Unwind and Explore: Endless Activities on Resorts World Cruises

Written by Katherine

February 1, 2023
Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Welcome back to the last part of the Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream series~! In this final part of the series, I will share about the entertainment and activities you can do on board the Resorts World Cruises.


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Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream Entertainment & Activities

There are a wide variety of entertainment and activities that you can find on board the Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream, to cater to both the young and old. Compared to Dream Cruises, the entertainment and activities on Resorts World Cruises seemed to be quite similar. Since the information on the website is lacking too much information, I have extracted the details from the RW Daily for your reference, subject to differences and changes. ( ´ ω ` )

Activities and Opening Hours (expand for list)

Bars & Lounges and Opening Hours (expand for list)

Wi-Fi and Beverage Package with Resorts World Cruises

After checking against the Wi-Fi packages from Dream Cruises, I realised that the price offered on Resorts World Cruises is the same. So anyway, here are the Wi-Fi packages for your reference:

Note: Standard = basic connection, Premium = prime connection

The Cruise Guide Brochure that came with your confirmation email will have the Wi-Fi packages. It will also have instructions on how to connect to buy the Wi-Fi package. And that was when we had a problem. In my first post of the series, I mentioned the horrendous embarkation process that we had to go through. After boarding the cruise LATE, the first thing that we wanted to do was to purchase the Wi-Fi package.

I was trying to find the information from the Cruise Guide Brochure in my Dropbox account. The mobile connection was unstable as we were going further away from Singapore. It was a b*tch trying to connect to the brochure but eventually, we did it. The funny part is, that there was signage in our room showing all the information we needed to purchase the Wi-Fi package and we only saw it before disembarking the cruise. (*/ω\)

Using the Resorts World Cruises Portal for Wi-Fi Packages

Besides all the useful information I have mentioned in both parts of the series, you can also find information about the Wi-Fi packages on the Resorts World Cruises portal. Honestly, I have no idea what you can find there but I am sure somehow you can buy the package through the portal. You can also save the link “wifi.onboardicafe.com” as this was where we could buy the Wi-Fi package. (´• ω •`)ノ

Purchase of Wi-Fi with ONE Person’s Account

We bought the Standard package for 4 devices for two nights so that it is easier to communicate with our parents on board the cruise, especially when we are each doing our own things. Since my parents were staying in a different room from us and the package was bought with hubs’ name through our cabin number, we weren’t sure if my parents could connect to our package. Well, I am here to tell you that they can. Basically, everyone just connects to my hubs’ account in order to connect to the cruises’ network.

Anyway, the internet speed for the Standard package is definitely not fantastic but since we hardly use our phone, I would say it was sufficient for us. Based on the description given through Dream Cruises, the standard package is for email, chat and social media while the premium one allows you to do some light media streaming as well. Unless you really need to do intensive work, I suppose the Standard package should be good enough. You are, after all, on board the cruise to enjoy, right? (´• ω •`)

For those interested, I tried to use tethering for my second phone but it does not work. I suspect the standard network might be too weak for sharing but that is just my guess. So if you are thinking of using that to save on the cost, I would say just buy the package for the number of devices you need instead.

Beverage Packages

We did not purchase any beverage packages so I cannot comment on which is better. But here are the costs, if you are interested in having unlimited beverages throughout the cruise:

Showtimes on the Resorts World Cruises

If you have read about our horrendous embarkation experience, you would know that I mentioned that we missed out on the shows at the Zodiac Theatre. Of all the activities on the Resorts World Cruises, the one thing that my parents wanted to do was to watch shows on board. There were two show times at the Zodiac Theatre on the first night, 19:45 and 21:30. Since we did not have the physical RW Daily in our room and we did not know of the existence of a digital one, we totally missed out on the showtimes since 1) we were having dinner and 2) we were exploring the cruise after dinner. (´-ω-`)

Didn’t even get to see the interior of the theatre (╥_╥)

