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Written by Katherine

May 18, 2022
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Welcome back to the second part of The Residence Bintan series, where I would be talking about the food you can have in the resort! Without further ado, let’s go and find out all about what you can eat at the resort~! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


The Residence Bintan Food Options

The Residence Bintan is located quite a distance away so you would be expected to spend most of your time in the resort. There are three restaurants in the resort, namely The Dining Room, Rica Rica and The Pool Bar.

We visited the resort when Singapore has just relaxed its travelling measures. It seems like the resort was still having low occupancy during this period. As such, a few of the things that we have seen and experienced during our stay in 2019 were not available when we visited. For instance, our favourite Rica Rica was not open. Honestly, I was slightly disappointed to not be able to dine at Rica Rica during this stay. Better luck next time I guess. (´-ω-`) There was also no special Gourmet Weekends and morning buffet. But these were replaced with alternative food options during our stay at The Residence Bintan, which I would be sharing with you in my post below so read on to find out more! ( ´ ▽ ` )

The Dining Room, Asian and Western Food All in One Place

The Dining Room is the main restaurant where we have our meals. Since Rica Rica is not open, we tried SO MUCH food on the menu during our six-day stay with The Residence Bintan. So I am here to tell you what’s good and what’s not. But really, this is based on our opinion so maybe what I love might not be what you like. Take it with a pinch of salt ya? (*/ω\)

The Dining Room, the main dining area with Asian and Western food all in one place at The Residence Bintan

Service Was a Bit Slow During Off-Peak Hours…

Anyway, by the time we arrived at The Residence Bintan and checked into our villa, it was already 2.30 pm. And when your girl here was done with photo AND video taking, it was already around 4 pm. Not a lie when I said we were famished and couldn’t wait to have our lunch. We were only surviving on our McDonald’s breakfast that we had in Singapore. Oh, plus the cookies the resort gave while in the car. But yeah, you get the idea. We were SUPER hungry. ٩(× ×)۶

When we go to The Dining Room, there was no one dining in there. Which means food would come fast yes? Apparently not. Our food took about 45 minutes to be served. Not sure what is the reason for the long wait ‘cos we didn’t have this problem on subsequent days. ┐( ˘_˘ )┌

Regardless, we weren’t rushing anywhere so we just waited. Luckily bread and buns were served before our meal so if I didn’t remember wrongly, we finished the WHOLE basket. A little tip for you. DO NOT over-order as the bread and buns served here are delicious and you would want to try to finish them. Also, each day the bread basket comes in a variety of bread and pastry so enjoy! ♡(>ᴗ•)

1st Lunch for the Hungry Monsters!

Anyway, I ordered a fresh coconut to go along with my meal and when it was served, I WAS SHOCKED. The coconut was HUGE. Σ(O_O) Is that the normal size in Indonesia? Anyway, I still prefer coconut drink in a pack ‘cos fresh ones come with this… Unexplainable taste. (・・;)ゞ

Bread basket and coconut drink at The Residence Bintan

Moving on, here is what we ordered for our first meal:

  • Chicken Thigh with Black Pepper Corn and Cognac Sauce and Mashed Potato
  • Ayam Goreng Kremes
  • Khao Niao Mamuang

The chicken thigh was tender and I love the mashed potatoes. I usually have no love for veggies and I find them a bit too hard in my dish so… It’s a no for me for the veggies. Hubs’ Ayam Goreng Kremes is a classic and I LOVE the sambal goreng tempe. It almost felt like eating some kind of snack that I could keep munching on. So yay for both chicken dishes! (´ ε ` )♡

The Khao Niao Mamuang was obviously not as we have expected. The best food at the Residence Bintan is the desserts. They always surprise us, both in presentation and flavour. Needless to say, this item was delicious as well. The coconut sorbet goes so well with the mango and sticky rice. ٩(♡ε♡)۶

2nd Dinner: The Food was a Bit Disappointing

Hubs and I are slimes. (*/ω\) So we decided to have our two meals in our villa instead, which I will be sharing in a separate section under In-Villa Dining.

