Besides bath towels, shower gel and shampoo, Lin took it up to another level by providing things like vanity kits, toothbrushes, toothpaste and even bath robes! Whatever you can find in a hotel, Lin probably has it provided in this apartment.

Full suite of bathroom amenities provided in the apartment

Besides that, our fridge was also stocked up with bottled water and canned drinks. Some snacks, coffee and tea were also free for us to consume. Lin and her in-laws made sure that we were well taken care of during our stay. Lin’s in-laws asked us to treat the apartment as if it was our home. And that was exactly how we felt when we stayed there. The whole apartment felt so much like home to us that we couldn’t help just wanting to chill in it. The feeling is very different from that of a hotel.

Snacks, coffee, tea and canned drinks that were provided for our stay

Well-Prepared Selection of Entertainment on the Smart TV

Just a heads up, there’s only one TV in the apartment! But the good news is that Lin has already set it up with a Netflix account for us to use! We thought that was a really nice touch because usually in Airbnb apartments, you’re stuck with whatever local TV channels are available. But with the Smart TV, we also had access to YouTube and plenty of other entertainment options. So, no need to worry about running out of things to watch!

The smart TV in the living room and some decorations on the shelves above the TV

Hubs and I discovered that we could easily cast videos from our phones to the TV. This was a game-changer for us. So instead of fumbling with the remote control, we were able to pick and choose from our own accounts. It was so convenient! For anyone staying with Lin, make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go!

Doing Our Laundry and Enjoying the View

The apartment also comes with a washing machine in the kitchen. We usually don’t do this overseas since we always make sure to bring enough clothes for our trip. The weather in Chiang Mai was crazy and we ended up having to keep changing our clothes so we decided to use the washer. First time doing our laundry overseas and will not be the last time! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The view of what is in the kitchen, including the washer, microwave oven and bunny-shape towel

While hanging out our clothes to dry on the balcony, we could also enjoy the view in front of us. On the last night in Chiang Mai, we were even given a beautiful sunset view as a farewell for our trip to this beautiful city. (´• ω •`) ♡

A view of the sunset on our last night in Chiang Mai from our apartment's balcony at The Astra Condo

Great Soundproofing or Just Very Respectful Tenants

During our 3 nights of stay at the apartment, we did not have any issues with noise coming from the corridors. Considering the number of people we saw going in and out of the condo every day, either the soundproofing is really good or there are just a lot of very respectful tenants staying here. ( -_・)

A welcome sign on our fridge, the corridor outside our apartment and the view of the apartment from the main door

An Apartment with a Minor Imperfection?

We absolutely enjoyed staying at Lin’s apartment and would happily return in a heartbeat. There was just one tiny thing that we could not quite understand. The position of the air-conditioning units in both the living room and bedroom. It is most probably due to the lack of space hence the unit was placed directly in front of the bed or sofa. But oh man, the constant cold wind right at our faces was a bit much to handle, especially when we were sleeping. At least we could turn the air-conditioning on and off in the living room but not so much for the bedroom as it would get too warm to sleep. Of course, this is just a minor issue. But it would have been even better if the air-conditioning wasn’t blowing directly at us, especially in the bedroom. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Public Facilities at The Astra Condo

There is a reasonably sized pool and gym at the top of the building. We visited the pool on our first day at The Astra Condo and were surprised to see A LOT of people hanging out at the pool. Hubs and I honestly did not expect so many people up there. From a brief conversation with a lady in the lift, it seemed like everyone was there to watch the sunset. w(°o°)w

And from the looks of it, a lot of them looked more like digital nomads than locals. All along, we thought that the condo would be filled with locals but it seems like we were wrong. I just did not expect that a condominium would have so many foreigners. Haha! Also, it seems like everyone was there at the same time to chill and relax after a hard day’s work.

The crowded pool with people looking like nomads instead of tourists hanging out at The Astra Condo

We did not stay at the pool area for too long as it was starting to get so crowded, with people constantly coming up to get a seat by the pool or to swim. Hubs and I decided to come back the day after in the afternoon, hoping that there would be fewer people during working hours. Haha! It did kind of work but still surprised that there were still people coming and going during then. Some of them looked like retirees as well. It seems like Chiang Mai is quite popular with digital nomads and retirees and The Astra Condo is a popular choice for them. (´• ω •`)

The view of the pool again in the afternoon, looking less crowded at The Astra Condo

A Functional Gym that Gets Crowded in the Evening

The gym is on the same level as the pool and is a functional gym with some machines, treadmills and free weights. The free weights section does look kind of small but they have a Smith machine and a cable system so I guess that should be more than enough for a good lifting session. I did not use the gym during our stay as I just recovered from COVID-19 but would not mind working out in this gym for what it offers. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

The gym and equipment at The Astra Condo

Rooftop Garden for Chilling with Friends & Families

There is a garden on the rooftop that has nicely manicured bushes, trees and flowers. When we dropped by in the afternoon, it was SO HOT up there but some gardeners were there doing the maintenance. I supposed it would be good for people to chill with their friends and families in the evening/night. But I would NOT recommend it in the afternoon on a hot day. Haha!