Paid Shows are a Thing Now

Do you know what is worse than missing the shows on the first night? Is to know that on the second night, there is only one showtime and that show requires an additional fee. I was like WHAT!? Honestly, I did not expect that and that was how we ended up with not even watching a single show on the cruise. I was actually kind of upset that my parents did not get to watch anything in the theatre as well. They also did not want us to fork out money for any shows. (ノω・、) I do not remember paid shows being a thing in the past but they really should do something about this man. ( `ε´ )

The staff near the Box Office would also always be promoting an after-dark show called the Dream Boys. The performance is at the Silk Road restaurant and is only open to 18-year-olds and above. This too, is a paid show, with premium seats being SGD 60 and general seats being SGD 50. We saw some people waiting outside the Silk Road restaurant around that time. I am assuming that there are people willing to pay the price for the show. Either that or they are waiting to go to the Karaoke, which is located inside the Silk Road restaurant as well. ┐( ˘_˘ )┌

Lobby, Where All the Activities Are

If you are bored, the Lobby of the Resorts World Cruises is where you should be headed to keep yourself entertained as that is where you got a full day of activities. Based on the RW Daily, there is ALWAYS something going on there. We don’t always go there but when we do, the seats are always kind of full. I think the most crowded time was during the Bingo sessions. You, of course, have to buy a ticket from the Box Office to participate but I guess the possibility of winning the Jackpot Prize draws a lot of people there. Besides activities for both young and old, movies are also being screened there. So definitely drop by the Lobby if you are feeling bored.

Main Pool & Hot Tub, The Crowd Has RETURNED!

Oh, the good days of only having 25% capacity on board the cruise. (´-ω-`) We thought of going to the hot tub with our parents this time so that they could try out something new. But alas, the crowd was back. It was just soooooooooooooooooo CROWDED! Compared to the time we enjoyed the hot tub all by ourselves on Dream Cruises, now it is back to sharing the tub with strangers. A maximum of 5 people can be in the hot tub at any time and the four tubs at the main pool area were ALWAYS full. So we decided to skip it. (-ω-、)

A quick tip for you. While we were exploring the cruise, we spotted two hot tubs, not at the main pool area but located beside the Zouk Beach Club instead. Those were opened to the public as well and we only saw ONE guy using a tub all by himself. Not sure if he was just being lucky but definitely try going there first. If not, just try to go early, like at 8 AM, when they just opened the main pool area for access. Now that the secret is out, can you let me use the hot tub with my hubs if you see us? Haha! (´ ω `♡)

A Quick Peek at The Palace’s Pool

Did you know that you can see the Palace’s pool area from the Palm Court? Compared to the main pool, the Palace’s pool was more peaceful. The guests paid a premium price so obviously, they would be able to enjoy a more peaceful time, be it the pool or dining, I guess. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Arcade & Little Dreams Arcade, Oh So Boring…

As compared to Dream Cruises, the machines at both the Arcade and the Little Dreams Arcade were so boring on the Resorts World Cruises’ Genting Dream. All the machines at the Little Dreams Arcade were playing for ticket redemption. The machines are the Arcade were slightly better but not any better. We had the most fun there when I brought my parents there.

My dad wanted to play a game of tossing and the most enjoyable part was when both of them were playing table hockey. It was so fun to see them having fun! I still remember when my dad used to take us to the arcade, Wywy WonderSpace, which was just beside our flat ever so often. He would also love to play the UFO catchers. Fun times when I think back to them. Anyway, hubs captured some photos of us at the table hockey game. Too bad we did not have any videos. I was laughing so much with my parents as well. This is definitely a memory I will treasure. ♡ ( ̄З ̄)

Live Entertainment all Around the Cruise

Missing the shows on the cruise was upsetting but luckily with the resumption of live entertainment on board the cruise, we could enjoy live performances all around the cruise! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Performances at Bars & Lounges

Bar 360 is right in the middle of the casino and the performance by Bryan and Johnny was really good! They mainly performed in Cantonese and Mandarin, which made up the bulk of the crowd at the casino. My parents told us they also went there to enjoy their performance. Another band called The Hashtag Band also performed at Bar 360 but we did not come by them so you can consider checking them out based on the schedule.