Fast forward to our 2nd dinner at The Dining Room~ When we reached the restaurant around 8 pm, there was only one couple there. We were expecting to see more people since we have seen some of them in the morning. Seems like they were either dining in their villa or already checked out. ┐( ˘_˘ )┌

Hubs had wanted to order the Gurame Sambal Kecombrang, under a staff’s recommendation during one of our conversations. But sadly, the fish was not available. And it was not available even until the last day of our stay. (´-ω-`) Would have wished that the staff told us earlier that they didn’t have it in stock when we ordered. Hubs ended up ordering back the Ayam Goreng Kremes. Meh. (¬ ¬ )

Putting aside the Ayam Goreng Kremes, here’s what we ordered:

  • Wasabi Prawns
  • Andalusia Fish Gazpacho
  • Es Potong Jakarta

The pan-fried snapper fillet was nice and tender and goes well with the tomato sauce. Steamed vegetables are the same, too hard for my liking. As for the wasabi prawns dish? We LOVE it. The prawns were lightly coated with the wasabi mayo and they tasted so delicious. Pairing it with the mango and chilli salsa helps to elevate the taste. YUMZ. (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

Dessert is always fantastic at The Dining Room but sadly the Es Potong Jakarta missed the mark. The frozen black sticky rice tasted watery, not the texture we expected. I thought it would be more like a Potong ice cream texture. Overall it tasted quite bland so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Special Menu but Erm… Private Dining?

Since there are no special Gourmet Weekends, The Dining Room offers some set menus for our consideration. There was the Indonesian Private BBQ, Surf and Turf and shockingly, Steamboat! I don’t know how anyone can enjoy a steamboat meal in a warm and humid setting so that’s definitely not for us. |・ω・)

We opted for the Surf and Turf and had the seafood platter for both of us. When we got to the restaurant, we were guided to a private dining setting. In the open air. In the dark. Opened to the possibility of getting more mosquito bites. (O.O) To be honest, we were surprised as the staff didn’t mention it would be a private dining setting. We weren’t prepared to be bitten. (/ω\)

I think the restaurant put a good number of mosquito repellants around so we didn’t get many bites. Phew. But funny story, earlier in the day we saw a private dining setting overlooking the sea and we were still laughing at who might be the guests dining there. Can’t imagine if we were being guided there instead. (⊙_⊙)

Anyway, the Surf and Turf menu came with the following:

  • Classic Prawn Cocktail
  • Nusantara Seafood Platter
  • Assorted Summer Mixed Greens and Corn on the Cob
  • Flexi Chocolate Ganache

I 100% recommend having this Surf and Turf menu if you are there for a special menu. The seafood was all so fresh and delicious. I love EVERYTHING on the platter. The prawn cocktail was okay and the mixed greens could have been skipped. But the platter was ALL WORTH IT. The Flexi Chocolate Ganache looks superbly pretty and tasted superbly good. The texture was dense and chewy. Boing boing~ I don’t know how to describe it but it was GOOD. Many thumbs up for this menu! ♡(。- ω -)

Hello Laksa, You’re Out of This World

For our last lunch in the resort, I decided to try their Curry Laksa, which is one of the most expensive items on their menu. Hubs ordered the Pad-Thai, which was nicely wrapped in a banana leaf when it was served. The wok-hey made the dish super yummy and I would definitely recommend it.

My laksa took quite a while to be served but when it was here, I was SHOCKED. w(°o°)w Yeah, like how many times can I be shocked while dining at the resort huh? Haha! The Curry Laksa was served on a plate, I guess it was so that it could fit the lobster. I have to say I TOTALLY enjoy this dish, mainly ‘cos the lobster is so delicious! So much meat, so yummy. \(★ω★)/

As for our dessert, we went back with our first true love, the one that made us fall in love with desserts at The Residence Bintan. The New York Cheesecake. It was what we expected, the same as what we had during our first trip. (´ ω `♡) Hubs ordered a serving of chocolate ice cream, which tasted more like gelato than ice cream. Highly recommend their ice cream to cool you down on a hot day! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

Breakfast in The Dining Room

As mentioned, breakfast is mainly served in The Dining Room. In comparison to the time that we were at The Residence Bintan in 2019, food was served in an ala-carte style instead of buffet style. This might be due to the low occupancy rate but to be honest, I kind of like the ala-carte style better. If you have read my 2019 blog post, you would realise I didn’t really have much to say about their buffet breakfast since there was nothing much to shout about.

