Since we were staying in Ubud, we thought to find ourselves a great restaurant to visit while here. It is not tough to find recommendations on good restaurants in Ubud. The problem is getting a reservation with them for the weekends! After having no luck with some of the restaurants, we decided to check out The Sayan House. And luckily, we got ourselves a table! So, our dinner plan was settled, and we couldn’t wait to check out this place~! (´• ω •`)ノ

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The Sayan House, a Latin-Nippon Love Affair

Since we are staying in a private villa, our host has very kindly offered to drive us to The Sayan House when we mentioned to him our dinner plan for the night. There was no queue outside the restaurant, so we were surprised that the restaurant was full when we were being ushered to our seats. So, for anyone reading this, please do your due diligence to make a reservation and do not try your luck otherwise. (´-ω-`)

The entrance and a lamp at The Sayan House, Ubud

Pretty Chilly and Pretty Dim~

When we got seated, I kept feeling this cooling vibe around me. Since the restaurant is all outdoors, I was wondering if the restaurant had some air coolers around the area. At the end of the meal, we can conclude that it was NOT the air coolers but it was actually the cooling weather of Ubud at night. I would never relate Bali to cooling weather since its weather is very similar to that in Singapore. So if you’re there in the evening, it’s a good idea not to wear too few clothes. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Our seats and the seating inside The Sayan House

Also, I didn’t realise the restaurant was so dim. It definitely has a good chilling (pun not intended) vibe to it. Everyone was having a great time enjoying their meals there, chit-chatting and whatnot. I wished I had brought my camera along because my phone was definitely underperforming in that lighting. The lamp you kept seeing in the photos is what kept the photos in focus. Haha! (ノω・、)

A Fusion Menu with Creative Presentation

Prior to visiting the restaurant, we had already done our research and more or less decided what to eat based on recommendations and photos of menu items we were interested in.

Cutleries and the menu at The Sayan House

Since The Sayan House is a Latin-Japanese fusion restaurant, we were expecting a lot of dishes to come out differently from what we usually see. If you are ever visiting The Sayan House, the must-order item is definitely the Sopa Chawanmushi. If you’re thinking of the steamed egg with seafood served in a small cup of chawanmushi, YOU ARE WRONG. The service staff brought out a set of apparatus to our table, and we were wondering, HUH? Are we having a chemistry experiment on our table now? Anyway, spoilers here: it was for the Sopa Chawanmushi. The setup definitely brought a lot of attention as everyone turned to watch. (/ω\)

What we ate at the restaurant: Sashimi Gunkan and Sopa Chawanmushi

In case you are interested, we had the Sashimi Gunkan and Sopa Chawanmush as our appetisers, and our main dishes were the Salmon Saikyo-Yaki and Chicken Nanban. Needless to say, it was a super filling and satisfying meal with The Sayan House. But how can a meal be complete without dessert, right? (☆ω☆)

Our main dishes at The Sayan House: Salmon Saikyo-Yaki and Chicken Nanban

So here’s another highly recommended menu item: Macca Tiramisu. If you’re thinking of the usual tiramisu, well, obviously, you’re wrong again. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) It came out totally different from what we expected once again, but I mean, after Sopa Chawanmushi, we are no longer surprised. Haha!

The dessert we had at The Sayan House: Macca/Matcha Tiramisu

Overall Experience at The Sayan House

We definitely enjoyed our dining experience with The Sayan House. It is a fusion restaurant that presents its dishes in such creative ways that you would enjoy the surprise and taste at the same time. The restaurant’s service was top-notch, and they even served complimentary appetisers and palate cleansers before serving your desserts. It even came with a view, so I would highly recommend coming during the twilight hours to enjoy the beautiful sky with the view.

The Sayan House’s seating is mostly outdoors, so we appreciate the weird cooling Ubud weather while dining outdoors. Having lived in a tropical country all our lives, we appreciate a cooling outdoor dining experience anytime. I don’t know if it is just the month that we were there that had this weird phenomenon, but I would say we enjoyed it a lot. Haha!

Overall, I agree with the recommendations of many who have dined at The Sayan House before. And I, too, would highly recommend dining here if you have the opportunity. Remember to make your reservations! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝

Information about The Sayan House


⏰ Opening Hours: 12 PM – 11 PM
☎️ Phone Number: +62 822 4737 0344
📧 Email:
📒 Menu

You can find out more about The Sayan House Restaurant here:
🔎 Website | Instagram

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