If you want some other options, The Crossover Band that performed at the Tributes have some really nice songs as well. But their performance was probably the reason that disturbed the peace in our room. Check out my first blog post HERE on why you SHOULD NOT choose the room we stay in!

Performances at the Main Pool

It was nice to see DJ and live band performances at the main pool area. We did not get to see this on the first night but on the second night, we were able to enjoy the DJ performance as well as live singing by The Crossover Band~! (´• ω •`)

Enjoying the DJ’s music on the second-floor ⁽⁽◝( • ω • )◜⁾⁾

Tables and chairs were set up in front of the stage while The Crossover Band was performing. There was also a stall selling beers and snacks so guests could have them while enjoying the performance. The Crossover Band definitely put on a very good performance! I highly recommend dropping by the main pool during the evening time (16:30 onwards) to enjoy the music. ヾ(´〇`)ノ♪♪♪

It’s Zouk, It’s Time to Paaaaaaaarty~

Zouk Beach Club and Its Foam Party

For the party-goers, one of the best activities on board the Resorts World Cruises has to be Zouk. There is a foam party that takes place at the Zouk Beach Club in the evening. Sadly, this is a paid activity. It costs SGD 20 for adults and SGD 10 for kids and it includes drinks and ice cream for everyone. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it because hubs and I are not willing to fork out the money to play with foam. Or maybe ‘cos we are old already. (*/ω\) I am sure kids would enjoy it. We only took a peek and left. Since we have to pay in order to enter the area, no photos of the foam party~!

When there is no foam party, the Zouk Beach Club is being used for movie screenings. I think it is quite a waste that there are no DJ spinnings here because the space is quite big. The description on RW Daily did say that you can capture the best sunset view from the Zouk Beach Club so you can see if that is true! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Zouk Night Club to Dance the Night Away

If you are like us and not into foam parties, the next place to “party” is the Zouk Night Club. A DJ was spinning on the first and second nights, with the first night being EDM and the second night being Mambo Jambo. We went on the first night and the music was oh-so-good~! A big group of youngsters arrived quite late and took up the dance floor, bringing life to the nightclub. Most people were seen sitting around listening to the music, which was what we did as well. (*/ω\)

We even brought my parents there on the second night since they knew the older songs during Mambo Jambo. Probably not an environment they are used to but at least it was an experience, right? (´・ᴗ・ ` ) We definitely enjoyed the music on both nights and you could even request for the DJ to play your favourite songs~! ♪ヽ(^^ヽ)♪

Besides the DJ spinning at night, a corner of the Zouk Night Club is where you can find the Glow Bowling and Pool Table. I was searching high and low for this and was wondering where in the world were these activities located. There are only four bowling lanes and two pool tables. So they were all PACKED every time we dropped by so we did not get to play them. (´-ω-`)

The Glow Bowling and Pool Table have their own opening hours so do take note of the time that they are open. These are paid activities as well. For bowling, it costs SGD 10 per game while for pool, it costs SGD 20 per hour and it includes a free drink.

Other Activities on Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream

Now that travel has resumed, the cruise that we have chosen has a stopover at Port Klang instead of a Cruise to Nowhere. This was the cheapest option as compared to the Weekend Cruise around Singapore so we chose this cruise itinerary instead. As with stopovers for cruises, you have the option to sign up for land tours with the cruise or go out on your own.

View of Port Klang from our room

Since the land tours are mainly to visit attractions in Kuala Lumpur and we just had a trip to Kuala Lumpur with my parents, we decided to stay on board the cruise and try to keep ourselves entertained. Had we known that there would be no shows to watch on the cruise, we would probably plan to go out for a walk or lunch or something. That being said, there are a lot of activities going on at the Lobby. Also, it seems like a lot of people also chose to stay on board, leading to basically everywhere being crowded. ٩(× ×)۶

