Bali has a lot of options when it comes to massages. There are usually a lot of massage parlours lining the streets and I am sure most would be acceptable for the price given. But if you are looking for a luxury spa massage in Bali, there is one brand that I would highly recommend – Alila. (❤ω❤)

Hubs and I have been to two Alila properties and what’s a resort stay without a spa right? (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Well, needless to say, we have nothing but good words to say about Alila’s spa. And that is exactly what I would be sharing in this post, our superbly amazing luxurious spa experience with Alila and why we will keep going back to them. (´꒳`)♡

What in the World is this Heavenly Luxury Spa Massage?!

Our first experience with Spa Alila was in 2010 when we first visited the now-defunct Alila Cha-Am. Back then, hubs and I were just a couple who watched too much of Paradise Asia on Channel News Asia, a programme that features luxurious resorts in Asia. We then got interested in these lovely luxurious resorts and started flipping magazines that would feature resorts for our ogling. And that’s how we came by Alila Cha-Am when a photoshoot in a magazine featured one of our Singapore actresses.

Our stay with Alila Cha-Am was AMAZING, with our private villa and our private pool. It was also our first time staying at a luxury resort. So of ‘cos, we didn’t have many expectations when it comes to having a massage with them. Little did we know that this ONE luxury spa massage with Alila was gonna be a life-changing experience for us. (´ ε ` )♡

The Start of a Life-Changing Experience…

We were brought into this HUGE concrete room that is fully enclosed and was so dim and cooling. And there, in the middle, were two massage beds. I wished I had photos ‘cos this room was so memorable! I only had a photo of the dipping pool they had in the spa and with that as a reference, that is almost how BIG our massage room was~! ヾ(☆▽☆)

We have opted for Balinese Massage for both of us. And as with all massages with Alila, there is always a foot massage before starting our session. I am not trying to exaggerate but something as simple as a foot massage from them was already OH SO HEAVENLY~! After the prelude, it was time to enjoy the full-body massage~! (✯◡✯)

Needless to say, we totally enjoyed the Balinese Massage. Our weakness is usually our calf muscles. Only at Alila were we able to have the most pain-free massage on the calf muscles! I mean like, I don’t know how they do it. Their moves were gentle yet strong enough to relax every muscle on us, melting us away into the massage bed. Sending us to la-la-land… (-.-)…zzz

Overall Experience with Spa Alila in Cha-Am

One thing that I like about the massage at Alila Cha-Am was how the masseur would press on my back with three varying levels of strength so that I could let her know which level I prefer. Sadly, I don’t think this is done at all of Alila’s spas. I find this move really thoughtful since they do this before starting the massage hence the masseur would not need to check with the guest during the massage.

Also, the masseur would stealth move around our bed and the whole experience was just so relaxing. If you have experienced noisy walking by masseurs, you would know what I meant. (¬_¬ ) Anyway, the whole experience was so relaxing that sometimes I would fall asleep, something that I usually regret doing ‘cos I wanna feel the massage! (ノ´ з `)ノ

A Spa Journey with a Healthy Meal~

We then visited Alila Villas Uluwatu in 2012, yet another amazing resort to visit if you have yet to do so. Also yet another resort I should write about, someday, hopefully. (*/ω\)

With its beautiful cliff-edge cabana, Alila Villas Uluwatu made for a beautiful wedding location. During our visit, we even got a chance to witness a wedding held there. Well, also pretty amazed by how rich people are, to be able to hold a wedding at such a beautiful luxurious resort. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

For our spa experience at Alila Villas Uluwatu, we have opted for the Journey to You (Half Day) package that includes three hours of treatment followed by a healthy lunch at The Warung. The Warm Stone massage was part of the package I didn’t like it. (╥﹏╥) I didn’t like how hot the stone was on my body and every time a stone touches me, I twitched a bit. The masseur adjusted how hot the stone would be after I told her, but still, I find it less relaxing than the good old Balinese Massage. And that is also how I came to only do Balinese Massage if I have that option. Nothing can go wrong with that massage. (*/ω\)

Time to Eat Healthy after Relaxation~

After our treatment, we headed over to The Warung to have our healthy meal. This was also our first time having crackers with chilli dips, yet another life-changing experience! If you have never tried dipping crackers in a chilli dip, you should do so. And oh, go with something like belacan or some Asian chilli sauce instead of the Western ones. Works better that way. ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ

Anyway, when it says a healthy meal, I was imagining the meal to be… Well, bland. Yes yes, healthy doesn’t mean it has to be bland. I was wrong. The meal came out to be super yummy~! When it comes to food and services, Alila gets it right. Every. Single. Time. (´ ω `♡)

Overall Experience with Spa Alila in Uluwatu

Well, I didn’t like the Warm Stone massage. But what makes me continue to love Spa Alila? Well… We had a complimentary Reflexology session with them, and as I mentioned for Alila Cha-Am, Spa Alila got it right down to the simple foot massage. So as you would expect, the Reflexology session was AMAZING.

