Since we have been staying at Seminyak and Ubud for the past few trips to Bali, we thought of exploring new areas this time! The first new area we visited was Sanur, and we loved the vibe. The next one we went after was Batu Belig, and we stayed at The Wina Villa Seminyak! Curious to know why we chose this place and how is it like to stay in this area? Continue reading as I share our experience staying at this accommodation slightly off Jln. Batu Belig and my thoughts on this area in Bali! (@´ー`)ノ゙

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Why We Chose Batu Belig and The Wina Villa Seminyak?

I agree when people say that Seminyak is touristy. But hubs and I loved it! There are so many restaurants and cafes in this area. Also, many restaurants deliver to our villa on Grab and GoJek! But we know it is time to explore other parts of Bali, hence the decision to check out Sanur and Batu Belig. You might be expecting us to explore somewhere further. But, erm, Batu Belig is located directly above Seminyak. Haha! We chose this area because hubs and I still want to be close to the food we love from Seminyak! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Jln. Batu Belig is the main street of Batu Belig. Like Seminyak, this main street has restaurants, warungs and accommodations. That is precisely where we started looking for accommodation in Batu Belig and came across The Wina Villa Seminyak. The idea of having a private pool on the second floor and a paddy field view seemed good, so we decided to book a stay with them! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝

Roaming Around Jln. Batu Belig before Check-In

Since check-out at our accommodation in Sanur was in the morning, it was still too early for check-in when we got to The Wina Villa Seminyak. So, hubs and I left our luggage with them and decided to roam around Batu Belig to get familiar with the area.

More Greenery and a Quieter Vibe

At Seminyak’s main street, shops and restaurants are lined side by side. But here at Jln. Batu Belig, trees and plants are separating the shops. The plants got so overgrown in some parts that they started eating into the pavement space. But as we got closer to the beach or the road leading to Seminyak, it began to mimic the same vibe as Seminyak.

I am not sure if it has to do with the time we were around the area, but many restaurants were quite empty in the afternoon. We thought it would be better at night. But when we walked past them around dinner time, most of them still looked quiet, even those highly recommended restaurants, which was surprising. Hubs and I like the less crowded vibe, but I’m unsure if it is good for the owners. (・・;)ゞ

Upcoming Development in Batu Belig

As we were walking towards the beach, we passed by a construction site. It seems like a new club called Era VIP Club is opening up in this area. I am not sure when it will be ready, but it looks like something that might bring more business and people into Batu Belig. Once again, not that we like it to be crowded, but I supposed it would be good for business owners in this area.

Welcome to The Wina Villa Seminyak

After roaming around Batu Belig and getting our bellies filled with food from Strawberry Fields, it was time for us to check into our accommodation! When we got to our villa, our two pieces of luggage were already on the second floor. Having stayed at Villa Kelusa with its steep stairs to its second floor, it was quite a welcoming sight to see normal-looking stairs. Haha! Honestly, I dreaded a two-storey villa as it is so troublesome to keep walking up and down the stairs! ٩(× ×)۶ That is also why I love our stay at Smart Comfort Apartments in Sanur. Single-level private pool villas for the win! (・ω<)☆

The reception building at The Wina Villa Seminyak

There are seven villas in The Wina Villa Seminyak, of which three come with one bedroom, and the remaining have two bedrooms. We booked a one-bedroom villa, but interestingly, we spotted a second bedroom on the first floor. So, I am not sure if we were given a two-bedroom villa. But not that it matters since they locked the door to that room anyway, so we only used the main bedroom on the second floor. ヽ(´ー` )┌

Cable TV Box and Water Dispenser

The first floor consists of the living, kitchen, and dining areas. We mainly hung out on the first floor as only the TV on this floor was working and connected to a TransVision box, which allowed us access to many movie and entertainment channels. In case you are interested, all the HBO channels are available on the box, and we even have access to our favourite AXN for many crime and action dramas. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ You know what the best thing is? Everything came in HD quality on the TV, which is sorely missed in Bali. (*/ω\)

The living area and the entrance to our villa (not the main door).

Another thing I like about The Wina Villa Seminyak is the water dispenser! We could get an infinite amount of drinking water from it without having to worry about it running out. I thought having a water cooler at Villa Kelusa was cool. I didn’t think that we would get something better here. Not only do we have access to unlimited drinkable water, but the dispenser can also dispense super cold, normal temperature and hot water. This is exceptionally helpful when we are out all day under the sun and need super cold water to cool us down. Or we could make instant coffee without waiting for the kettle to heat the water! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

The kitchen area as well as the water dispenser at our villa at The Wina Villa Seminyak.