Ropes Course & Zip Line

There was a super long queue for the Ropes Course & Zip Line. It actually looks kind of fun but I think I would be scared sh*t so hubs and I watched others play instead. The ziplining definitely looks like fun but having to go through the rope course is the tough part. We even heard a lady saying why did she do this while waiting to zipline. (*/ω\)

Open Play & SportsPlex

Most of the activities, such as mini golf, table tennis and rock climbing, around that area were also full. Everything except the giant chess game. I guess not many know how to play it. Neither do I. Haha! (¬‿¬ )

Professional Fitness Classes

If you intend to keep fit while on the cruise and are not interested in just using the machines, there are classes organised at Crystal Life Fitness throughout the day as well. Based on the RW Daily, classes include yoga, TRX suspension, HIIT, stretching and abs workouts. It costs SGD 35 per class.

Anyway, I was actually quite surprised that there are quite a number of people working out in the gym. Like if you are to visit a hotel for a holiday, you would usually expect it to be rather empty. But the gym on the cruise was actually quite packed. There were about 3 – 4 guys at the weights station, 2 – 3 people were using the treadmill and all. I did not expect so many people to be working out though. I brought my activewear as well but decided to just enjoy the cruise instead. (*/ω\) The gym is open 24 hours and a trainer is available during certain hours. So if you prefer to have a trainer around, do check out the timing on your RW Daily~! ( ´ ω ` )

Other Miscellaneous Activities

If you are interested in the bridge and helipad of the cruise, there are tours to bring you to experience them. Both the Bridge Tour and Helipad Experience cost SGD 20 each. If you are someone who prefers to pamper yourself a bit, there is also the Crystal Life Spa with its spa services. They also have a single spa pass that costs SGD 20, for you to enjoy the spa thermal facilities such as the sauna, steam and hot & cold pools.

Overall Experience with Resorts World Cruises

Since this is the last part of the Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream series, I thought it would be good to do a conclusion on our overall experience with Resorts World Cruises.

Embarkation & Accommodation

The embarkation experience was horrendous and should not happen AGAIN. I don’t think I have anything much to add to that but only hope that Resorts World Cruises would look into managing this whole experience better. Embarkation is the first impression that one would get with the cruise so having it so bad at the start really kind of spoilt a bit of the experience. (´-ω-`)

Our Balcony Stateroom was great except for where it is located. For light and early sleepers, our whole row of rooms is gonna be a big no-no. Otherwise, we don’t really have much to complain about. Definitely have to keep away from this row when choosing your room location! (´• ω •`)

Dining Options

Though a tad bit disappointed with the standard of The Lido this time, at least we had a good experience with the Dream Dining Room. One redeemed but another got meh. So I guess this cruise cares more about the gamblers than the actual guests since the food the The Lido was just alright? (・・;)ゞ

On the other hand, the paid options were really good this time as compared to our experience on the Dream Cruises. I guess you just got to choose the right restaurant and food to try! So if you want to believe a picky eater’s words, do try the ones I have gone to~! (´• ω •`)ノ

Entertainment and Activities

To be honest, missing out on the shows on the cruise is kind of a bumper. And when you have to pay for every other show, it is even worse. I really hope that Resorts World Cruises would offer more free shows instead of only on the first night. Compared to Dream Cruises, there were free shows every night so this really came as a surprise to us. ┐(‘~`;)┌

That being said, there are still a lot of activities on the Resorts World Cruises Genting Dream to keep people occupied. Though there is quite a lot that we did not do due to our disinterest or the crowd, the best thing was having live entertainment back. The performances definitely helped to keep us occupied. What is even better is that the bands and DJs were great as well~! (´ ω `♡)

Overall Review

To conclude, I don’t think we would be going on a cruise any time soon, especially when the cost per pax is so expensive now. For the same price, I could probably go to Bintan for a short weekend getaway and enjoy much more. Also, I don’t want to face the possibility of a tiring embarkation process again.

But anyway, to each his/her own. My dad enjoys going on the cruise a lot since there is the freedom to eat and walk around. So well, we might be back to accompany them but honestly, not anytime soon I think. (´・ᴗ・ ` )


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