Light Food to Start off Your Breakfast at The Residence Bintan

Every guest can order two items, one from the Light Starts and one from the International and Local Delights. Also as per the other meals, a basket of bread and pastries are being served before our main course.

Hubs tried the Bircher Muesli but honestly, muesli is not really our thing. And for a light start, the muesli that the restaurant served is not really light. Maybe it could have come in a smaller bowl but still, not our favourite. The Assorted Cereals were simple but I think the resort could have given more milk to go with the cereal. (*/ω\)

Lastly, the yoghurt was just something back to the basics. They had plain, strawberry, mango and blueberry flavours. The flavoured yoghurt came out not what I expected. It seems like they put a spoonful of jam on top of plain yoghurt. After trying almost everything on the Light Starts menu, except for the garden salad, we ended up choosing plain yoghurt for our remaining breakfast, less sweet for my non-sweet tooth. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Self-service Juices and Hot Beverages

Interestingly when we had our first breakfast, juices and coffee/tea are self-service. However, on subsequent days, there are times when the staff would be serving us coffee instead. Nevertheless, the juices and hot beverages counters are open to the public so we could easily have a refill.

My favourite from the juices counter has got to be the iced cold water! After working out and walking all the way to The Dining Room, the iced cold water hits just the right spot and cools me down. Just thinking about it now makes me want to drink some water to quench my thirst. Okay, I am thirsty now. (*´ー`)旦

Main Courses Are Great but Maybe Avoid the Soup Noodles?

We tried EVERYTHING from the International and Local Delights menu. Of all the food on the menu, the two most local soup noodles were a BIG miss for both of us here at The Residence Bintan. I had the Soto Ayam while hubs had the Mie Godog. We didn’t know what Mie Godog is and Google told us it was Mee Rebus. So we were like oh okay, shouldn’t be that bad right? WRONG. The Mie Godog is just soup noodles with some eggs and vegetables in it while my Soto Ayam tasted bland. Even after mixing some condiments into the soup of my Soto Ayam, the taste was still… Not great. (╥_╥) So these two items were a big NO for us.

Western Food is the Safest Choice at The Residence Bintan

Two Eggs Any Style and Pancake/Belgian Waffles are the Western choices on the menu. As classics, nothing can go wrong with them so if you want some safe options, these two items are definitely good to go.

Funny story, hubs ordered the Belgian Waffles and ordered an extra sunny side up for his protein intake. Then in comes a HUGE plate with only the sunny side up on it. Since the staff didn’t mention anything and my breakfast was already served, we thought hubs was only gonna get the egg. Haha! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The Best are the Local Delights

EXCEPT for the soup noodles, the best breakfast menu items we had was actually still from the local delights. I, being someone who prefers the old person kind of breakfast, LOVE the Bubur Ayam or simply known as chicken congee. I kid you not when I said this chicken congee tasted better than the congee served at Shangri-La Singapore’s Valley Wing. The chicken broth was full of umami (or maybe MSG) and when eaten together with the congee and shredded chicken was yum-yum. It would have been even better if it has some salted egg to go with it. ( ̄﹃ ̄)

Hubs had the Mie Goreng on the first day and being a classic, it was good like any other Mie Goreng that you can have in any Indonesian restaurant. But the best item on the whole menu was the Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis. You must be thinking, what’s so fantastic about nasi goreng, that’s just fried rice. NO NO, you’re wrong. It’s not JUST fried rice. It’s fried rice done right with the right umami. The rice is fried with green chilli paste to give it the spice and the anchovies gave the right amount of saltiness. Hubs ordered this dish first and I ended up having it twice during our stay ‘cos I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Do try it if you have the chance! (❤ω❤)

Breakfast in the Pool

As I mentioned, breakfast is mainly served at The Dining Room but you do have the option to have breakfast in your private pool, which comes at an additional cost. The breakfast menu was the same as what you would get at The Dining Room so you just have to inform the staff beforehand so that they can make the arrangements.