Infinity Pool and Connected Neighbouring Villas

Once we walked up the stairs, we were immediately greeted by the welcoming private pool on the second floor. We didn’t know about this at the start, but there are two depths to the private pool, 1.2m and 1.5m. Instead of a sharp drop in depth, the pool has a gentle slope so you won’t get scared by the sudden change in depth. I thought this was quite thoughtful. Having a shallower private pool works best for me so that I can enjoy chilling by the side of the pool and enjoy the scenery in front of our villa. (‘ω ` )

The stairs up to the second floor and the private pool at our villa.

As I have mentioned, there are seven villas on the property. But here’s the thing: they are all directly connected. While hanging around at the sunlounger, we heard our neighbour next door. Since smoking is allowed in the open, once he started smoking, hubs and I were out of there. So, it’s just something I thought you should know! (´• ω •`)

No Paddy Fields, but Still Have Amazing Scenery

Remember I said we came to The Wina Villa Seminyak for the private pool and paddy field view? Well, oddly, there was no paddy field when we were there! The current website still states that it overlooks the rice paddy field, but there was none. There was a field, but it was definitely not a paddy since we have seen paddy fields before in Ubud. So, I don’t know if they still have a paddy field, but if you are coming here for that, just be prepared for none. ┐(‘~`;)┌

The sunloungers beside our private pool and the field in front of The Wina Villa Seminyak

There was no paddy field in front of our accommodation, but we spotted some farmers working on the field in the distance. Geese, or maybe ducks, followed behind them while tilling the field. Once in a while, one of them would also be cutting and burning stuff on the field. We enjoy watching this while chilling in the pool. You could say it was therapeutic watching them doing their stuff.

A view of our private pool from the sunloungers and the sofa area beside the private pool at our villa.

Even though we didn’t have the paddy field, we did have fantastic scenery from our pool. There were days when it was windy, and kids would fly their kites in the sky. We even had a few of them flying their kite on the field before us. But most days, we had a fantastic sunset in front of us. And when nighttime came, we could see a lot of stars in the sky as well! It was quite an amazing sight as I thought there would be too much light pollution to see a star-lit sky. But, well, I was wrong, and it was beautiful. So even though we had no paddy field, what we had was just as impressive. (‘ω `♡)

Sunset from our private pool deck at The Wina Villa Seminyak.

Reasonably sized Main Bedroom and Bathroom

The main bedroom space is of reasonable size such that hubs and I could easily open our 29-inch luggage on either side of the bed. And even then, we still had a lot of space to walk around the room. So yep, I say the room is of a good size for the both of us to live out of our luggage (don’t worry, there is a wardrobe in the room, but we didn’t use it). (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Our main bedroom and a standing plant outside our bedroom.

The attached bathroom was quite extensive, with much room to move around. A standing shower space is at one corner of the bathroom and comes with a rain shower. There is a bathtub, and it comes with a view, though not as great as you would see from the private pool. We usually love having a bathtub in our accommodation, but interestingly, we hardly use it here as we spend so much time chilling in the private pool that comes with an even better view. ( ´ ω ` )

The bathtub with a view and a look at the huge space of the main bathroom of our villa at The Wina Villa Seminyak.

Breakfast at The Wina Villa Seminyak

Breakfast was included in our package, and we got to choose from a list of items. So, we decided to have a good mix of Western and local food by having the American Breakfast, French Toast and Mie Goreng. We always think that nothing could go wrong with American Breakfast; you just need to cook everything individually and then put them together on a plate. Well, apparently, it can go wrong. The roasted potatoes were cold, while the scrambled eggs were lukewarm at best. And the bacon, how could you ever go wrong with bacon?! It did! The bacon tasted like nothing. Or should I say it doesn’t taste anything like bacon at all? It was devastating. ٩(× ×)۶

Our American Breakfast, French Toast and Mie Goreng we had for our breakfast at our villa.

The French toast was cold as well. The mie goreng was the only dish that was acceptable, taste-wise. We got coffee and orange juice to go with our food. The coffee came with a lot of coffee residue, which seems to be the norm for local coffee in Bali. Anyway, it was too bitter, so we ended up sipping only a bit of it. The juice was okay since it was the same one that was served as our welcome drink. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

We informed the staff the day before on what time we would be having breakfast, so I don’t see why the breakfast was served cold to our villa. It was honestly so disappointing that we decided to opt out of breakfast the next day so that we could order in or go out to get better food. (´-ω-`) If you intend to have breakfast here at The Wina Villa Seminyak, it is safe to say that choosing the local food options would be the best way to go.

