Tokyo Disneyland: A Happy Day with Mickey and Friends!

Written by Katherine

March 11, 2013
Last Updated on March 5, 2024

The highlight of our first trip to Japan was definitely the visit to Tokyo Disneyland! Stepping into the park is like entering a fantasy world, where happiness and excitement are all around. We were looking forward to seeing our childhood characters come to life right before our eyes. Join me as I share with you what we did at Tokyo Disneyland and the many happy memories of seeing Mickey and friends! (o´ω`o)ノ

Reservation of Hotel and Tickets

To make the most out of our visit, Feng and I planned a one-night stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. We also opted for a 2-day passport to explore both theme parks. All reservation was made through the Tokyo Disney Resort online portal, and the whole process was fuss-free. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we did not need to make any pre-payment. Instead, we could settle our payment for the tickets and hotel upon arrival. (´ ω `♡)

Journey to Tokyo Disneyland

We wanted to get an early start since the theme park is HUGE. And that means we would have to fight the peak hour crowd as we made our way from Shinjuku to Tokyo station! (″ロ゛) Having seen a lot of videos about how packed the trains could get in the morning, we were worried. We were carrying a piece of baggage for our stay and worried that we might take up too much space. Thankfully, there were rails on top of the seats so we could put our piece of baggage on top without blocking anyone. It was then a tight squeeze to Tokyo station with the crowd (honestly, not as bad as I expected). ∑d(°∀°d)

We had a huge sense of relief when we alighted at Tokyo station. It was like we could finally breathe. Haha! We then made our way from the Chuo Line Rapid Train to the Keiyo Line. Then it was a 15-minute train ride to Maihama station, the closest station to Tokyo Disneyland. Once there, we headed over to the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center to deposit our baggage since we could not check in yet. Then it was time to head off to the magical land via the Disney Resort Line~! \(★ω★)/

The Disney Resort Line

The Disney Resort Line is a monorail system that connects four stations within the Tokyo Disney Resort area. These four stations are Tokyo Disneyland, Resort Gateway, Tokyo DisneySea and Bayside. The Resort Gateway station was the station we got on as it is connected to the Maihama station. From there, it was a one-stop ride to Tokyo Disneyland~! ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Even before we reached Tokyo Disneyland, we were already being greeted by so many Mickey Mouse-shaped things all around us. The Disney Resort Line train has Mickey Mouse-shaped windows, and the handles in the train are also in the same shape! Mickey Mouse was everywhere to greet us, and we can’t wait to meet him! o(>ω<)o

Entering the Magical Land – Tokyo Disneyland

A lot of people got off the train at Tokyo Disneyland station. We were shocked by the number of people going into the theme park at the same time. I guess everyone wants to be early as well! When we were walking towards the entrance, we realised there was a commotion. And then we spotted Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pinnochio and Geppetto there! I can’t believe how lucky we were to see them even before entering the theme park! (★ω★)/

There were way too many people and kids queuing up to take photos with them, so I only managed to snap some photos from the side. Mascots usually have a limited amount of time to interact with people before they take their breaks, so honestly, we were really lucky to see them. Can’t help feeling sad when they were walking away. (´-ω-`)

Everywhere We Go, People and Queues Were Everywhere

Since we were in Tokyo Disneyland in November, there were Christmas decorations everywhere. A lot of exhibits also have the characters in Christmas-themed outfits and scenarios. What a special way to enjoy the theme park~!

And wherever we went, there was a crowd. We went there on a Monday, so it was really kind of surprising to see so many people, with most of them being locals. An interesting sight was definitely the rows of prams being parked outside the waiting area of all the park rides. w(°o°)w

Since we were already in a theme park, we had to at least watch some shows and take some rides, right? Wrong. We ended up not taking any rides as there were just way too many people in the queue. (。•́︿•̀。) If we took all the rides and watched all the shows, we might not have had time to explore the theme park. Since we only had one day in Tokyo Disneyland, we decided to be more selective. So let me share with you what are the activities we did~! (´• ω •`)ノ

Activities You MUST Do in Tokyo Disneyland

Live Stage Show: One Man’s Dream II: The Magic Lives On

UPDATE (2023): Unfortunately, this live stage show has already ended its run on 13 December 2019. The latest live-stage show at Showbase is now Club Mouse Beat. You can find out all the parades and shows at Tokyo Disneyland HERE.

This was the first show that we queued for in the theme park, and it was a really amazing live stage show. Do expect shows in Japan to be all in the Japanese language so you might not understand some narratives. But other than that, it was still an enjoyable show.

I took so many photos during the showtime and wished I had done less of that to fully enjoy the show. There are way too many photos taken in the theme park, so do check out my gallery at the end to see them all! (´• ω •`) ♡

Daytime Parade – Jubilation!

UPDATE (2023): The Jubilation! has already ended its run on 5 April 2013. The latest daytime parade is now the Dreaming Up! parade which will end its run on 9 April 2023, to be replaced by Disney Harmony in Color. You can find out all the parades and shows at Tokyo Disneyland HERE.