I was a teenie weenie bit disappointed that we didn’t have more spa sessions with them, ‘cos I would have done another heavenly Balinese Massage with them. But erm, your girl here is not rich so we can only have a limited number of luxury spa massages here in Bali. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Information of Spa Alila in Uluwatu

Opening Hours: 9.00 AM – 10.00 PM
Phone Number: +62 361 848 2166

You can find out more about Spa Alila in Uluwatu here:
Website: Link HERE

Back to Visiting Spa Alila after SEVEN YEARS~

In 2019, we were back in Bali and now staying at private villas for a different experience. After a hit-and-miss massage experience with some of the private villas, hubs and I decided that for this trip, we would go to Spa Alila. We had a stay in Ubud as well as Seminyak, so we thought, why not visit Spa Alila in both places? And… So we did. With no regrets. ♡(。- ω -)

Chilling with a Luxury Spa Massage

As our host gave us a lift to Alila Ubud, we were greeted by the beautiful lush green rice paddy that lined the sides of the driveway. It was harvesting season at the rice paddy field in front of our private villa, so it was great to be greeted by this beautiful scenery. Upon arrival, we were then ushered to the Spa Alila reception area.

We were asked to choose our preferred massage oil before moving to our massage room. Everything was on-point, from the foot massage to the full-body Balinese massage. To be honest, there was nothing to pick on but something just felt different. Not that it was not good but it somehow just didn’t hit the heavenly part for me. ┐(‘~`;)┌

We also had a great meal at the Plantation Restaurant after our massage, which you can read about our experience here. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience with Alila during this visit. (´ ∀ ` *)

Information of Spa Alila in Ubud

Opening Hours: 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM
Phone Number: +62 361 975 963

You can find out more about Spa Alila in Ubud here:
Website: Link HERE

We Have Found the Magical Luxury Spa Location!

At this point, you must be wondering, “What exactly is great about Spa Alila if your experience at Alila Ubud was just on-point?”. Well, remember that heavenly experience we had at Alila Cha-Am? I think we found it at Alila Seminyak!

Since Alila Seminyak is more like a hotel, I didn’t have a very high expectation of their spa. I mean I know their spa would most likely be good, as with all the massages we had with them. But I didn’t expect their spa to be so heavenly, so much so it reminds us so much of our first experience in Cha-Am.

The spa reception area looks pretty normal, bigger than the one in Ubud and just as I would expect from Alila. But what lies behind that door, was a path to a magical spa room.

The room was… Dim. Just like the one at Alila Cha-Am. It was not as huge but it was dim and the mood was just right. Once we entered the room, we were reminded of Cha-Am and to our surprise, the whole experience was just as heavenly as the one we had there. The dim room with soft music added to our relaxation, as our masseur did their stealth walk around our beds. The magical pain-free calf muscle was there. And that’s when we know, we found our heavenly spa massage location. (❤ω❤)

Counting Down to the Day We Are Going Back~!

We told ourselves that we would be back to Spa Alila in Seminyak for every trip we have to Bali. And we would love to go back to Bali ever so often. Well, it has been two+ years since we had that thought, all thanks to you know what. (ノω・、)

Anyway, we are planning to go back to Bali probably in the latter half of this year. I have even worked out our Bali itinerary already! Alila Seminyak is where we are going to stay next in Bali and we are gonna have a few luxury spa massages with them, even if it is just their foot massage! Can’t wait for the trip to come soon… ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Information of Spa Alila in Seminyak

Opening Hours: 10.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Enquiry Form: Link HERE

You can find out more about Spa Alila in Seminyak here:
Website: Link HERE

Ending Thoughts

So there you have it, me sharing my secret luxury spa massage location in Bali with you! Since hubs and I have had so many amazing spa experiences with Alila, it seems like Alila would be the go-to brand for us whenever we have to go for a luxury spa massage.

Many might argue that there are a lot of affordable massage options out there. There is no right or wrong to that since everyone enjoys life differently. For hubs and me, having a great massage experience is important to us since it is one of the highlights of our resort trip. So for us, we don’t mind splurging just a bit more so that we can have a great spa experience.

Don’t be mistaken, I have had my fair share of cheap massages that worked but nothing is as AMAZING as the ones I have at Spa Alila. You don’t know what heavenly is until you experienced it. So a warning to you, try at your own risk ‘cos once you did, there is no turning back! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

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