Three Highly Recommended Cafes in Seminyak for Good Food!

Written by Katherine

September 22, 2021
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

During our stay in Seminyak, we had a lot of opportunities to explore many restaurants and cafes lining the main street of Seminyak. When I said many, I meant MANY MANY. There were so many that we were lost on what food to choose for our next meal as every place in Seminyak looks so good.

To make our decision-making easier, we have shortlisted two cafes that were highly recommended for their food in Seminyak, both on Google as well as blogs, to make our visit. We also managed to try some other restaurants via Go-Jek, an app that is a must-have while in Indonesia ‘cos it is such a godsend for anything and everything. I will talk about this in a separate post. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Sisterfields, an All-Day Breakfast Cafe

Menu and salt & pepper container from Sisterfields in Seminyak main street

Sisterfields branded itself as a “Modern Australian Cafe that serves the best brunch in Bali!”. And as one of the most highly recommended cafes to visit for its food in Seminyak, how can we miss this cafe? (>ω^)

Customers dining in Sisterfields at Seminyak main street

When we reached the cafe for our breakfast at 9 am, there was already a huge crowd in the restaurant! The whole place was bustling with mostly families and pretty obvious that the majority, if not all, were tourists just like us. (´ ∀ ` *) They had a table for two for us pretty quickly so phew, lucky us! We had our usual order of Flat White (our favourite coffee!) and for food, I had the Tiger Prawn Poke Bowl and babe had the Chocolate Brioche French Toast.

Coffee, rice bowl and toast from Sisterfields at Seminyak main street

Our review? The Flat White was good while the food was FANTASTIC. I loved my poke bowl so much and promised myself to come back for this in future. But I just came to realise that this item is no longer available based on the menu that someone posted on Google recently. o(〒﹏〒)o We had done our research prior to coming to Sisterfields and babe commented that he will order the Chocolate Brioche French Toast just ‘cos it looks like a pile of dirt. You get what I mean. (o´▽`o)

While the price for food here isn’t the cheapest since it is located in Seminyak, but at least they tasted great! I definitely recommend a visit to Sisterfields if you ever have the chance to visit Seminyak. Based on Google’s popular times, it seems like the cafe is usually busiest from 11 am – 1 pm so do take note (it does seem like the cafe is always kind of busy with no downtime so make your own judgement)!

Information on Sisterfields

Phone Number: +62 811 3860507
Opening Hours: 8.00 am – 8.00 pm (7 days a week)

Revolver Espresso, a cafe for coffee lovers

Exterior of Revolver Espresso at Seminyak main street

Another highly recommended cafe in Seminyak is Revolver Espresso, which is more well-known for its coffee. Unlike the other cafes lining the main street of Seminyak, Revolver Espresso is actually hidden in one of the alleys.

Menu and cafe interior of Revolver Espresso at Seminyak main street

For a place that serves coffee, the exterior and interior design are definitely interesting. I would have expected a place that is more brightly lit, similar to Sisterfields. But the interior actually feels super cosy and at the corner where we were sitting, feels like a bar to chill in more than a cafe with the neon lights decoration. (´• ω •`)

Burgers and coffee from Revolver Espresso at Seminyak main street

Not wanting to just enjoy a cup of coffee, we also ordered some food. As you would have expected, we had Flat White. If the cafe has Flat White, we ALWAYS order Flat White as we realised that it is not easy to find Flat White in cafes where we lived. As for food, I had the Double Barrel while babe ordered The Mother Clucker. The Mother Clucker, with its unique name, has a unique presentation with its black bun.

Taste-wise, I will say the food was okay overall. The coffee was definitely great though. I also realised both these food items are no longer available on the menu so… ヽ(´ー` )┌ Come here for the coffee and ambience!

Information on Revolver Espresso

Phone Number: +62 851 012444468
Opening Hours: 7.00 am – 6.00 pm (Mon-Sat), Open 24 Hours (Sun)

You can find out more about Revolver Espresso here:
Website: Link HERE | Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

The Library, an underrated cafe for chilling

Interior of The Library at Seminyak main street

If you didn’t know yet, there are a lot of places selling really good coffee along the street of Seminyak. So if you are a coffee person, you will definitely be able to find somewhere to chill with a cuppa coffee.

Our villa is situated in a quieter alley of Seminyak and every time we walked out, we will definitely pass The Library. The cafe is rather quiet, in comparison to the other cafes along the street, and it is our nearest source of good coffee. So this cafe was ideal for us to hang out here after we checked out of our villa since we had an evening flight.

Coffee, pasta and toast from The Library at Seminyak main street

Flat white as usual for us and I had the Aglio Olio with Prawn while babe had the Toast with Egg Benedict. We also ordered a croissant just ‘cos we had too much time to spend at this cafe with nowhere to go. My Aglio Olio was surprisingly good but sadly babe doesn’t remember how the food tastes anymore so I can’t share much (our trip was two years ago (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)).

As the cafe is not as popular, I can’t find much information online about it. There has been no update on its Instagram account since 2020. The Facebook account is also sharing more about a sister restaurant in Jakarta. I saw the cafe listed on Grab and since Seminyak is kind of quiet now due to the pandemic, delivery seems to be the way forward.

Information on The Library

Phone Number: +62 812 39606105
Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 12.00 am (7 days a week)

You can find out more about The Library here:
Facebook: Link HERE | Instagram: Link HERE

Are the Cafes Really Worth Visiting?

Based on my reviews above, I will definitely go back to these cafes again. Even though the price might not be the cheapest here in these cafes in Seminyak, at least the food is delicious so it’s not too bad for the price. Bali is such a wonderful country and we just can’t wait to visit all the cafes and restaurants for our next trip!

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