After our lunch, it was time to catch a daytime parade! The parade is outdoors and park-wide, so you just need to find yourself a space along the route to catch it. There was still some time before the parade started but there were already a lot of people sitting on their mats along the route. Since we were at the back, we opted to stand and got quite a view since most people were seated in front of us. (´• ω •`)

The pink line in the above image shows the current daytime parade route
(Image Credit: Tokyo Disneyland website)

Once again, I was spamming my camera while watching the daytime parade, a problem that would come to haunt me later in the day. You can check out my gallery at the end to see the selected photos as well! (´• ω •`) ♡

Second Parade – Disney’s Santa Village Parade

UPDATE (2023): Disney’s Santa Village Parade has already ended its run on 25 December 2014. The latest Christmas parade is now the Disney Christmas Stories parade. You can find out all the parades and shows at Tokyo Disneyland HERE.

Since we were there in November, we had a Christmas parade which took place at the World Bazaar. As I mentioned, the whole of Tokyo Disneyland is full of Christmas-y feel wherever we go. Together with the cold weather, it made it so much more special. (´ ω `♡)

When we got to the World Bazaar, it was already packed with people! A lot of them were sitting on the floor, waiting for the parade to start. Some of the staff was also engaging the crowd with some light activities. ( ´ ω ` )

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade – Dreamlights

Another parade not to be missed while in the theme park is the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade called Dreamlights~! Similar to the Christmas parade, we went to the World Bazaar to catch this parade. It started to drizzle when the parade was nearing its end. A lot of parents started to leave with their kids, so we were able to shift even closer to the parade route. (´ ∀ ` *)

But the temperature also got colder as the sun sets. We totally did not expect the theme park to be cold so we left our thick jacket in our Shinjuku hotel! Kind of regretted this decision. There were quite some instances at the theme park when we had to seek warmth in the shops when it started to get cold. (ノω・、)

Fireworks Show – Starbright Christmas

UPDATE (2023): This is a Christmas-themed fireworks show. The latest fireworks show is called Disney Light the Night. You can find out all the parades and shows at Tokyo DisneySea HERE.

There were a lot of people crowding in front of Cinderella Castle. So out of curiosity, we waited around the area as well. And then the fireworks show started. \(★ω★)/ The fireworks were so beautiful with Cinderella Castle in the background, and it lasted for about 5 minutes. Since it was Christmas-themed, there was also fake snow coming down on us. Everyone was so happy with it, even though it was still drizzling. Disneyland is indeed a magical land, for both young and old. And we LOVE it. (❤ω❤)

Things You MUST Get in Tokyo Disneyland

Accessories to Make You Blend Into the Happy Crowd

When in a theme park, you should always get a hair accessory, be it a magician hat or a hat shaped like Stitch. I got myself a Minnie Mouse hairband and wore it for the whole day. Doing so definitely makes you feel like a kid again. Note that when in Disneyland, YOU ARE A KID. So you can do anything without being judged. o(>ω<)o

Lanyards for Your Tickets

I am just finding a reason to shop while in Tokyo Disneyland, but the lanyards were so cute! We bought the couple lanyard so Mickey and Minnie are so cute together! We put them to good use by putting our 2-day passes in them. A good way to keep it with you wherever you go in the theme park~! (´• ω •`)ノ

Popcorns and the Special Bucket

Popcorns are different in theme parks. Somehow, they are just more delicious when you have them there. Also, there are popcorns of different flavours throughout the theme park, so do check out each of them to find a unique flavour!

The best thing about having popcorn in Tokyo Disneyland is the special popcorn bucket. Since the theme park has a Christmas theme, our popcorn bucket is shaped like a Christmas sock and is so cute! Donald Duck and nephews on the bucket cover even light up when the power is turned on! (´ ω `♡)

UPDATE (2023): The light still turns on for our popcorn bucket, after 12 years of putting it in storage. I don’t know why the battery could last so long, but I was WOW-ed. Haha!

Things Worth Mentioning

A Disastrous Camera Incident

Remember when I said I spammed my camera with photos while at the parades? Well, it got to me as my memory card ran out of space! And you know what was the best thing? I left my extra memory cards in my luggage, which was in our hotel in Shinjuku! As we were staying for one night at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, we only brought along some essential items for the night. And I totally forgot my pouch of extra memory cards. (ノД`)

Honestly, I thought it would be easy to buy memory cards in the theme park since everyone has a camera these days. But sadly, the theme park does not sell such things. I was honestly feeling really upset at this point in time as that would mean that I could not take any more photos for the day and tomorrow at DisneySea. Then, Feng found out that there is a shopping mall at Shin Urayasu station, which is one stop from Maihama station. Before it got any later, we dashed out of Tokyo Disneyland to head over to Shin Urayasu station. Lucky us, there was a Best Denki in the mall, and at that moment, it was a huge sense of relief for me. I bought a card reader instead of a memory card since we had a laptop to transfer out all my photos.

Along with not bringing my extra memory cards, I also DID NOT bring extra batteries or chargers for my camera. Gaaaaaaah. Luckily the battery was able to last until the end of our DisneySea adventure. From that day onwards, all the important things ALWAYS go inside my camera bag with me. But honestly, it was such a stressful experience. (´-ω-`)

Lunch Time was a Challenge

There were quite a number of restaurants around the theme park. But since we were in Toontown, we decided to grab some food from the Good Time Cafe. The cafe sells burgers, pizzas and snacks and the queue was TERRIBLY LONG. It was also so tough to find seats in the area with the crowd. (-ω-、)

Anyway, we eventually some two seats for ourselves outside the cafe before Feng went to grab us some food. Honestly, the food looked cute, but everything tasted normal, nothing to shout about. We did not have many options in the area so that was only to help fill our stomachs before the next show. You can’t be too picky when it comes to theme park food. (´・ᴗ・ ` )


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