We had our breakfast in the private pool during our stay at the Sanctuary Villa. I kind of think that’s the wrong move to make now ‘cos if you have read my previous post, you would have known that the sun doesn’t stop shining on the pool once it rises. That means that we would be hot hot hot and BURNING while we try to have our breakfast in the pool. We tried to have it while having our backs towards the sun but erm… Still failed ’cause it was just way too hot.

Besides this annoying sun issue, breakfast in the pool is really just a for-the-gram thing to do man. That also means that it’s only good for Instagram and doesn’t work well in real life. Once I lifted up my hands to try to eat my fried rice, the pool water was dripping from my arms into the plate. Like Σ(°ロ°) I am not gonna be having my rice soaked in pool water!

So anyway, in the end, we ended up moving the whole basket outside the pool deck door to have our breakfast instead. Obviously, we opened the pool deck door so we would be able to enjoy the air conditioning while the warm air wafts past us. ٩(× ×)۶ These photos are a good example of Instagram vs Reality. Well, still a good experience but probably not gonna try it again. (¬‿¬ )

In-Villa Dining, Just a Small Subset of The Dining Room

In-Villa Dining is available until 9.30 pm every day and the menu is actually just a small subset of The Dining Room menu. So it would be good on days when you just want to chill in the room and are too lazy to walk to the restaurants. Our walk from the Sanctuary Villa to The Dining Room was an arduous one so we decided to have room service for some lunches and dinners.

Trying All the Entrees from the Menu

Here’s what we had on our first night:

  • Prawn and Vegetable Spring Rolls
  • Sate Lilit Ayam

We brought along some cup noodles as well so we decided to order some entrees to go along with our noodles. The spring rolls were nice and crispy but it was the sate that I LOVE. The meat was really tender and it goes so well with the peanut sauce. Another recommended entree to have for your meals~

We had the Edamame on our last night in the resort and I TELL YOU. Please don’t order this! (-‸ლ) In my years of having edamame at Japanese restaurants, the edamame here is just totally off. The edamame was steamed for way too long and the beans were so soft when you popped them out of the pods to eat. The crushed black pepper and sea salt does NOTHING to the flavour. I swear I have never eaten such tasteless soft edamame before. This item was the biggest failure for me. (」°ロ°)」

Eating the Only Non-Vegetables-Only Salad and a Sandwich

Though we are no big meat eaters we try to at least have some kind of seafood or meat in our salad, if we are ever having salads. So Tuna Nicoise was the only non-vegetables-only salad on the In-Villa Dining menu and we decided to pair it with a Club Sandwich.

As always, vegetables are not my friends. But I usually don’t mind having salads when the dressing is good. In this case, sadly, the dressing was just okay. Not my favourite but still edible. The best thing about the salad was definitely the seared tuna. Like yummy yum yum~ (´・ᴗ・ ` )

The Club Sandwich was surprisingly good though. The combination of the beef bacon, chicken, pimentos, cured beef, fried egg and cheddar cheese made the sandwich superbly tasty. I mean how can you go wrong with that combination of meat, egg and cheese right?! I definitely could go for a second round with these sandwiches, if I ever have a chance to. (´ ω `♡)

A Same-Same But Different Nasi Goreng and Some Burger

After having that super delicious Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis, I thought the Nasi Goreng Galang Batang would taste just as awesome. So being someone who always goes for Western food, I decided to try this item. Hubs was actually quite surprised as I usually don’t go for local food. Haha! (・・ ) ?

Anyway, the Nasi Goreng Galang Batang came and it was the type of nasi goreng that I never like whenever we come to Indonesia. Haha! Sadness… There’s just something about stir-frying rice/noodles with vegetables that I just don’t like. So sadly, this nasi goreng failed me. It wasn’t bad but just not the awesome nasi goreng we had in the morning. I did enjoy the sate that comes with it as well as the crackers with the sambal paste.

We ordered the Classic Beef Burger as well and it was GOOD. As usual, how bad can it be when a burger has meat, bacon and cheese in it?! So I did end up having more of the burger instead of the nasi goreng. |ω・)ノ

Having the Only Dessert that We Have Not Tried!