The view of the rooftop garden at The Astra Condo

You could have a peek of the view from the rooftop garden but personally, I felt that the view is the best from the pool. Also, interestingly, there seems to be a non-functional spa centre one level below the garden. I am not sure if it is closed due to COVID-19 but maybe someone can enlighten me on that because it is really cool to have that in a condominium. w(°o°)w

Cafe, Restaurant and Restroom in the Lobby

Although there is no shortage of cafes in Chiang Mai, if you’re looking for a place to grab coffee and pastries during your stay, there is a cafe in the lobby of The Astra Condo. Interestingly, there seems to be a hot pot restaurant on the second level of the condominium. Having a cafe AND a restaurant in a condominium is interesting, given that there are so many eateries in the area. The cafe might be convenient for those waiting to check in or for guests who have already checked out. But I am not sure about the hot pot restaurant, given the stiff competition nearby. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The cafe in the lobby and a sign pointing to the hot pot restaurant on level 2 at The Astra Condo

Anyway, if you are just hanging out in the lobby, you would be glad to know that there is a restroom there as well. This is really good for people like us who have checked out or are yet to check in. The last time we were there, the restroom was clean and well-maintained.

Tourist Centre for your tourist-y Needs

There is also a tourist centre just beside the restroom. This is probably one of the best things in the condominium, not because we need to book tours with it but because it has a luggage storage service! We used it on our last day in Chiang Mai since we checked out at 11 AM and our flight to Bangkok was not until 3.30 PM.

Our initial idea was to just hang out in the lobby area since they have those nice sofa seats. But seems like the air-conditioning is permanently off so it was really not that comfortable to hang out there. An alternate idea was to find a cafe for us to chill and hang out in until it was time for us to head over to the airport. It would be a hassle to drag our luggage around so thankfully there is a storage service! There is a fee to leave our luggage with them but I don’t remember the cost now. But if I never remember wrongly, it was quite affordable as we only needed to leave it with them for about 2 hours. The convenience of traveling around luggage-free is much more important to us anyway. ( ´ ω ` )

Things Worth Mentioning

Food Deliveries and Collection

As I said earlier, there are a ton of great places to eat in the area. And with the help of the Grab app, the possibilities for food delivery are practically endless! It was amazing how much food we tried during our stay right from the comfort of our Airbnb. (✧ω✧) I will be sharing about food that we have tried using the Grab app in another post. But for now, know that food deliveries are quite normal in Chiang Mai and we saw a lot of people doing that during our stay at The Astra Condo. Delivery would not be made to your apartment, I guess due to security. Instead, you would need to come down to the lobby to collect it from the driver.

Transportation To and From The Astra Condo in Chiang Mai

Transportation is easy around Chiang Mai as we could always book a car through our Grab app. But a quick tip, if you are not using GrabCar to come back to the condominium from outside, you can let the driver know to drop you off at Shangri-La Chiang Mai. This seems to be more well-known among drivers instead of telling them about The Astra Condo. We did that when we were taking a tuk-tuk back from the night market. And since the hotel is just right beside the condominium, it was just a short walk back to the condominium after that. ( ´ ω ` )

Overall Experience

Hubs and I are already daydreaming about our next trip to Chiang Mai, and there’s no doubt in our minds that we’d love to stay at Lin’s apartment again. We absolutely adored everything about it – the cosy furnishings, the amazing amenities, and of course, the unbeatable location.

Plus, The Astra Condo’s public facilities are simply fantastic, making it the perfect home base for anyone looking to explore all that Chiang Mai has to offer. I can’t recommend Lin’s apartment and The Astra Condo highly enough! Whether you’re here for a quick trip or a longer stay, you’ll find everything you need at The Astra Condo for an unforgettable time in Chiang Mai. (´• ω •`) ♡

Me doing my signature pose by the pool and our Cony & Brown soft toys at the sofa

Information About The Astra Condo

🔎 You can find out more about Lin’s apartment at The Astra Condo HERE

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