Things Worth Mentioning about The Wina Villa Seminyak

Musty Smell and Scary Toilet on the First Floor

I was elated when I knew about the toilet on the first floor, just outside the living area. That means I wouldn’t have to keep climbing up and down the stairs to use the bathroom in our main bedroom! So I decided to take a look at the toilet, and OMG! A dead cockroach was lying on the floor just beside the entrance. Like YIKES! I was scared shit by it that I immediately shut the door and went complaining to hubs about it. And the door was left shut forever, never to be opened. (″ロ゛)

The utility door beside our main entrance and the toilet at the first floor of our villa at The Wina Villa Seminyak.

I don’t think anyone should be using this toilet. There was no window in there, and even with what looked like an air ventilator inside, a weird smell wafted out when I opened the door. URGH. It was not only this toilet that had a weird, musty smell. We also smell it near the bottom of the stairs. We didn’t know where the smell was coming from, but since only that small area was off, we didn’t bother telling the staff about it since it didn’t affect us. But that toilet. MEGA EW. ٩(× ×)۶

Only ONE Usable TV in Our Villa

Hubs and I were generally okay with only one TV in the villa. And since we can watch shows on our phones or laptops nowadays, having more than one TV is no big deal. So imagine my excitement when I spotted another TV in our main bedroom! I was like, YES! We can finally watch some shows on our bed before we sleep!

However, during the check-in, the staff told us that only the TV in the living area was connected to the cable TV box. I was like, okay, no issues, we could watch some local TV channels instead if needed. But alas, there was only one channel on the TV: Channel News Asia. (o_O) But we didn’t lose hope as we brought our HDMI cable to connect our laptop to the TV! What we thought was a life hack didn’t work. Our laptop detected the connection, but the TV had no sound or video. Our main bedroom TV was totally unusable. GAH.

The sofa seat and the TV in our main bedroom.

So yep, we gave up and just used the TV on the first floor instead. (´-ω-`) The TV on the first floor also came with its issue, albeit a smaller problem. There was always an issue connecting to the cable TV box. We thought it was a one-time thing and got the staff to sort it out. But it kept happening! I forgot how we figured it out, but eventually, we got it to work every time and had no issues after that. We just want to watch TV in our villa, why is it so tough? (・・;)ゞ

Saying Hi to Fruit Bats

Okay, this is really random, but we saw fruit bats! (″ロ゛) I don’t mean seeing them up close and personal, but more of them flying near us. We were enjoying the sunset from the infinity pool. And when the sun was almost gone from the horizon, there were suddenly many things flying between the trees in front of our villa. We initially thought they were birds until hubs pointed out that they were flying haphazardly, unlike what birds would do.

Husband and I chilling in the pool during sunset and a photo of the fruit bat that I accidentally took.

So, hubs decided to Google, and we realised that these might be fruit bats, which are common in Bali. We immediately jumped out of the infinity pool at that moment. Haha! I even unknowingly captured a photo of a bat while taking photos of the sunset. So erm… I thought you might want to know when chilling in the pool until after sunset! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Music from a Nearby Restaurant and Early Wake-up Calls

Soundproofing, in general, was quite okay in the main bedroom. But I thought I would share some possible issues you might face concerning noise when staying here. I mentioned many restaurants around this area, which was good. The only negative thing was the live music from a nearby restaurant called The Aria Progressive Asian Restaurant. We stayed at The Wina Villa Seminyak from Sunday to Wednesday, and I remember hearing live music from them on Sunday. They were having jazz, and it was pretty loud. Luckily, it didn’t go on until late into the night, so that was okay for us. But those of you who sleep early might want some earbuds ready to plug them in for the weekends.

Another noise “issue” we had was the early wake-up calls. Yes, there are wake-up calls here, and they were not coming from the staff but from nature. Birds were busy fluttering around outside our villa early in the morning. Not only that, they were chirping A LOT. It was as if they were at our main door asking us to wake up. Haha! There was this ONE super loud bird. Its chirping was almost like a siren, and I swear it was waking the whole village for breakfast. Of all things, I totally did not expect birds chirping to be an issue I must mention. LOL. (´・ᴗ・ ` )

Age is Showing in a Lot of Spots in The Wina Villa Seminyak

Besides the toilet and the musty smell on the first floor, we also spotted some wear and tear in the two-storey villa that we were staying in (Villa 802, for those interested). The light at our main door was not working. So, it was dark whenever hubs went out to get our food delivery. We had to use our torchlight to light the way.