Out of the five dessert menu items, we have already tried everything except for the Nusantara Pandan Srikaya and Tropical Fruit Platter. It’s quite obvious that we have to try the Nusantara Pandan Srikaya for our last dinner at the resort! The description says Traditional Indonesian cake served with rice bulb, caramelized banana, organic palm sugar and coconut cream and we totally have no idea what it would turn out to be. So when it came, we were kind of surprised, again, by the pastry chef’s creativity.

The coconut cream and organic palm sugar tasted like chendol, though the green jelly was softer than what we usually have in Singapore. The traditional Indonesian cake was okay but can be a bit dry when having too much of it. My favourite is the caramelized banana and I wished I could have more of it. (´ ∀ ` *)

Casual Dining at The Pool Bar

When you’re staying at a resort for six days like us, there are bound to be days when you get so tired of the food from the main restaurant, even when they serve delicious food. Since Rica Rica is closed, we were so thankful that The Pool Bar at The Residence Bintan was serving food as well. Phew. ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙

The Pool Bar mainly serves small bites but they have PIZZA~! Who doesn’t like some pizza after a long stay overseas right?! Anyway, the Salad and Bites mainly consist of salad as well as the beef burger and club sandwich that was found on the In-Room Villa dining menu. So we decided to try some of those items that we have yet to have~ (´• ω •`)

The first time that we were there, there was ABSOLUTELY no one except for us at The Pool Bar. No one was using the pool as well. It was so nice and peaceful while we enjoyed the sea breeze. We ordered Fish and Chips and Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza. The fish in Fish and Chips was nice and crispy and we love having the jalapeno in the pizza to help balance the tomato taste of the pizza. If I have to choose, Fish and Chips is definitely the winner of this round. (´ ε ` )♡

The WINNER of the Resort Food Challenge~!

And now it’s time to introduce the BEST food that The Residence Bintan has. It’s the Marinara Pizza! Surprise surprise~! Hubs and I have never had such a delicious seafood pizza EVER in our lives. Seafood Pizza in Singapore, at least the ones we had, were always cream-based pizzas. That means the whole pizza has a sweet taste.

But the Marinara Pizza, which is a seafood pizza, here at The Residence Bintan is ooh-la-la. The chilli flakes on the pizza give the pizza its spice, which is already in itself a winner when compared to the creamy ones we had. The resort uses supreme ingredients for this pizza which we think is well worth the money and taste. Spot those HUGE scallops ‘cos whoever has scallops so nice and big on their pizza before?! Woot woot~ ☆⌒ヽ(*’、^*)chu

Anyway, we ordered The Residence Nachos with the Marinara Pizza. Let’s just say the pizza was so good, that we neglected the nachos. |▽//) If you’re there for some bites, the nachos might be a good option but we find that the cheese hardened too fast so it was tough to enjoy nachos.

If you are at The Residence Bintan, DO NOT miss out on this super delicious Marinara Pizza. We love the pizza so much that on our last night in the resort, we even asked if it is possible to have this pizza for In-Villa Dining. And surprise surprise again, they made it come true for us! Thinking about this pizza right now gets me feeling hungry… I want to eat it again. (❤ω❤)

Overall Experience

We generally love the food that The Residence Bintan has provided. Of ‘cos there would be some hits and misses but everyone’s palate is different so maybe you might like what we don’t. ┐( ˘_˘ )┌ But one thing’s for sure, we are definitely gonna be having our favourite food, Marinara Pizza, again when we are back at The Residence Bintan! \(★ω★)/ By then, Rica Rica should be open for us to try some more food from the restaurants at The Residence Bintan.

If you are going to be staying at The Residence Bintan, I hope that my post has helped you to have an idea of what’s good and what might not be as fantastic. I realised I underestimated the amount of food that we have eaten so this post is already on an overrun. As such, there will be a third post where I would be sharing about the activities that you can do at The Residence Bintan! (*¯︶¯*)


Information about The Residence Bintan

Here’s a map of The Residence Bintan that the resort staff has sent to us. Our accommodations are marked out on the map for your reference. ( ´ ω ` )


☎️ Phone Number: +62 778 6000 888 / +62 811 703 1676 (0800 – 2000 hrs)
📧 Email:

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