The loose drawer and standing shower in our main bedroom, as well as our villa number at The Wina Villa Seminyak.

There was a drawer in our main bedroom that refused to close. It was not an issue but definitely an annoyance as it kept popping out. The rain shower was okay, but it didn’t just rain; it also had a waterfall feature! Like water pouring out from the side of the rain showerhead every few seconds. It was amusing showering under it. Haha! But all these little things add up to a lot, and I think it is time for the property owner to do some upkeep and maintenance!

Walking Distance to Pantai Batu Belig for the Beach & Sunset

Even though we could watch the sunset from our villa, hubs and I still wanted to check out Pantai Batu Belig to see how good the beach is. It took us about 20 minutes or so to walk there. And when we got to the beach, the scene was similar to what we had seen at Seminyak. There were people either playing in the water or walking their dogs on the sandy beach. Since we were just outside Mari Beach Club Bali, we also got to enjoy some music from the club while waiting for the sun to set. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) Maybe because we were right outside the beach club, the beach looked relatively decent, similar to Seminyak’s.

The sunset we saw at Pantai Batu Belig beach.

Anyway, we love watching the sunset in Bali. It might have to do with where we stay, but in Singapore, we hardly have amazing sunsets like what we have seen in Bali. So whenever we are here, sunset watching is a must for us to do. We would sit on the beach and wait for the sun to set. Once the sun had set, we would wait until the beautiful pink, purple and orange hues disappeared from the sky before we moved on. This is one thing that we missed having in Sanur. Sunsets in Seminyak and Batu Belig are the best so far. (´ ω `♡)

Convenience Right at the Entrance

Whether you are here at The Wina Villa Seminyak for a short or long stay, you will be glad to know there is a mini-mart called Toko Biru just at the property entrance! Actually, I don’t think it is a mini-mart as the interior was quite big and sold quite a reasonable amount of stuff in there. So, if you are running low on snacks or drinks, this is the place to get them!

The mart called Toko Biru at the entrance of The Wina Villa Seminyak.

Traffic can be a B*tch here during Peak Hour

Jln. Batu Belig can be rather busy during peak hours. We learnt this the hard way when we tried to get ourselves a car to get to Alila Seminyak for our spa appointment. We didn’t think it would be so jammed. And many drivers ended up cancelling our booking as it took them way too long to reach us. (ノД`)

So, if you intend to stay here, this is definitely a good thing to note. If you want to head out by car, you better go early or after sunset. Being stuck in almost non-moving traffic was not fun. We barely made it in time for our appointment. (´-ω-`) We took a cab back to our accommodation after dinner, and there was hardly any car along the way. So, choose the time you travel in and out wisely!

Overall Experience at The Wina Villa Seminyak

The two most jarring things about the property are the food, cleanliness, and maintenance. I can accept that the food is average, but I can never accept cold food. That should never be a thing at a proper accommodation. Since dining hour was informed the day before, the staff should work on getting warm food served to the guests. I don’t care if it has to be reheated. No one likes cold food unless it is a cold dish. Period.

A quick Googling shows that The Wina Villa Seminyak was known as D’Wina Villa Seminyak/Batu Belig and was built in 2018. It has been five years since then, and I don’t know how much maintenance has been done to the property since then. But I think it is time to do so. Not only maintenance, though. More in-depth cleanliness should probably be done to the villa to keep pests and smells away so that villas are in tip-top condition for the next group of guests.

Our soft toys posing by the pool and me in the private pool with the view we had in front of our villa.

Besides the above two things, hubs and I enjoyed our stay at The Wina Villa Seminyak. Service was okay with communication mainly made through WhatsApp. And replies from the staff were also usually quite prompt. We love the private pool and the view that came with it. I also like that the property is tucked away from the main street of Batu Belig, so it is not as noisy. The negative side is, of course, the traffic along Jln. Batu Belig, which I mentioned earlier. But I think it was generally a good place to stay in Batu Belig.

Information about The Wina Villa Seminyak


☎️ Phone Number: +62 361 9346053
📧 Email:

You can find out more about The Wina Villa Seminyak here:
🔎 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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